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Our workout studio is located in Rancho Mirage, diagonally across from the landmark Elephant Car wash. Whether you want to lose inches, gain muscle and strength or regain your balance, our certified trainers can design a workout program to meet your individual needs and goals.

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Carlynne Mcdonnell

23 July 2018

Josh works with my husband and me. We are 55 and 56 and want to gain strength, muscle and long lasting good health. He customizes our workouts and his workouts are great. Highly recommend.


Kim Acedo

23 July 2018

Josh is not only a knowledgeable trainer (particularly in the TRX and for boomers who golf), but he incorporates the mind and body into his training sessions (you must check out his Atman Mind and Body Transformation program).

His studio is unique in that he is completely one-on-one with you, meaning you get all of his time and attention (he even lets you pick the music you love working out with and that's no problem since it's just the two of you in his studio.) Josh is a stickler on proper form and technique, so a private setting is perfect for the person who needs to make sure they are doing the exercises correctly and getting the most out of each movement.

Lastly, I have to say that as a person, Josh is one of the greatest guys I've ever known. He's positive and has this great energy about him that makes you feel comfortable. Not only that, but he loves his clients, has a passion for helping them reach their goals, and truly educates himself on a regular basis to continue to bring the latest information to his clients.

I highly recommend checking out his studio for the best TRX training in town!


Nancy V.

25 June 2018

I met Josh a few years ago after having radiation treatments for lip cancer, Josh came to the tennis court to help me get my self es time  back . Josh is the kindest person that I have ever met, ever!!!!! More...


Antonio Regoli

25 May 2018

Traveling to Rancho Mirage for business we were looking to get some personal training as well. Nothing gets you out at 6am quite like knowing you have someone waiting for you at the gym. Random search of Ranch Mirage found us Josh - 4 minutes from our hotel - and we‘ve trained with him 3x this week. Josh is a real professional, warm-hearted helpful , kind, funny and caring, he pushed us while monitoring us with great attention and put us on TRX - fun sessions but wow you feel the burn afterwards. Great pricing, personable trainer, good location close to conference hotels, if you are in Palm Springs for a conference do yourself a favour and book Josh to balance work and play. Highly recommend him for all ages. More...


Brett Labit

26 May 2014

I have been friends with Josh throughout his fitness career and was there at the beginning. I have never seen anything less from him than his very best for his clients. He has tremendous character and integrity and can be trusted to care about his clients. More...


Laura Huff

26 May 2014

I'm an older woman and not the type to go to a big-box gym. I just wanted to tone up and increase my balance and flexibility after having lost a lot of weight. Josh was great. He understood my limitations and is helping me get the most from my workouts without any pain or soreness. I bought a TRX and LOVE it. I've learned easy little tricks to keep my body healthy and active. If you want personalized attention from someone who really knows about the body, and can customize a plan for you, Josh is the one. I'm glad I found him and know you will be a believer, too. Josh cares. More...



26 May 2014

He is a great trainer. I highly recommend Josh for anyone who wants to feel supported and challenged on their fitness journey. I like the straightforward approach of Josh's program designed just for me. More...


Jeffery H

14 January 2014

He is a great trainer. I highly recommend Josh for anyone who wants to feel supported and challenged on their fitness journey. I like the straightforward approach of Josh's program designed just for me. More...


Qile L.

1 July 2013

Josh has been a very respectful and intuitive trainer. He finds what you need and will do everything to make you feel like your goals and desires for change are met. If I have one thing to say about Josh, it's try him out... You will definitely feel his dedication from day one. Best of luck in your training goals. More...


Rochelle L.

26 May 2012

I thought I knew a lot about exercise and nutrition until I met Josh! He's wealth of knowledge and has years of training experience. Josh's training keeps me motivated and focused. I've exercised all my life and eaten relatively healthy too, despite that, he was able to suggest a few changes and I have seen fast, drastic results! I feel energetic and young, and I have the best trainer. He really listens to what you say and puts everything into training you. I wouldn't train with anyone else! More...

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