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Monica Sarduy

12 February 2019

Very smart, affordable and useful service. One less thing to clean and worry about. Cleaning bins are not the most fun chore so I would definitely recommend anyone signing up for this service.


Orlando Chong

6 February 2019

This is the best company to worl for!


Iris Gato

30 January 2019

Yes!! I do... I have no time to clean my trash bins. And when I have it doesn’t even look clean. :( And yesterday when I got them cleaned from this amazing company!! I was floored they look brand new!! And smelled fresh!! More...


Luis Rodriguez

27 January 2019

El servicio, de contar con un sistema que pueda lavar, desinfectar y dar olor a los tambuches de basura y exterminar dichos gérmenes.


Carlos Martinez

23 January 2019

exelente servicio, lo recomiendo.


Yohama Rodriguez

23 January 2019

Me encanta ,me costaba trabajo limpiar ese tanque tan grande y no tenía tiempo ,esto fue una maravilla queda limpio y desinfectado


Javier AR

23 January 2019

Excelente idea para mantener la higiene correcta del hogar y sus alrededores...


Veno Sedlav

23 January 2019

Great service that everyone needs.

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