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New York City, New York


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Alvin Boyd

17 November 2019

Excellent service and excellent food


Ashley A.

22 October 2019

Absolutely perfect place to finish off you wine night set up. If you need inspiration I suggest you let them come up with ideas. My guests couldn't get over how good the cheese was. More...


Tea T.

18 July 2019

Why it's awesome here: - FRESH, high quality food- interesting groceries that are unique and well selected - employees are always friendly and always ask you if you need help (no rude NY attitude)- you can take your time selecting your cheese, no one rushes you and they let you try a bunch Amazing cheese, fun delicacies and sweets, nice people ... Disneyland for adults.


Karen Lee Stradford

9 June 2019

A fun place to hang out!!


Pamela Landvreugd

2 June 2019

the food was really .atmosphere was nice


Kathy McCarter

4 May 2019

Very nice! Great food and atmosphere.


Leo Caiulo

1 May 2019

Cool bar staff very cool place


Kait M.

11 March 2019

The best cheese shop! Everyone here is so kind and their selections are fantastic. Amazing beer, cheese, charcuterie, and accoutrements. It's a must-see in Carrol Gardens.


Tom Hénonin

27 January 2019

Super nice restaurant. Nice decoration


Laboni Rahman

29 December 2018

Love this place!! Neighborhood fave ✨


Rose S.

24 November 2018

I don't know what possessed me to order a turkey sandwich two days after Thanksgiving but I do not regret it. Spicy Pat's was super yum, just the right amount of spice to still let the other flavors through. It was difficult to leave without buying the craft beers, cold cuts, cheese of course and the maple bacon flavored everything-- I'll be back to pick up Secret Santa gifts in jars. More...


Anuradha Deacon-Varma

16 November 2018

Love this place. Calm and peaceful. Had lunch here and when we were last in NY 2 years ago we had breakfasts after taking our granddaughter to school. Great menu and very good coffee. But really love it for the atmosphere. More...


Joseph P.

13 November 2018

Very nice selection of breads, gourmet foods, sauces and of course---cheese. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable and let you sample several different cheeses if you need help with a selection. Reasonably priced and worth stopping in to load up before the start of happy hour. More...


Rafael Cool

7 October 2018

Very friendly , awesome design, nice to be there!


Robin Shumays

25 September 2018

One of my new favorite places!


Nzinga Knight

1 September 2018

Friendly staff and owner and a delicious selection of cheeses, snacks and drinks including Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel and well everything I like. They have a super interesting array of foods and they carry many local products too- which is great! Nice and comfortable atmosphere. More...


Kathy Williams

27 August 2018

Courteous and knowledgeable wait staff, varied and interesting food choices that are well prepared and presented. Full bar and wine and beer to explore.


Ryan D.

9 July 2018

DO YOU GET IT?  LIKE HOW CHEESE SOMETIMES SMELLS LIKE A BUTT'S ASS BUT YOU GOBBLE THAT MILK-MADE-MUSH ANYWAY?Stinky is one of the cooler stores.  They have cheese, meats, and treats to make all the most bitchin' picnics.  They have cheesemongers.  Say that word again and let the smile happen.  Very knowledgeable and always ready with a sample.  They have all the salted pig parts that get my jimmies rustled.  Ham in Spanish, ham in Italian, shoot I think they had some ham in French.  And before you even ask, Stinky has some ham that was handled under the stars and bars if you're an ethnocentric piece of garbage.Awesome store that will end up costing you a pretty penny if you just start wandering.  I once drunkenly bought a beautiful cheese board in there because I had to wait for more than a few seconds.  My wife was baffled. More...


Shaji K.

24 May 2018

Raining outside so quickly ran here to get a breather after brunch. Inside is mostly deli items with a few chairs near the window if getting food. Wanted to have some beer while waiting for the rain to die down. Unfortunately since they don't have a license to have people drink in-house, everything is to-go. Thankfully, the lady behind the counter gave us some tastes of the beers on tap. That being said, spent some time looking at stuff in the shop and came out with some bottled beer ($5-10 a pop), milk ($5), and some cheese (which you also can get tastings of).Like the products here and the staff is informative. Would be nice to be able to drink inside, but a fine option to pick some stuff up. More...


Kitty M.

16 May 2018

This shop is super fun. All the staff are friendly and helpful, and they've got lots of great beer, cheese, and meats to try. Definitely a gem!


Katarina Livaskani

16 May 2018

Their cold brew and beers right now are really, really good. Fun, friendly place to stop by!


Elle G.

13 May 2018

Always worth stopping in. I like the "take a number" option (they were doing that when I went in there yesterday) because if you want to wander around slightly and look at the cheese case, you can do so feeling confident that you won't lose your turn. I find the staff helpful and pretty friendly, I'm sure it varies depending on when you go in there but I tend to go when it's medium-busy to slow, and avoid if it's crazy-busy.Delicious cheeses and they usually have some good breads too. More...


Hannie Dicent

8 April 2018

Honestly it exceeded my expectations. The place is beautiful, music is on point! Service was great, so was the drinks and the food my God! I seriously don’t have anything bad to say! We waited about 40 minutes for a table but it was 100% worth it! I am very picky with everything specially my food! I took my mom and she’s worst than me. She loved it and we’re definitely going back for dinner next time. awesome job Sisters More...


Anne Adams Pipps

26 March 2018

Exceptional brunch, service, and atmosphere. Great!


Manna C.

22 March 2018

The first thing you smell when you enter is cheese. It could be pungent if you don't like the smell of cheese but I loved it. There is a large selection of cheese and meats here but not as large as the one's in Manhattan like Murray's cheese. You can buy cheese by the pound - I typically like to get quarter pounds or third pounds. Good for creating a meat and cheese night! I wanted a creamy cheese (but not brie) and the worker recommended two. Ultimately, I chose the delice de bourgogne (pasteurized cow milk), which was extremely creamy and flavorful. Also, I wanted a sharper cheese that was more in the gouda family. The worker recommended midnight moon (goat milk), which was nuttier and had a long caramel finish, providing a nice contrast to the other cheese. So glad that I got a chance to try these cheeses before deciding! Finally, moving onto the meats, got the regular prosciutto and after much internal debate - I got the speck (like prosciutto but smoked). Missed the duck prosciutto this time - apparently sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. Overall, solid cheese and meat place in Brooklyn (besides Brooklyn Larder). Come in and give their cheeses a try! More...


Brett Crudgington

10 February 2018

So awesome, one of my favorite places in BK. Great selection, super friendly staff.


Johanna B.

19 January 2018

Stinky Bklyn "stinks" of deliciousness.Seriously, it doesn't stink at all--it's just their name. This little gem which moved some years ago to the current larger location carries lots of goodies. Items you might not find elsewhere.As soon as you enter the spacious store, the aroma of cheese, coffee, bread and lunch items becomes an olfactory delight.There are a few chairs in the front of the store where you can savor your coffee or grab lunch. This is no ordinary store--and as a result the prices can vary from reasonable to more pricey.They have a vast collection of cheeses, cured meats (such as speck jamon and prosciutto), pickled items (such as bread and butter pickles in bourbon), mustard, jams, oils/vinegars, tea/coffee, artisanal bread, beer/cider, chocolates and sweets.They also serve lunch where you may place an order for a gourmet hero. The menu is limited but it's a nice variety. In addition, one can order items online and finally, they also create platters--cheese and/or charcuterie for catering purposes. It's even fun just browsing their website.This is one of those stores that is sure to please. It's also visually appealing. More...


Rudy Nedelka

29 December 2017

Were there for lunch, the hamburgers were great. Look forward to going back for the dinner menu.


Trish Thaw

26 December 2017

Superb customer service! The Hungarian Salami is to die for!!!


Will Johns

10 December 2017

The atmosphere is wonderfully laid back, yet very professional at the same time. It seems welcoming to all. The servers and bartenders are top-shelf people.


Ian J.

29 September 2017

I've been a fan of this place since living in the neighborhood. So many things for a foodie to geek out on, from meats, to cheeses, fresh local breads, organic things, pickled things and trendy semi-local craft beer. My one main gripe, because we're all allowed to have one, is about the prices. I know I'll regret writing this later, and can see someone reading this with a snide thought "That's just the neighborhood, that's just the way it is, man, stop whining."And that's fair, but on a serious note, some items... beer specifically in this case, are being sold for insanely high markups. Once in awhile I'll splurge for a beer that I can't find at Whole Foods, as most single 8-12oz cans or bottles hover around $5+ which let's face it, you can get that at a bar, with service, so it's not really the same from buying a can and drinking it at home.Anyway, I digress. I like this place and will continue shopping here when I can afford it. If they lowered prices on the beer, I'd shop here way more often. Just beware of ticket shock if you happen to walk in one day. More...


