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Bird's-Eye Re-view Business Services Ltd.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Bird's-Eye Re-view Business Services Ltd. logo

Bird's-Eye Re-view Business Services Ltd.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Save your time and energy for building your business, Don't waste it trying to figure out your business finances alone.

Whether you need bookkeeping and accounting services, Quickbooks set-up and training or tax and advisory services - we have the professional team that can help you with all of this.


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7 March 2019

First rate service that gave me time to focus on my business and new opportunities by giving me confidence that my business money was properly being taken care of!



6 March 2019

Many thanks for your continued help and professionalism in teaching us what we needed through taking care of our bookkeeping, accounting and tax, so we didn't need to worry!

Thank you Bonnie - that is our goal - to have you learn about the importance of proper bookkeeping and accounting, so you can appreciate the benefits to your firm.



6 March 2019

Since starting with Bird's-Eye many years ago for business start-up help, we then continued to work with them - and they have always steered our company in the right direction . . . we will continue to use their services for a variety of financial and other consultative business purposes. More...

A pleasure working with all of you Adrian!

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Bookkeeping & Accounting
Tax Planning & Preparation
Business Advisory
Hourly Small Business Consultations
QuickBooks Help

If your business is new, you want to get started on the right path towards compliance with Canada Revenue Agency. Also, when you have a proper set of bookkeeping and accounting records, then you will have the tools you need to operate your business and make it as profitable as possible.

Educating business owners about the facts of being an entrepreneur and that includes having appropriate and accurate systems in place with regard to their business money.

As a small business owner myself, I can relate first-hand to the challenges that all businesses face and I am inspired to help those with what I have learned myself and from other business owners over the years.

Streamlined services that will make operating their business easier and more cost-effective as money mistakes are minimized and opportunities for growth are realized.


Your business needs a proper set of books for purposes of filing your business taxes and for use in the operational and strategic parts of your business. We tailor a package that is designed around your specific needs and the volume of transactions that you have. We also work to ensure your business is compliant with Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Don't ignore this crucial aspect of your business structure. Discover more at https://birdseyeaccounting.ca/service-professionals/full-serv-bookk/

Are you new to business and need some direction with better understanding the money-side of being an entrepreneur? Perhaps you are already well on your way with your business, but would like another opinion or help with a business decision that you wish to make? If that describes you, then you will want to participate in our Hourly Business Consultation Services. This consulting is designed to get you poised on the right path and to become acquainted with the requirements and best practices for your business. See how at https://birdseyeaccounting.ca/service-professionals/hourly-small-business-help/.

If you or your employee are performing your own business bookkeeping using Quickbooks software, you may need help with it. Maybe a better understanding of how to use the features of Quickbooks would help? Perhaps there times when you could use another opinion as to how to approach a particular entry? Let us help you to not only learn Quickbooks better but become more familiar with the bookkeeping aspects of your business. Schedule at https://birdseyeaccounting.ca/quickbooks-help/

To ensure that you only pay the taxes that you are required to is central to having a proper financial structure for your business. To be in compliance with Canadian tax laws, filing all your taxes in a timely and accurate fashion is of the utmost importance. Alleviate your worries with proven, tax strategies that are sure to give you peace-of-mind. Also, at some point, your business will likely require other more advanced business services that relate to protection of your corporate assets, undertaking a corporate reorganization or engaging in relevant tax planning strategies to minimize your corporate or personal taxes - to name a few. Explore at https://birdseyeaccounting.ca/service-professionals/taxandadvisory/