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Long Beach

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Bj Hickman

Long Beach


I am an Emotional Wellness Coach, a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (trained in the research of Dr. Brené Brown), and my focus is trauma and attachment.

Trauma is defined as anything less than nurturing. In early childhood development, we have innate emotional needs that, when met, create in us a secure attachment system that allows us to see ourselves as valued humans and to show up in a healthy way in our relationships.



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The sacredness of creating safety and holding space for others.

This is my life’s work. I have been counseling. mentoring, and coaching my entire adult life.

Your clients should only choose me if (a) they’re looking to go deep, and (b) they feel safe and comfortable to do this work with me.



One-on-one counseling and coaching addressing emotional trauma and attachment wounding.

An intensive is anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days working one-on-one to go deep and address trauma from early childhood development to present.