Lynn Brockmann Gleason

28 August 2017

The food was fantastic! The salmon and corn with jalapeño aioli was perfect and the burger was done almostly perfectly. The only complaint is that I requested sweet potato fries and I didn't get them. But the regular fries were delicious so I'm not too upset. More...


Laura L. Delman

28 August 2017

Very chill vibe, wine & cocktails. Changed plans to dine here. Fried Green Tomatoes and Salmon were sublime. Going back. Again and again. Cooper was great.


Lauren C.

2 August 2017

The pimento cheese is amazing and the owner is a total gem! I'm half tempted to move into the area so I can keep my supply of this stocked in the fridge. I love giving people gifts that they can savor versus things. This place is great for picking up a couple of items for the foodie/coffee connoisseur in your life. More...


Leonie Stewart

8 July 2017

Fantastic place to meet up with friends, great food / atmosphere. Brilliant bands & nights dancing, but if you're there for the conversation get a table front of house, ie away from the back bar


Caprice Starbrite Todmann

22 May 2017

Nice decor. I've been dreaming about the fried pickles! Nice place


Schavonne F.

22 May 2017

My go to when I want to create my own charcuterie platter. Excellent selection of cured meats you won't find in the average grocery store. Staff is always helpful and accommodating. More...



4 May 2017

Absolutely love this boutique! I purchased the Inspired Burberry Poncho, Cc Skater skirt, and a mini birking Tote bag. Everything was fabulous,I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I had some questions about my order, so I reached out to the boutique and recieved help immediately. I will definitely be shopping at Cool kids bklyn boutique More...


Ellie G.

24 April 2017

I love this place. The cheese selection is bomb, and the cured meats are high quality and super tasty. I've only been here a handful of times so I haven't sampled everything they have to offer but I will say that the Italian Speck, and Gouda of any variety are out of this world.


Leilah Almonte

17 April 2017

verry happy whit my order it looks so sweet on my 2 year old !This is one of my favorite store for shopping to my girls.the clothes good quality.customer service amazing.the clothe she selling you cant find on your local store.i really love coolkidsbklyn More...


Jennifer Duchess Nash

27 March 2017

Home away from Home. Staff are always on point. Drinks are delightful. Get the burger, RARE. Order dessert no matter what - you will not be disappointed. And, most importantly, Sisters is the sexiest, warmest, most welcoming place to dj in BK - and probs the other 4 boroughs too. No. 1 fan over here. More...


Andrew Devlin

27 March 2017

great spot! equal parts lounge/ restaurant / experimental music venue. staff is the best. we're all sisters :)


Francisco Lopez

22 March 2017

The best and most beautiful bar in Brooklyn and the whole New York City.


Jacob Tschetter

21 March 2017

The beer and cheese program here is killer. Their sandwiches are fantastic!


Orlene E. Gray

11 March 2017

Good comfort food. The building is absolutely beautiful! Definitely would love to return to this spot for the music and the cocktails.


John Bianchi

23 February 2017

I love playing at SISTERS Bklyn with the Buck and a Quarter Quartet, and more importantly, I love eating at SISTERS. As my colleague Brian says, great food and drinks, a welcoming atmosphere, and the best staff ever.


Brian Nalepka

22 February 2017

I play with the Buck and a Quarter Quartet. We love playing at Sisters. The food is great, the staff is friendly and helpful and I've heard nothing but good things from friends who come to hear us! I certainly wouldn't say this about a lot of places I've played. Go Sisters! More...


Maeva Amelia Kramer

22 February 2017

Les souvenirs de mon enfance


Sharon Witherell

20 October 2016

Tried Sisters last night for the first time because I heard The Buck and a Quarter Quartet was playing there. A nice find - good fresh (but small) seasonal menu and nice setting for drinks with friends. But... we almost thought we were in the wrong place. The Buck and a Quarter Quartet wasn't on your Facebook page or website. They put Sisters on their Facebook page. Would be great if you put them on your schedule! More...


James Brune

28 September 2016

Bright, eclectic space, fantastic food! Can't wait to go back.


Elliott Mims

27 September 2016

Loved the "Soft Apology" drink. Amazing vibe. Glad to had stopped by.


Ondia Pack

15 September 2016

I loved it inspiration for me it givesme alot of positive feed back keeps me going i love this


Sam Vee

1 September 2016

Order the Shrimp and Grits with bits of chorizo - you will not regret it. Disclaimer: this reviewer is not responsible if the dish tastes so good you end up smacking somebody's mama. IJS


Ton Delisse van der Linden

29 August 2016

Great hamburger! Nice place , relaxed and cool.


Claire S.

20 June 2016

Great selection of cheese, the staff are super nice and knowledgeable without being pretentious, they also have the best Rice Krispie treats.


Ashley V.

12 June 2016

Good cheese and meat shop. There was a beer selection as well as all the other sauces and dips and crackers and things you could have accompany your recently procured meat n cheese.Came in with the idea to feed myself and my friend a substantial in-between snack. Very friendly male employee asked some questions to gauge which way to go and let me try different samples of the cheeses. I knew what kind of meat I wanted but he made sure to show me the thickness he was cutting it into and suggest the amount needed for two growing women. No wine at this one but their sister store sells it down the street.  For two chunks of cheese, some prosciutto, bag of crostini slices and bottle of fancy fizzy water it came to about $24. Pretty good. There was some seating in the front but Im not sure how the eat-in situation works. More...


Brian Gold

5 May 2016

Food was awesome, the environment was great, and best of all the bloody mary'swere fantastic.


Rose Joseph

30 April 2016

Great place for cocktail, attentive service and great food...


Alexander L.

24 April 2016

Was waiting for a table but me and the missus was starving so we ran across here to get a pair of prosciutto sammiches, one as-is, and one with balsamic in lieu of pesto. While we waited I grabbed a cold brew with some milk; the coffee seemed to have a hint of cinnamon and had the familiar earthy, chalkiness to it. We were also looking at the ham selections and saw that they were selling it for $40 a pound. At first I thought it was a bit on the crazy side--but I think the lady at noticed us eyeing the gorgeous meats and gave us a sample ( a tiny slither of course) but at first nibble my mouth exploded in just happiness. We realized that it's worth the price, but it was out of our price range (We'll probably come back to splurge)Back to the sandwiches. I was worried that they'd give us a few slithers but it was surprisingly a decent amount. Out of loyalty I had my friends all take bites and saw all their eyes go wide. I'll definitely come back when I get the chance.As a side note maybe I'll see if they can toast the ciabatta a bit--but it was still tasty as-is. More...


Marie Mere

13 April 2016

Great logo, best of luck with the new brand! Happy to see it locally branded, but globally minded. It is those that are not afraid to move ahead and make their life rather than wait for life to come to them. Best of luck!


Linnea Lokatt

2 April 2016

Best veggieburgers we've ever had! And the drinks are superb as well as the staff and the venue.


David M.

14 January 2016

Such a charming artisanal meat and cheese store in Brooklyn. Good place to stop by to get some of your favorite cured meats as well as try out some exotic and traditional handcrafted cheeses. They also have a wide selection of pickles and other fermented goodies for you to buy and snack on. There is a small selection of stool seats near the window, so a party over around four can sit around and nosh after shopping. More...


Monica Brand

17 November 2015

Beautiful, delicious, perfect atmosphere.


Richard Kingcott

31 October 2015

A great neighbourhood bar. Beautifully renovated. The attention to detail was brilliant. Only had a drink but the bar tender was very attentive. Well worth visiting if your over here in Brooklyn. More...


Miro Bellini

26 September 2015

Everything you'd hope it could be. Cheese, beer and cured meats together like nature intended.


Michael N.

20 August 2015

Nice place filled with goodies! The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I def recommend stink.  There so much more than just a cheese shop.


Stephanie A.

15 June 2015

As liberal and open as I am, there IS one word that makes me uncomfortable and makes me want to hide...and that word is... stinky. The word stinky makes me enormously uncomfortable. I was walking around Smith Street with my bestie when we saw a giant word that said *nervous gulp* STINKY. I was happy that I was on the other sign on the street, and away from the giant STINKY sign. My bestie however, was intrigued by the side and was eager to find out, just what was so stinky. Little did I know, this incredible cheese shop is my version of what heaven probably looks like. The store is incredibly clean, inviting, and spacious. There are shelves of specialty and gourmet items such as breads, dips, honeys, products, etc. So much to look at, it's hard not to buy something from the shelves! After checking out the shelves, we made our way over to the counters where an enormous array of cheese, and some meats were laid out. The staff here is among the sweetest and friendliest I have ever met. The store offers free samples and the counter help is very very knowledgeable about their products (impressive because the cheeses are so vast) and helpful when choosing. We tried a brie cheese (the Jesus of all cheeses) that was creamy and sooooo soft. After a few more samples we decided to go with the Rivertown (think Brie but less harsh, and very creamy and flavorful like a brie) and the Gruyere which was amazingly sharp and nutty. We also got the duck prosciutto, if you are a fan of duck and prosciutto this was amazing. Greasy, flavorful goodness! Altogether we got the gruyere cheese, rivertown cheese, duck prosciutto, a bag of buttery and delicious crostini, honey made especially for cheese, and a few caramel candies at the register for a little over 30 dollars. I was shocked! We felt that this was beyond reasonable for a specialty shop...especially one so popular! If you love cheese you must come here! Absolutely heavenly! Can't wait to go back, wish I could live there. Perfect date night spot! Well OK, perfect to me because I love cheese. More...


