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Bookkeeping services through multiple accounting softwares; wave, xero, QuickBooks, in addition to processing payroll, and billing clients. Being jointly owned, we operate during and outside of typing business hours, including weekends. Combined we have 15 years experience handling bookkeeping for small businesses.

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Kevin W

30 June 2019

Helped me get caught up when I fell behind on my bookkeeping, was fast efficient and asked all the right questions along the way. Thank you!

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Bookkeeping in a basic sense. Recording and organizing transactions, generating consistent and regular reports, providing reporting as requested, reconciling accounts, posting closing and year end transactions.

Payroll services, processing payroll on behalf of the business or individual.

Remittance of tax payments to fed and state.

Consistency and accuracy are important to understand your cash flow and state of your business. A great accountant will compile that information quickly and reliably so that those questions can be answered in an efficient manner.

I love looking at data, I love to see math line up and figures balance out, but mostly I enjoy being able to employ what I'm great at, to help small business owners better perform.

After entering the world of retirement planning, and accepting a comfortable job, which I hoped would be an interim position, I was having difficulty getting into accounting work for public and private sector that could offer me the kind of pay I was receiving, or comparable benefits.

I'm dedicated to my work, and serious about providing results. I understand how important financial data is, and how it can impact the business. We can provide the peace of mind a small business owner needs to keep doing great things, rather than handling all of the tedious elements.



Recording transactions, reconciling accounts, classifying income & expenses, generating regular reports.

Payroll processing.

Will remit estimated taxes on your behalf.

Even if we do not handle your payroll, we will submit contributions on your behalf through web portals or by way of mail if asked. We can prepare your transmittals.