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When you want fast changes, Dr. Mamiko Odegard is the go to person to dramatically step up the way you "show up." Having overcome her own layers of personal shame, she immediately guides you to have the best relationship with yourself, with others, and with a romantic partner.


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Estera Bradley

23 July 2019

I chose to work with Mamiko after reading about her and checking out her approach. I was a little skeptical because after all I'm the operator of my life and how much help anyone can give is up to me. Mamiko put me at ease and adressed all my concerns right away. In our consulting meeting I shared a glimpse of my baggage and pain and Mamiko's vision for me attaining freedom of it was uplifting. In our first day Mamiko helped me see through my past and stories and gave me tools/methods to be a version of myself I didnt think I could. I am beyond grateful to you Mamiko!! Thank you a million. I am libarated and being the best version of my self: worthy, lovable and spreading joy! Thank you More...


Worldhealth Insuranceinfo

12 August 2018

Just a few minutes with Dr. Odegard and you know she has a gift of making you feel excited about life. She's amazing.


Nancy Twedt

12 August 2018

Daily Affirmations assist all of us to share love and joy. The book is excellently written AND FELT.


Michael Mitchell

27 May 2016

Dr. Mamiko is an amazing human being and so very easy to talk to. Visiting with her is always so laid back and helpful, and her office has a great atmosphere and vibe. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat to everyone. More...

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I love being able to help you become happy, prosperous financially and in relationships, and to create the life you dream of. Each session helps you individually and/or as a couple to lift your mental, emotional, and physical states as you learn new strategies.

I have overcome many adversities and personal shame and know how to create fast and deep relationships with yourself and others. I teach clients to easily reach their goals and elevate their self-esteem, love, relationships, and overcome hardships and self-sabotage.

When you want the best, call me, Dr. Mamiko Odegard. I help you to be Irresistible, Invincible, and Iconic!. I am married to the love of my life for over 40 years and am blessed to enjoy happiness in all areas of my life and business. Let me show you how you too can fulfill the life and career you desire. Feeling stuck and suffering are optional; you deserve the best that life has to offer!