Amanda K.

8 June 2015

Holy cheese! This is an unbelievable specialty shop for cheese, meats, unique sauces and snacks. The quality and cleanliness of this place is outstanding. My friend and I went in and picked up a rivertown cheese, similar to brie, but creamier and less bold. We also tried the gruyere cheese and duck prsciutto. The duck prosciutto is definitely salter than regular prosciutto but softer in texture and more colorful! The servers were extremely friendly and engaged in friendly conversation with one another and customers. They were able to recommend certain cheeses and were certinaly knowledgeable of their products. They were happy to offer small samples  eforw buying anything. I felt that this was very nice and honest; not something you find often at stores.I highly recommend this place to anyone who has a love of cheese. It is truly a great experience. More...


Dakota Quinn

4 May 2015

Beautiful atmosphere, great food. Brooklyn...what more could you ask for?


George C.

26 April 2015

Having received their emails for years and seeing their bags all around town, finally made it in to find a well-curated selection and somewhat reasonable prices. FYI must drink off premises, 20% off growlers Thursday nights. And there's now one in Chelsea too. More...


Samara S.

25 April 2015

Great selections of cheeses from around the world. I could easily live in this store. Stinky Brooklyn knows their cheese. I went there unsure of what I was looking for. I described what kind of cheeses I like and they recommended some of the best cheese I've ever had.There's NOTHING better than that. I will defiinitely be coming back and bring all my friends! More...


Jane R.

16 April 2015

this is a beautiful, clean spacious place stocked with perfect cheese and charcuterie. I am eating the most beautiful brie like cheese I've ever had in my life. It's a cow's milk cheese from MA and I can't read the name on the label.. but it is so perfectly ripe and delicious that is almost liquid and white rind, which can often overpower the flavor of this type of cheese is perfect as well. I don't think I've ever had better cheese. Ever and I am old. the staff is helpful and I look forward to going back for more perfectly delicious goodies. More...


Flip M.

3 April 2015

I have been to this place maybe 15 - 20 times.  I always have a good experience, but my most recent visit compelled me to write this review. Purely because of Katie, the cheesemonger who helped me.  i would tell her what i liked flavor and texture wise and she would tell me exactly the cheese i would like.  Of all different stripes.  I even said that i didn't care for swiss cheese and then she asked me if I had ever tried a certain one and i tasted it and sure enough it was delicious.  she was 5 for 5 on the cheeses she recommended. I told her the cheeses I already liked and she was able to find me a new one to try that I would like even more. She was golden.  the best cheesemonger in all the cheese shops i have ever been to, and i have been to easily two dozen. kudos to stony brooklyn and kudos to katie. More...


Tim Gaddis

20 March 2015

Great selection of cheese and knowledgeable staff


Shannon G.

10 March 2015

This place is the stuff of cheese dreams. Cheese everywhere. Fresh sliced prosciutto. Sandwiches and beer (to go). I picked up some manchego the other day and am blown away. The staff knows their stuff and is so kind. The sandwich I ordered wasn't totally as yummy as I'd expected (the bread was a bit tough) but still good. More...


Michelle S.

9 March 2015

We didn't buy cheese. We didn't buy meat. We didn't buy beer. The service here is OUTSTANDING. We stopped in to explore and wound up talking to one of the employees while deciding what kind of donut to buy. We then walked away with said donut, some bacon brittle and a rice crispy treat along with a long list of places to go try in town for beer! I need to come back and buy cheese. and meat. and beer. and more donuts. because that donut was one of the best things I have ever eaten. More...


Aissa Oneil

3 February 2015

Amazing cheese and charcuterie, where were you when I lived in Brooklyn? Two thumbs up from a New York cheese maker at Betty Acres Farm


Jo Anne Joseph

20 January 2015

Now this is dangerous...a perfect burger exists down the street from my house with hand cut skin-on russet shoestring fries...where I get to eat it listening to all KINDS of my favorite music!! Oh Sisters! More...


Dane M.

13 January 2015

I could definitely live in a place like this. I first discovered Kunik from Nettle Meadows cheese here. Decently price from what i've seen. A bottle of Jolly Pumpkin and a fresh loaf makes my night complete. Service could be better, sometime you feel like you are being a pain when you want to order something. More...


Ashley M.

22 December 2014

They carry my favorite panettone! (oops I almost typed Pantone!) heh.. It's the panettone by Rusticchella d'Abruzzo, imported via Oakland CA, and also sold at my favorite San Francisco grocery, Bi-Rite. I haven't dug into this one yet, but the one I had from Bi-Rite 2 weeks ago was the softest, fluffiest, richest panettone I'd ever had.A huge selection of bitters, syrups, and juices. Christmas Stollen, gingerbread cookies, amazing rice krispie treats with Golden Grahams inside(!!). (And of course cheeses, chocolates, salts, all manner of canned things.)Stumptown coffee on tap for only $2.50. More...


YoHannah Alvarez

24 November 2014

One of the best online shopping experiences ever. Excellent variety of products with a range of prices to fit every taste. Outstanding service with fast shipping. Cant recommend it enough! Thank you Cool kids Bklyn boutique for making a beautiful memory shopping for my baby ! More...


Anne Lahey

11 November 2014

What a labor love!!! The space is so beautiful, replete with vaulted ceilings and skylights!



20 October 2014

Terrific communication over email prior to the purchase and delivered right on time overnight as expected. Love them."I purchased a Girls Chanel dress for my 4 year old granddaughter and it was absolutely gorgeous. Compared with what I had to choose from Nordstroms or Macys this dress was far superior and a much better value. I highly recommend cool kids BKLYN boutique More...


Betty M.

18 October 2014

Good cheese selection. Friendly & knowledgeable staff . They provide samples so you know you'll like what you are buying before you buy it. A little pricey.


Kennan Almonte

6 September 2014

I received my valentino shoes and bag yesterday and just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quick delivery and with how beautifully wrapped my package was. Thank you, I will certainly be placing further orders with you More...


Anna K.

28 July 2014

Love it. There are so many types. They are always helpful.  They even have breads, pastas and crackers to pair with your selection. Nothing more to say, if you love cheese where else would you go I mean really. More...


Sarah G.

24 July 2014

I'm not usually one to buy pricey groceries, but if you're that kind of person there is a lot of stuff here for you! From meats to cheeses and artisanal pickles, any kind of hipster fare can be found here.You can definitely come here to splurge for a picnic, too. We grabbed a baguette, cheese, prosciutto and some watermelon beers to go for Gov Island. As far as the sammies go, this place is on point. One day my group of friends got every sandwich on the board, and each one was unique and wonderful -- just like a snowflake. The menu changes daily, so I'll be back to gnosh. More...


Nadia Z.

28 May 2014

Do you remember that chapter from Jerome Klapke Jerome book, when he was trying to smuggle stinky cheese in his luggage? Three Men in a Boat, To Say Nothing of the Dog? "Advantages of Cheese as Travel Companion" No You gotta read it!Being that was one of my favorite books growing up, I did, obviously, attempt to do the same, and try to smuggle stinky cheese from Paris in my luggage. As you can imagine, it did not go very well. Not for me, or airplane passengers, or airport terminal. Or luggage.Yea... I let your imagination fill in the rest.Now, I will not attempt to do this, ever again. Why would I, when there is such thing as Stinky Brooklyn? With all local and imported cheeses, cured hams, and most helpful staff?Everything you need when you get a craving for perfect charcuterie.Oh, Bonne Bouche.. Oh, Jamon... And Prosciutto.. Ridiculously mouth-watering good.OK, I got to get some more. Right now. Bye. More...


jeen marie

5 April 2014

This is the best website and service i have ever seen .... its really amazing and i will always deal with you to buy my baby cloths.thanks for such a service and being so great within the market which is rare to find nowadays. More...


Jerry C.

