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Please keep us in mind for your fun outdoor events.
We keep folks (families, teens, and seniors) entertained and engaged. When the kids
are happy, the parents are happy and stay longer, and that keeps the vendors happy!

No waiting in lines, all ages, family friendly, entertainment for


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Bill Coleman

26 June 2019

“We didn’t realize it was going to be this popular!” Kim Evelsizer, Broomfield Days 2012 through 2019
“The Bubble Machine was absolutely fabulous! We want the cow print version next year.” Nancy Kramer, Steamboat Springs Beaus Arts Festival
"Thank you guys so much for coming!! People are OBSESSED with you, you’re an amazing addition to the event! I cannot wait to work with you guys again at Mardi Gras!! " Molly Herwehe, Event Coordinator GoBreck.com 2015 - 2019
“The Bubble Tower brings the added flair and WOW experience to an event. As sponsors, The Bubble Tower brings the public to us – like a magnet, we don’t have to go searching for them….they are hypnotized.” Keisha Makonese, Bellco Credit Union 2008 - 2013

“We LOVED having the bubble tower and stilts at our fair! It’s a simple concept but was very well received by our fair-goers.”
"We really did enjoy it, I was honestly a bit surprised by just HOW popular it was! Thanks again, I’m sure we’ll have you back in a year or two (we try not to do back to back things)" Chad M. Banks, Sweetwater County Fair, Rock Springs WY 2012, 2015, 2016, 2019

“Hi Bill, Everyone loved the bubble tower. I wouldn’t change a thing” Leah Krumpholz, City of Westminster 2007, 2011, 2015-2018

"Hi Bill,
Thank you for the follow up. It was wonderful! Don was wonderful – very professional. It amazes me what a HUGE draw the simple bubble tower is!
I wouldn’t change a thing actually. We may have another date that we want to book it. Molly will follow up with you. Thanks again, Bill"
Joyce Rocha, CMD, Director of Marketing - Southlands Mall, Northwood Retail LLC 2014-2019

"The Bubble Tower, Stilt party was a huge hit at the 2015 Campbell County Fair.
Kids and adults enjoyed the magical, catch me if you can activity that the bubbles created. And the stilts were an amazing attraction. In between regular scheduled acts in the Plaza, the kids and adults alike would take their turn at mastering the art of stilt walking and bubble chasing to fill the 5 to 10 minute gap between entertainment sets.

Watching the kids chase the bubbles and learning to walk on stilts was
entertaining on its' own. Hours of pleasure came from this act at our Fair."
Bobbi Jo Heald, Campbell County Fair, Gillett,WY 2015,‘16,’17, ’18 ‘19

"Hi Bill! I think it (Bubble Tower) was a great addition to the event and added to the aesthetics. The college students definitely had a blast playing in the bubbles!”
Samara Omar, Senior Class Rep, USG Pres Mines Activities Council, Colorado School Of Mines '16, ’18
“ Loved it and only heard great things!! ” “very excited to have you back”
Tracy Barry, Mayfest, Inc Operations Manager Fort Worth, TX 2016, ’17, ’18, ‘19

“If you book the stilt show you have to book the bubble tower, I think the adults had more fun with it than the kids” "It was a great addition to our KidsZone, but honestly it could be a standalone event." “We had rain a few days so Bill went inside with the Giant Puppet. The indoor vendors and the customers thought it was great”
Derek Ricci, Brown County Fair Manager , Aberdeen, SD 2016. 2017

"Hi Bill,
Well the fair is over and I have recovered and I just wanted to say THANK
YOU for making it so easy to work with you from start to finish. From all
the great comments from our guests the Bubble Tower & Stilt Party was one
of the best use of space on the grounds and if the wind was from the right
direction the bubbles made people laugh 100 yards away. The parents
thanked me daily, for a spot their kids could relax & play for 15 to 30
minutes a couple times a day. Much to my surprise kids of all ages liked
bubbles and stilts, kids from 2 to my 85 year old mom like to pop the
bubbles and I don't think the stilts were ever sitting idle, some mornings
the kids in line waiting to use the stilts. Again thank you for giving the
fair a great value for our dollars spent and helping us make Great
Memories at the Fair."
Kevin Kotz
General Manager
Dubuque County Fair, IA 2017, ’18

"Folks are still talking about the stilt walking classes - and who doesn't love bubbles?!
We appreciate you making the trip to be a part of our special event. Hope to work with you in the future as well."
Dianne Mizelle
Events Specialist/July 4, 2018
Public Works Parks & Recreation | City of Henderson, NV


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