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Lila gurrola

7 May 2017

Problem was quickly fixed and internet is working great thank you bitwise


Tilly Marie

18 August 2016

I was hesitant about going to a smaller internet provider company but the location I moved to did not leave me many choices. I would like to say that even though I had to choose this provider due to lack of providers in my area, after using the service, I would still choose to use Bitwise if I had more choices offered to me. The installers were very patient with my indecisiveness on how I wanted the wires ran. They were also very courteous and were not in a hurry to rush through like I have seen other companies do even considering that it was a 90 degree day. The overall experience has been a great one. There was one mishap but they have already made arrangements with me to take care of it and there was absolutely no hesitation to rectify the situation. I should also mention that we have had some pretty heavy storms running through and not once have I had an issue with my service. I am very pleased. Why are you still reading this? Call them today! ~Shantell More...

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