17 March 2014

There's nothing stinky about Stinky Brooklyn, oh except maybe their exceptional cheese selection. And it's a good stinky, not MTA stinky. My friend and I were at Met Foods trying to decide which prepackaged mass brand cheese to pick. A stranger stopped and told us to forget it and instead head 1/2 block away to Stinky. Such a cool Brooklyn lady! I highly doubt that would happen in Manhattan. Stinky's cheeses, cured meats and charcuterie ready to be carved are not cheap but they are top quality from both locally sourced small farms and also Europe. The friendly and totally cool employees let us taste selections before purchasing. That's very important service if you're paying $28.99 a pound for cheese or meat. The mixed goat and cow blue cheese is stinky awesome!I was impressed with the staff knowledge and also how they artfully wrapped the meat slices. There's a non-rushed, laid-back vibe in the store. We could have lingered more, but wanted to get back, pop open a bottle of wine and devour our purchase. We'll definitely will be back here many times. Cheers to Stinky! More...


Reggie M.

13 March 2014

I am new cheese enthusiast.I was told by my neighbor to pay a visit to this store and I did. As soon as you open the door it will welcome you with the pungent smell of cheeses. To me it is a confirmation that I am in the right place.They have every type of cheese you could imagine. Ranging from African,Middle Eastern, Euro, North and South America, and Asia.If you are throwing a party and undecided what cheeses to serve they sell cheese platters in different kinds and sizes.But the one thing that really blew me away is the level of customer service of the staff. More...


Laysha grew

5 February 2014

Thank you so much!!fast shipping and very good service,the seller is very friendly and worth trusting and respect.will order again from cool kids BKLYN boutique.


Matthew S.

18 January 2014

I am not a huge cheese person although I have been coming around lately. With that said,  I walked into stinky Brooklyn looking for some cheese to put out at a dinner I am hosting tonight but do not really know the first thing about picking different cheeses that aren't fresh mozzarella, ricotta, or Parmesan.  Upon walking in I was greeted and gave a vague idea of what I was looking for. Lila was very helpful in giving me different options of similar cheeses and guiding me through. Overall, they have a wide and vast selection and the staff is very helpful! I also found that I was not paying an arm and a leg for everything I purchased for cheese which I have found at other places (I.e. the grocery store) More...



17 January 2014

Always love shopping from your amazing selection of beautiful childrens clothing. My daughter is always the most beautifully dressed around and her garments are unique because of what you carry in your selection. I have purchased many items over the past few months and have always received the best service. My daughter often gets many comments on how beautiful her clothes are - Thanks to coolkidsbklyn.com More...


samantha roger

11 January 2014

Thank you so much for the instant reply. I have bought from your website before and have relieved incredible service so thank you so much. One of the reasons I feel confident purchasing from your site.Thank you for clearing that up. Much appreciated. Can't wait to shop some more!! More...


Bill T.

27 November 2013

So I live in Brooklyn for 16 years and never went to this place....I move to Manhattan and that's when a friend visiting from Texas says "I have to go to some place called Stinky in Brooklyn!"   So I said okay and off we went.Now I regret the fact that I didn't come here when I lived only 10 minutes away!My buddy had seen this on the Food Network or something so he was geeking out as we walked in. I tried to play it cool, because I'm a sophisticated New Yorker, but I loved seeing all the cured meats and cheese and did get a little giddy myself.  We both ordered sandwiches (both delicious and reasonably priced) and also split a big cookie.Food all around was top quality.  Service was okay (it does veer slightly towards the hipster so some of the people do kind of look down on you like you're an idiot because you don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of ham) but overall it was decent.  But who really cares when it's apparent the people here really care about their food.Definitely recommend this place, even if you have to come from Texas or Manhattan to get here. More...


Sarah K.

1 November 2013

I was at my friend's engagement party at Wing Bar a couple of blocks away when my boyfriend and I decided to venture around the neighborhood to find coffee WITHOUT YELP (gasp!). We were having trouble finding a place and my boyfriend was losing help but I urged him to walk just another block further, and thank goodness we did because we discovered Stinky Brooklyn.As soon as I walked in, I saw one of the workers carving away charcuterie from a ham.  There were a few hams lined up in a row (I don't know really what they are), which made me so excited.  It's as if the heavens opened up and started singing in glory with all this good food around.My boyfriend found iced coffee in the back, which I think was french pressed. I'm not a big coffee fan but after I tried a sip of his black, I decided I needed to get one for myself because it was so good!I walked around the store to explore every inch of it.  Everything seems to be local.  They have unique ice cream flavors with handwritten flavors on them (now that screams local/mom pop shop).  They have amazing cheeses, charcuterie, chocolate, and everything good basically.I sadly but not so sadly left with their well brewed iced coffee.  If I lived in that neighborhood I think my most of my salary would go to that store.Also, I got try some Stinky Brooklyn dip when I went to a suite at Barclay's Center for Nine Inch Nails. They had 3 of Stinky Brooklyn dips-- one was white bean, another hummus and the last one a spicy cheese type.  I loved the white bean and hummus.  They were so simple and good.  They each had about 5-6 ingredients. I'm a minimalist (sometimes) when it comes to food-- the less processed, the better.  The white bean dip is basically white beans, dill, garlic, and a couple of other ingredients.Love Stinky Brooklyn! More...


Alice E.

27 October 2013

A great cheese shop to stop in when heading to a friends house.  Awesome smoked meats, salami and cracker options.  Knowledgeable staff.   Never packed and good quality items. More...


Will M.

14 October 2013

Recently on a visit to Boulder, Colorado, my wife and I stopped into a gourmet shop in the hopes of picking up some delectable gifts for friends who were cat-sitting while we were away. The problem? Pretty much everything non-perishable was made in Brooklyn.That's far less of an issue when shopping locally, so Stinky Brooklyn has everything you need to turn a regular meal into a delectable feast. I could write an entire entry simply going into the minutiae of what's on their shelves, but it's best to simply go in yourself and browse. No matter what your level of culinary expertise, you'll find something that'll make you say "oh, I've gotta try this on my sandwich/cupcake/risotto/etc." As befits a shop offering such high quality products, the staff are friendly and eager to make recommendations if you're overwhelmed by the array of cheese and meats on offer. In addition to comestibles, they also have an array of beers on tap. Not sure you want to commit to a full growler? Not a problem. The drafts are available in smaller amounts as well.For the quality of what they have on offer, the prices are extremely fair. We picked up a box of crackers, a half pound of cheese and a half pound of sliced meats for all under thirty dollars. More...


Glenn C.

8 September 2013

Good concept, great soda/beer/well food selection, odd staff. pricy but then again when would a place like this not be.I'll give it a 4 until I try some of the well delicacies.


Elizabeth L.

25 August 2013

Wow, we loved this place! Intimate cheese shop that isn't as crowded as Murray's (and actually not as smelly). The beer prices are shockingly reasonable (buy a jug for $16!), lots of great breads and chorizo too. I highly recommend the pimento cheese spread. More...


Michael K.

27 July 2013

This place is the greatest. Wonderful selection, friendly staff, and lots of available information on the excellent things that they carry. I've never seen anything like this elsewhere. They've been a mainstay of Smith Street for years, and it's easy to see why. And a good tip: they've got IMO the best coffee value on the block. Great coffee, quickly self-served, and for less money than anywhere else. More...


Christina M.

4 July 2013

This place is so fun for foodies to frolick in, pick out special cheeses, craft beers, buy a t-shirt with a clever Stinky meets Brooklyn saying and spend lots of money.  It's like the perfect place to go if you're putting together a gourmet picnic basket, want some specialties from independent Brooklyn pickle shops or if you want to bring a nice gift to a cocktail party.  I definitely like browsing but it's sort of pricey to stock up on any every day things just for myself.  Go Stinky! More...


Shannon S.

15 June 2013

What an adorbs little cheese shop! And it wasn't even stinky.Great selection of craft beer for a little shop and we liked that they had growler specials on Thursdays I think. Nothing caught our eye but with a rotating selection I'm sure we could find something if we were regulars.The cheese we bought was so, so delicious. (I have no idea what it was -- something with Prairie in the name.) And I thought the service was pretty good. Since we were just there for a visit and had dinner plans, we only got a small piece of cheese to eat in our hotel room with a few beers and we didn't get any eye rolls for ordering a tiny hunk of cheese. They also had fun gourmet food/beverage finds -- cured meats, bitters, coffees and crackers. Seriously, if there weren't other food groups I would just live off these. More...


Matt D.

20 May 2013

Great selection of cheeses and beer but I wish the growlers cost less money.


Logan J.

10 April 2013

For me, this is what a cheese shop should be.  I've searched the city high and low for a cheese shop that meets all of my requirements, and I've finally found it in Stinky Brooklyn!I'll admit that I'm a little spoiled when it comes to cheeses.  I'd lived in Boston for several years and was around the corner from Formaggio Kitchen in the South End.  For me, Formaggio epitomizes what a cheese shop should be--friendly service, knowledgeable staff, large selection, varied accompaniments.  I'm happy to report that I've found all of these in Stinky Brooklyn.This place is great.  First, the store itself is large enough to allow for a great selection of beers, cheeses, charcuterie, and so much more. To focus on the cheese (because that's really what I'm all about) this place does a really great job of getting a wide range of common and rare cheeses.  They might not have every single cheese that you're looking for, but they hit all the main categories.  If they don't have what you need, I'm sure that the staff can recommend a delicious alternative.  I could go on and on about all the different types of cheese and different accompaniments that you can choose from here, but I think this thing might have some type of character limit.  Stinky Brooklyn, I'm so happy to have found you at last!  The saddest part of this discovery is that you are so far away from where I live in the city.  Don't fret though, you're worth the trip to see you again soon. More...


Heidi P.

5 March 2013

OMFG... WHYYYY is there not a STINKY ATL?!  If you like Cheese, Beer and/or Charcuterie (like their window proclaims) you will DIE IN THIS STORE. ...and it's called STINKY!I am thrilled about this place, and am slightly depressed that it's 900 miles from my home in Georgia.I'm not sure how the prices compare in the meat and cheese world... but they seemed pretty reasonable to me. It is a fairly small place with hipsters behind the counter (but isn't that what Brooklyn is about?)... (I mean that in a total appreciative, loving way).. and so many tastes and sights of pig and cow milk and tons of interesting extras like Cheer Wine, Dr. Brown's soda, flavored bitters.. Abba Zaba (WHAT?!  That actually exists?!  "Abba Zaba you're my only friend." - Halfbaked)If you are having a fancy dinner party and want to impress with your cheese and meat spread (even if you don't know what you're doing) or you just want to be a piggy (cough-like i would be...) and enjoy a pound of each by yourself for the next week...... ......This is your place.  :)   GO MEAT! More...


Sara K.

3 March 2013

How can you not love this place? They are stocked up on great cheeses and meats and have a very knowledgable, friendly staff on hand. They also have a good beer collection and other fun local products, like chocolate, bread, and honey. Could not survive without Stinky's! More...


Lisa A.

24 February 2013

Their prices per quarter pound of cheese are more than reasonable. One can put together a nice selection of cheeses for a party or just for oneself. On this visit, I decided to use my Groupon for Stinky Rewards, which entitles one to 20% off their cheese purchases for a year. I bought a nice Ossau Iraty, Mitebleu and a Pecorino Romano.If the cheese, meats, accoutrements aren't enough, they also have Madécasse-Madagascar Chocolate bars, conveniently placed by the register (in case you're wondering, the sea salt and cocoa nibs is my favorite.)AND, equally important, they have my favorite Sicilian olives: castelvetrano. ::high five:: More...


Kenny C.

18 February 2013

Great beer selection and tons of stuff on display. No samples though (at least the day I went). They also have a ton of random stuff you might not find at your local supermarket (like specialty bitters, beer cheese, etc.)


Justin W.

11 February 2013

They could have named this place Bacon and Goat Cheese Heaven, that's what I call it, but Stinky Brooklyn was probably the better choice. Stinky is a bit pricy, but what isn't in this town and at least here you are paying for small batch, quality products...emphasis on quality.I am always impressed with the wide range of cheeses and meats available here, but I was beyond excited to find a little piece of home, Cypress Grove's Humboldt Fog goat cheese...the best in the west...wait...no...Humboldt Fog is horrible you would hate it...please don't buy it all. I was afraid when I moved across the country I would be dependent on friends sending care packages full of goat cheese...definitely not what most care packages from Humboldt County contain. I tried something new on my last visit, Floyd Beer Cheese, found in the Stinky cold case...Amazeballs! There is always a line here, but you will be glad you waited...but seriously, don't be a dick, we all hate waiting in line. More...


Lisa G.

29 January 2013

My friend once told me that she'd haul a*& for some Stinky cheese. And she did just that. This place puts so many cheeseries to shame - not just from their selection of delectable cheese, but their staff is freakin' awesome!I'd literally walk in with my list of cheeses and if they don't have something in stock, we'd play the tasting game which involved me vaguely describing some flavors and they would proceed with providing samples which fit the descriptors. Sometimes they were right on the money, at other times..... not so much - but the effort counts!I came on a weekend once and regretted it. It's hard to get that one-on-one service with five people behind you. Try going 45 minutes to an hour before they close. It's usually much slower. More...


Issy M.

27 December 2012

Good little spot for my gourmet cured meats and good cheeses! Sometimes the wait could be a little while when they get busy...but great, friendly staff and lots of new things to try :) More...


Andrew M.

10 December 2012

This is hands down the best cheese store I've ever been too.  Not only do that have a great selection of cheese, but they have best selection of Brooklyn made products in the neighborhood.  I go here mainly for the cheese, but I end up leaving with beer, chocolates, cookies, and coffee because it all looks so good! I think it's rare that you find a store that you get excited to spend money at. More...


Samantha B.

4 December 2012

This place is an amazing little shop in support of BROOKLYN!  While they predominately sell cheese, they also slice ham right off the hock for you, sell an array of beers, make delicious grilled cheese and honey sandwiches, sell many food delicacies made in Brooklyn, including One Girl Cookies!  But in all honesty, the place is adorable, super clean, super appealing, and sells such a great variety of cheeses.  WE ordered a goat cheese, a cheddar, Teleggio, and a really stinky one that I am not sure of the name. All of them were fantastic! We also got some of the ham (not sure which kind since my boyfriend took care of that part).  And, you get samples of each of the products when they are being cut and packaged in front of you! SO FRESH!Only downside to this place is no seating, and obviously, a very small scope of work.  But they do what they do with the cheese so incredibly well! More...


Ryan N.

31 July 2012

Their manchego and teleggio has always been delicious.  And their prosciutto is so so great.  Delicious little treats and snacks too.


Olivia S.

7 May 2012

Cheese galore. Everythang cheese! Stinky Brooklyn has a wide selection of cheeses & cured meats. Sorry, you won't find some Polly-O at this shop - they take their cheese stinkin' seriously!


Jonathan E.

6 May 2012

If I got convicted for some crime which required house arrest, I would list this address with the courts.  Really, there would be no reason to leave these walls.And who doesn't love a cheese shop named Stinky?   The first step in treating a stench problem is admitting you have a stench problem.  And by "problem," we mean blessing and by "treating" we mean putting it on some crusty bread or crackers and internalizing things. Yes there are other places that sell cheese, cured meats and similar tasty treats, but few have as friendly a staff or a room so spacious... something you don't really appreciate until you have an ankle bracelet. More...


Raphael D.

22 April 2012

Stinky is where Peter and Nance from Portlandia would shop if they lived in Carroll Gardens and if you know anything about Carroll Gardens you'd know there's a lot of Peter and Nance goin around.Cheese and charcuterie are king here so whether you need some high quality snackage for yourself or a party platter this is a top pick.Local local local. Granola, salsa, dairy, jams, crackers, honey, pickles and any other cute thing that comes in a jar wrapped in paper and string with a smattering of magic fairy dust can be found here. I recommend it if you're planning a fancy suaré or you're feelin high society but be warned this place ain't cheap. More...


Shar Z.

21 April 2012

Check out the growlers here! -- great selection and not a bad price at all! I live in the CG neighborhood and no other place really like it around here. Service is kind. They offer a wide array of local products as well. More...


Elizabeth N.

21 February 2012

Great selection or cheese and meats. Workers are helpful and knows their stuff. Let's you try too! Just wish they had good fresh bread too


Siv L.

19 December 2011

Wide selection of cured meats and cheeses. So wide that my boyfriend and I didn't know what to pick. Samples are provided to you if you ask, which is a great thing.The only negative about our experience here is that the cashier packed the cheeses in with a container of tiny pickles, and the pickle juice leaked out onto the cheeses. Fortunately, the cheeses were wrapped in both paper and plastic. More...


Estina R.

9 December 2011

The selection and help here is great - slightly pricier cheese than what you can get at Fairway but the staff is pretty knowledgeable (to be fair, so is one of the head cheese guy at Fairway)...there are a few great products that I come here for such as McClure's pickles (kills me to spend $10 on a jar of pickles but they are sooo good) and the variety of german mustards (in the adorable mug jars). Most things are on the pricier side but given the location, it's somewhat expected. The made to order sandwiches are out of control good...smashed chickpea and artichoke pesto is delicious and when they offer them, the soda's are really great, too. There's also a great selection of micro brewed beers and fresh pastas. More...


Joey G.

8 December 2011

Whew. It is stinky! But stepping into it makes you feel as if you've either been transported back to the 1930s BK (minus garbage being thrown in the street) or a Charcuterie in Bordeaux (minus French people being thrown in the street). There's hanging bits of dried and cured beasties and endless blocks and lumps of cheeses everywhere, which they will slice and package for you to take away at exorbitant prices that your palate will thank you for and your wallet will not. More...


Pamela B.

23 November 2011

I adore this store. Not only are the cheeses superb, but the cheesemongers behind the counter are so helpful and generous with the samples. Don't let the name of the store blind you to the fact that Stinky is basically the Bklyn Larder of Smith Street, containing all the nice foodstuffs you read about in cookbooks and can never find. ACTUALLY: Stinky may even be better than Bklyn Larder, based solely on the existence of their bargain cheese and meat bins, which serve up little leftover chunks for $3-5. The bargain bins are a great way to try new stuff, and they're just the perfect amount for a snack spread. More...


Taueret M.

21 November 2011

1 thing: Beef Jerky. Perfectly tender and marbeled with fat.And perfect cheeses and specialty items. BUT OMG JERKY.


Michael L.

6 September 2011

The cheese selection is like no other. Employees are nice and let you get a taste which ultimately makes you want to buy everything in the store. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Cured meats are outrageous as well. More...


Jeffrey H.

28 July 2011

I have to visit this store again. I had been recommended to visit by my friends at 65 Fen wine store. I checked it out along my bike  tour of the area. I bought a tast growler of upstate brew OMMEGANG. Next time I go I will check out the other provisions - cheese and charcuterie and a tasting on Saturday. More...


Brandi F.

12 July 2011

This place is awesome. There's always new cheeses to try. You get to have meat straight from a hairy pig's leg that is propped on the counter! You can see the cheese aging through the window. The service is great and the staff is well informed.It's not cheap, but choose well and you can make a killer homemade gourmet pizza. More...


Ida C.

20 June 2011

The best part of this store is the sign in the back that says, "Unattended children will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy!"How about me?  Do I get a free puppy  Pretty please? More...


Diana R.

1 May 2011

What makes an awesome cheese store even better?A bigger awesome cheese store!!This place has all the food groups on lock: Cheese, Butter, Pickles, Chocolate, Bread, Blood Mary Mix, Pasta, Strange Condiments, Cured Meats.It's pretty much one stop shopping for me. More...


Peter D.

29 April 2011

Is it just me, or do you also hear Stanklove* playing on loop when you walk in here? Just me? And it's creepy and weird? Good to know. Either way, let me show your mind a new freaky kind of love.Stinky stocks so much goodness on their shelves...even more so since they moved to the larger space. And most of it's local. They've got ciabatta from Il Forno, chorizo from Despaña,** pulled pork (and much more) from Dickson's, bacon from Char No. 4 (across the street), pickles and bloody mary mix from McClure's, chips, dip, sauces...Everything I've had has been superior, but I have to admit, the prices range from decent enough (ciabatta at $2.50/loaf) to way too expensive (boar sausage*** at $9/link). But as long as you're willing to pay for quality products, you can eat very, very well here. The staff is ready to help, but not exactly jumping-over-the-counter excited about it. Also, the brioche buns I picked up here for $1 each were instrumental in the Best Burger I Ever Made. __________*youtube.com/watch?v=BjEG…**I suppose that's not really local. ***But pair it with the Kunik...DAMN. More...


M M.

6 April 2011

Cheese is my god and Stinky is my heaven!  Their new shop is much larger and more inviting.  Their selection of cheese is large (love the meats, too--especially the various prosciuttos).  If you tell the person behind the counter the taste profile and/or texture and/or country you like cheeses to be from, they always seem to have a great suggestion.  The staff is so generous with their sampling that I've never had to ask; they're cutting off a slice before I get the words out.  It can be a little pricey, but I think it's mostly worth it.  I recommend the aged gouda! More...


Christina L.

28 March 2011

I am addicted to cheese and thought I knew everything from rennet to rind...until I happened upon Stinky's. These folks know their stuff, and I've never had anything less than a pleasant and helpful experience with the staff. I can wander in with the vaguest idea of what I'm craving and walk out with a Rogue River Blue, some Truffle Tremor, or a fresh-from-the-farm Cashel Blue. Throw in some curiously addictive counter candies, beer & pretzel caramels, or a Taza chocolate wheel, and you've got a delicious and decadent evening of eats and ohs and ahs.  Less one star for being somewhat on the pricey side (but then again, you get what you pay for with other cheese shops). Stinky's can be counted on for quality, not quantity, in the realm of cheese. So, when it comes to supporting a local store with fewer but a far more season-appropriate selection of cheeses, I'm more than happy to count Stinky's among my once in a blue moon stop (and splurge!) shops. More...


Patrick D.

18 March 2011

Love the stinky cheese man! Especially a fan of the under $5 bin, where I always find something tasty and interesting. Reserving judgement on the new space, but as long as the guy in the suspenders is there, no complaints!


Kirsten P.

1 March 2011

Stinky is great.Everytime I am on Smith Street, I stop into to Stinky's, grab a slice of cheese out of their "pre-cut" basket, and eat it as a snack on the go. Also, the cheese buyer there (I totally forget his name, will add it later) always has good suggestions about new cheeses to try (as a cheese freak, I am always looking for new cheeses) and he is surprisingly helpful about pairing other things - meats, wines/ alcohol, desserts/ fruits - with cheeses as well.I don't stop there for the bread, so I cannot comment that the bread section is "lacking" and I only buy the meats for other people (not a red meat eater) so I cannot really comment on that selection as well.I have never been in when it is super packed and so I have never experienced that problem and I have also never had the staff be anything but super nice to me. More...


Jim H.

26 December 2010

Very cool place (very small but that does not matter at all) The prosciutto was "on the hoof  the staff is very knowledgeable and will let you sample the cheese. Has a pretty good selection of beer as well. More...


Giovanni F.

9 December 2010

totally awesome.my favorite place for cheese in the neighborhood,  but more importantly:this place has an inspiring vibe.  it is well-run,  and completely original.  They have very thoughtfully curated marvelous meats and cheeses, and some beautiful groceries, like pastas, sardines, beers, etc.  I am crazy about the ham and prosciutto selection, and the cheeses are surprising and rare.  We ordered a type of prosciutto from here once,  and it was soooooo good.  sliced by hand!  lean, fragrant, beautiful.im excited to soon try some of the exotic sausages, iike wild boar cacciatorini. More...


Patty I.

25 August 2010

My friends treated me to a beer & cheese tasting at Stinky Brooklyn - they know me so well.Delicious! The person heading up the tasting was incredibly knowledgeable and made the whole experience as enjoyable as possible.After this delightful experience I returned for StinkFest 2010 and did the cheese eating contest under the alias "Chesus Chris". So much fun and I must say, harder than it looks. Anywho, Stinky Brooklyn knows whats up! More...


Keith P.

26 July 2010

Stinky has an amazing selection of cheeses, cured meats, beers and condiments.Also, they have the best fuet i've ever had (and hardly anybody else in new york has fuet at all). FUET!


Eric C.

12 July 2010

this place is a great option to go to if you're looking for a 'new' kind of cheese. the stuff they provide is really delish. i was looking for a nice sharp cheddar and the girl working there immediately recommended one. and, on top of that, she gave me a nice free sample to figure out if i liked it. YES! More...


Allison H.

28 June 2010

Such fun things in this store.  I took the trip this weekend to attend Stinkfest 2010.  Who eats cheese in 96 degree weather.......well i dont in front of a crowd, but I certainly did when i got home in my A/C apartment.  Top notch service and selection. More...


Amber S.

10 June 2010

Cheese in the morning, cheese in the evening, cheese at supper time, when cheese is what you're craving, you can stop at Stinky any time! (pizza bagels jingle anyone? anyone?)Seriously though, I DO eat cheese- ALL the time. I love Stinky- I can walk in and say "ummm I want something strong, but not too strong, a little creamy, but kinda crumbly... yanno?" and it's like magic! They DO know! Instantly I have a sample spoon in my hand and I'm tasting EXACTLY what I asked for. And if, by chance, it's not exaaactly what I wanted, I can keep trying!The place is pretty pricey, which is the only reason I'm docking them a star, but it's totally worth the price. I guess this is the one time I'm psyched that I don't make a ton of cash as a teacher, because my cholesterol level can't take any more of a hit.Much love, Stinky. More...


Mike D.

3 June 2010

Took a ride down to Smith St on Memorial Day  Saw Stinky's once before with my brother and was intrigued by it, but didn't stop in at that time.  Staff was very helpful and sweet.  Picked up 4 different cheeses and a pound of pepperoni.  Only disappointment was that they were out of McClures pickles which I saw on their website and they didn't have any peppery types of cheese.  You have to try the Quebec cheddar.  It's great.  Tastes really good melted.  I hope they don't run out of it next time I go because I mentioned it though.Also popped my head in their wine shop on the next corner.  Didn't buy anything, but they seemed to have a nice selection.  Will be back to both places soon I'm sure. More...


Lee T.

1 May 2010

I love this joint. I can't decide if I wish it was closer to home or if I'm glad it isn't because I would go broke. They have a lovely selection of meats and cheeses as well as bread, sweet things and various grocery delights. If you like in the area and want to put together a nice charcuterie or cheese plate, I highly recommend this spot. More...


Justin L.

30 April 2010

HighPricesBut you getWhat you pay forwith chocolate and fancy cheese galore.


Matteo R.

28 April 2010

(WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS A RECIPE!)I had in mind a recipe (see below) for  baked pasta with muenster, provolone piccante, and emmenthaler, plus some grated parmesan I already had at home[1].I liked this place as soon as I entered: to your right, just after the counter, there are five wonderful cured hams (think serrano ham and Parma ham), ready to be cut by hand at your demand. I wanted to take them home; all of them. Then there are the cheeses on display, and in front of them a wall of craft beers! A large selection of tasty brews, including Belgian ales and American microbrews. Totally unexpected and totally awesome!I even liked the music they were playing: a vintage live album by Lou Reed.David, the cheesemonger who served us, was extremely knowledgeable about both cheese and beer. They didn't have muenster, nor provolone, but David suggested oma and caciocavallo instead. They were both great suggestions.- Oma ($18/pound). This raw cow's milk cheese is made in Vermont by the Von Trapp family[2]. The appearance is similar to brie, with a washed rind; the texture is soft but firm and amazingly smooth; the taste is buttery and intense.- Emmenthaler ($14/pound). This is the real Swiss cheese, the one that is made in massive 150-200lb wheels. The appearance is light gold in color; the consistency is medium-soft; the taste has a distinctive nutty sweetness to it.- Caciocavallo ($12/pound). This cheese is originally from Sicily, and is made with the pulled curd process (similar to Mozzarella). The texture is firm and smooth, the flavor is mild and slightly salty[3].They also have some of my favorite Sardinian cheeses like Fiore Sardo (sheep's milk) and Pantaleo (goat's milk).It didn't take much of an effort to David to convince me to try a couple of beers:- 'T Gaverhopke Belgian Ale (9.8% ABV). A microbrew from the Western Flanders. Rich in color and in taste.- Dogfish Head Aprihop (7% ABV). I don't particularly like fruity beers, but this ale had a wonderful apricot smell, while the taste was hoppy and very satisfying.Check out their website; it's very well done, with descriptions, suggestions for related cheeses, wine and beer pairings, recipes, etc... They also offer cheese classes at $25 per person.---------------------------------------------[1] Next time I'll use gruyere instead of parmesan: more flavorful.[2] Yes, THOSE Von Trapps: youtube.com/watch?v=KuWs…[3] Aged caciocavallo can be grated and used just like parmesan.--*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*--- PASTA AL FORNO QUATTRO FORMAGGI -INGREDIENTS (serves 6 people):Rigatoni or Tortiglioni (I like De Cecco) 1 lb/500 grOma (or Muenster) 1/4 pound/120 grCaciocalvallo (or provolone piccante) 1/4 pound/120 grEmmenthaler 1/4 pound/120 grGruyere (or grated parmesan); 10-15 thin stripesSliced mushrooms (i.e. baby bella) 5 oz/150 gr1 large zucchini1/2 onion/2 shallots2 garlic clovesCreme fraice 5 oz/70 grNutmegButterSaltOlive oilFlourMilkPREPARATION:Chop the onion/shallots and the garlic cloves. Put in a pan with olive oil and cook for 1-2 minutes until golden. Add the mushrooms, some salt, cover with a lid, and cook for ~5 minutes. Set aside.Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt the boiling water, and cook the whole zucchini for 5 minutes. Dice the zucchini, and cook it in a pan with onion and garlic just like the mushrooms. Add salt as needed.Cut the oma, caciocavallo, and emmental in small pieces, and melt together in a bain-marie/waterbath. Add 3 tbsps of flour while whisking. Add some milk when needed, and mix continuously until completely melted. The mixture should become thick.Add the creme fraiche to the zucchini in the pan, mix, and add the melted cheese mix. Grate some nutmeg over it (you can add some freshly ground pepper too), mix, and cook over very low heat for 5-10 minutes, mixing continuously.Cook the pasta in the same water used for the zucchini. Keep it very al dente, i.e. cook it to the point when it needs 1-2 minutes to become al dente.Drain the pasta with a colander, put back in the pot, add some butter, the zucchini and cheese mix, and the mushroom. Pour everything in a deep baking pan (you may butter the pan, or use wax paper instead), and bake in the oven at 350 F/180 C for 10'.Take out of the oven, put Gruyere cut in thin stripes (or sprinkle grated parmesan) on top, and broil for 5 minutes.NB1: Although this is a vegetarian pasta al forno, If you want you can add some meat to it, like diced pancetta or bacon that has been previously sauteed in a pan with garlic and onion/shallots.NB2: Keep in mind that pasta, zucchini, and mushrooms all need to be a bit undercooked, since after they have been cooked they will spend some time together in a hot o More...


M F.

22 February 2010

A cute, useful place to pick up some cheese and bread, cornichons, gourmet chocolates and the like when having people over or for even a picnic outdoors on a nice day out.  They have a fairly good selection, good crusty bread too.  The logo's super cute.  They also have this cheese nub bin they sell the chesses for cheap 'cuz it's the last piece left.  Nice place to have in the neighborhood. More...


R O.

22 February 2010

I'm fortunate enough to live near this shop so I stop by and round up my stinky gourmet cheeses to take home and share with the bf.  I've been coming here for about 6 months and their stock is well curated.  Nice jams, nice bread, nice condiments, and...NICE CHEESE.If you want to branch out beyond Brie, get:DaruTallegioQuadrello More...


bridget e.

14 February 2010

4.5 starsthis place does not live up to its name. fortunately. when i think of stinky cheese, i think of a long time ago, once upon a time, returning from france, my mother who adores ripe and stinky cheese had managed to procure a vast quantity of such, for our return to costa rica. while waiting to go through customs, we noticed that the air conditioning had malfunctioned, thus releasing the pungent aroma of stinky fromage. we were able to get through customs in record time!i purchased JAMON SERRANO!!DELICIOSO!i was given a taste of it before deciding on my purchase.it was exceedingly rich! the fellow who helped me was gracious and helpful, although he didn't approve of my comparison of the jamon with pate. More...


Becca F.

13 December 2009

I love cheese. So every party I throw has at least a block or two for people to pick at.But I had never been to Stinky before.So we went in yesterday to buy some cheeses to put out at our annual latke-party.  Oh the choices!  I could eat only cheese for the next year (though I'd probably start having trouble fitting through doors).The man who served us spent a 1/2 hour letting us sample new things and explaining the differences between all the choices.  I smiled and nodded and pretended I could taste "the funkiness" in the brie.  The slight "lack of smoothness" in another. Whatever, it all tasted good to me.At the end of our party- there was not a nubbin of cheese left. So, I think all in all, it was sticky-success-story. More...


Sara N.

20 August 2009

i like 'em! i have visited several of the independent brooklyn cheese shops and the thing they seem to have in common is a staff that really seems put out by having to talk to customers (bedford cheese shop, im especially looking at you). but the guys at stinky brooklyn seem helpful and friendly and just genuinely excited about cheese! i love to do cheese plates for dinner parties and i think i have found my new source, yay! More...


huong n.

17 August 2009

i just recently moved back to nyc and was exploring neighborhoods. i stumbled onto this place. i love blue cheese and strong cheeses in general. the guy at the counter was really helpful and gave recommendations; he was generous with the samples and it helped me narrow down my choices. i really like the cheeses that i bought. i have found my favorite blue cheese at this place. they have a lot of different cheeses and i can't wait to come back and get their other cheeses. good cheese and great service! More...


Emily O.

21 July 2009

Well hello, best cheese shop in Brooklyn.In addition to carrying products from my favorite farm (Cato Corner) and other New England purveyors, they carry a variety of cheese from around the world. Finland, Switzerland, Italy, and France were just some of the countries that caught my eye.I love that they do a "stinky" meter (via noses) for all of their cheeses.  Cute, and surprisingly helpful.Gourmet products include rarer spices (saffron threads), hot sauces (Huy Fong sriracha, anyone?), and mustards. Organic stone-fired grits and cornmeal, and the freshest cream I've ever tasted (Hello, Evan's Farmhouse!) are also available. Behind the counter, enjoy a selection of goodies ranging from miniature chocolate chip cookies, Earl Grey infused dark chocolate, and fifties-style treats like Yo' Pies.Fresh baguettes and artisan breads were great quality.DOG OWNERS: They carry a fabulous blueberry organic treat that my puppy is crazy about called Little Lulu's Peanut Butter and Blueberry Biscuits. Locally made, too!Thanks, Stinky! More...


steph d.

9 June 2009

Oh have I died and gone to Cheese Heaven!!! I absolutely love this place, how cute it truly is. Not only do they have a huge selection of specialty cheeses, ranging from Cow, Goat or Sheep, but also a Ham bar...this is not your run of the mill Ham Bar (imagine the legs of piggies just out and waiting to be carved.) The people who work here are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I also love the fact that every cheese has information about it and wine pairing attached too. They have so many accompaniments to purchase, from jams, olives, pate's, sauces, etc... They also serve Ciao Bella gelato and have fresh baked breads to choose from. Whatever your cheese fix is they will have it. They do also cater and make foot-long subs for your party pleasure. Prices are within reason but expect to be for top quality. They do accept credit cards and also offer classes for cheese 101 and wine/cheese pairing, which is also fun. More...


Thomas W.

13 April 2009

This place is representative of what so impresses me about Brooklyn.  A local place run with real skill that blows you away with their selection and knowledge.  As soon as you walk in you get overwhelmed by their range of cheeses and get to feel like you are eating them immediately just through their aromas.  They also have a load of other products and I got some good local jerky and some of the Mast bros chocolate (the pepper and salt one is sooo simple but sooo good). More...


Alyvia M.

13 April 2009

It is worth every penny, if you can get past the overpowering aroma when you enter. I wouldn't want my cheese shop to smell any other way. You would never guess that the staff would know what they are talking about, but they really know their cheese. I wouldn't bother going anywhere else, as their selection is very impressive. Watch out for the pigs hoof. I was a bit hungover and was almost pelted in the face by a leg.I wouldn't leave without Prosciutto, Soppressata, and 5 pounds of stinky cheeses from all over the world. More...


D. H.

5 March 2009

Expensive, but the only joint you need to hit if you want the hardest, most sharp cheddar you could ever want to eat. Also the only place I've seen the Earl Grey infused chocolate at, which is a lifesaver at anniversary times and other occasions when fancy pants chocolate is called for.The severed pig legs are a bit much but I am not a pork fan. I would imagine pork fans find that sort of thing delightful.The staff has always been very nice and extremely helpful. More...


Ana J.

2 March 2009

I love that place.  How can I not, they have great cheese and I'm Swiss, so I know : )I've always gotten the best advice and friendly service.  I don't buy much of their other products but never get tired of looking at what they choose to display . . .One of these places that really feel like it belongs to the neighborhood and make food shopping a pleasure. More...


Bridgette R.

4 February 2009

This place just makes me smile.  I like the creative name, the CHEESE, the vibe...it's just fun.  I LOVE cheese and am wary of anyone who doesn't, actually.  However, I wouldn't know the first thing about cheese.  I just love that I can be a moron when I enter, yet leave Stinky with the most perfect cheeses in hand.  Oh and their soppressata is to die for! More...


waisum t.

18 December 2008

A must if you're into cheese.  It bit on the pricey side. But absolutely delicious.  You must try their 2  or 5 year gouda cheese.  And they have an amazing wild boar sausage. More...


J R.

2 October 2008

Yay! They have Brooklyn Gum!Someone behind the counter was asking me if I needed help, and I said I just wanted the gum. They really try to push the cheese on you, even offering samples and such. I said I wasn't having a dinner party and didn't drink wine so therefore needed no cheese. He looked startled and said cheese isn't just for dinner parties and wine, so I called his bluff and asked when in heavens else would I eat the stuff - he rattled off a bunch of occasions that sounded like stuff I do, but then he said something that changed my life - "It also makes a great beer pairing."me: Excuse me kind sir, could you repeat that?cheese dude: You've never had cheese and beer paired together?me: I've had beer and a grilled cheese sandwhich.cheese dude: (blank stare)He then introduced me to some wonderfully yummy, but not so hot smelling cheeses. AND told me about Bierkraft. Yes, he sent me to another business to further indulge.Go for the gum, leave with some cheese. More...


Chris P.

25 August 2008

What a delightful surprise!Wasn't even aware of this place until I stumbled upon it during a Brooklyn Excursion.  Small, but well supplied.  Wonderful charcuterie options, tasty cheese options without being overwhelming (see: Murray's), an inviting setting and helpful staff.Not much more you can ask for.  Plus, the prices were very reasonable. More...


Alice S.

17 August 2008

This is a little stinky slice of heaven! Cheese is my weakness. My addiction.  So when I stopped by here tonight after a long week and weekend of work, with hunger rumbling through my poor empty stomach, I knew I was in trouble.  I wanted a snack and I wanted it RIGHT THEN!  I asked the woman for a delightful snacking cheese and she said, "how about this one? Have a taste!". I did, and I was hooked! The "Tommy Co" is super tasty. I then moved over to the crostini and snagged a couple bags (I know, I know...so easy to make myself, but when they are packaged in lovely Stinky Brooklyn packaging with a bow on it, its hard to say no).  As I was checking out, I spied something called "lard bread". WHAT?! The guy ringing me up explained that it is a highly addictive bread made with lard and filled with chunks of salami and a generous dose of black pepper. OMG, HE IS RIGHT! I ate half of it on the way home in the car (yes, that IS gross), and my husband promptly snarfed the rest.  They also print a wine pairing on the label of the cheese that you can purchase across the street at Smith and Vine...super helpful to have a wine store and a cheese store within spitting distance! LOVE this shop and will definitely make it part of my regular snacking circuit! Next time I intend to try some of the dry aged meats- they have pig legs (complete with hooves) on display and they shave off bits for you to taste or take home.  Next time, Stinky!ps: they have a sign that says "all unattended children will be put to work in the cheese cave!" LOVE IT More...


Michele W.

28 June 2008

They had me at 'Stinky'.  This place is literally the reason why we moved to the neighborhood. These guys know quality and have handpicked everything in the place. In my dozens of visits I've found the staff to be free and easy with the samples, and attitude free. Turn your cellphone off and talk to anybody in the place and you'll come away with first rate cheese and sundries and a good laugh. Can't recommend these guys enough. Wish to God the hadn't taken down their great sign above the cash register - "Unattended children will receive a free espresso and a puppy." More...


Liz B.

1 April 2008

The Cob Hill cheese is some of the best cheese I've ever had and the Cary Mo brown sugar fudge is insane. The wall o' provisions (rice, honey, jams and spices) is gorgeous but pricey and you can find all the same products for cheaper at Sahadis, but you also manage to avoid crazy lines and it's in a great location so... A+


Miguel d.

23 March 2008

Stinky is my constant reminder that wait, I do love cheese.Know what you want when you come in. Otherwise you'll feel overwhelmed at the selections they present to you: the chocolate counter by the cash register, the cheese display in the middle, and the glorious charcuterie and salumi along the back wall. I have never experienced such glee smelling blue cheese and such awe looking at a whole hock of prosciutto, foot and all. You'll also want to know what you want when you come in because of the "this-is-a-goddamn-serious-cheese-shop" attitude the employees tote. Then again if you don't they'll tell you what's good, so it's really a win-win if you at least act like you know what you're talking about.For you Northern Californian expats this place will veritably remind you of Point Reyes Station and the Cowgirl Creamery shop, not just in looks and feel but also in product. They have Cowgirl's Red Hawk (a triple-cream lactose dream) and a few other unexpected delights (Vosges Bacon Chocolate bars, anyone?); explore at your leisure.Once you've procured your cheese head on across the street for Smith & Vine; they own both places so it's not hard to find a good recommendation. More...


jessica l.

28 February 2008

I can't imagine why anyone would ever give this place less than a stellar review.the staff may not be bending over backwards to be your new best friends, but they are incredibly polite, professional and really knowledgable about their product.they have a fantastic selection, and quite reasonable prices.i love stinky! More...


Mike F.

18 September 2007

My first cheese shop.  Relaxed, not pretentious Nice atmosphere loaded live local Brooklyn products.  Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and a good variety. Highly recommended!


Joe O.

9 June 2007

for cheese there is no place better.  serious.  we got some "midnight moon" - aged 1yr goat gouda, some Pastore - sheeps milk cheddar-style and then another Idiazabal - raw sheep, slightly smokey & earthy.  the Pastore and Idiazabal were great with applewood smoked bacon (also purchased from Stinky), eggs and rolls from Mazzola (about 2 blocks west on Court).  the "Midnight Moon" went great with a 2001 bordeaux we purchased.  going back many, many times... More...


Steve A. R.

12 March 2007

surprised that this spot hasn't been reviewed yet.  It's a great cheese and specialty food shop from the owners of Smith & Vine from across the street.  Impressed with the cheesemonger there.  Friendly but not too push and she hooke me up with a nice camembert that I keep coming back for. More...

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