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I find that the world carriers glimpses of hope and opportunities for positive change for those who seek it.I belive in the power of vulnerability and optimism ,I advocate for transparency in any partnerships ,business, friendship,family/marital relationships.


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15 May 2019

Of course there are many life coaches out there but working with Bianca changed my life on so many levels.She is that kind of coach that knows how to make you believe in your,restores your trust in humanity and give you a lot of tools to be able to change behaviors and learn how to be positive and how to control your mind and emotions that way that you create your life the way you want it.
Thoughtful,emphatic and very experienced!
Thank you Bianca!!


Thomas levi

31 May 2018

The experience that I have working with Bianca was definitely life changing.She takes time to understand,she listens actually to what you’re saying and if she thinks you’re undecided or don’t know where to start or confused she definitely has a way of guide you and help you achieve your full potential!
Very thoughtful,attentive and definitely gave me the right tools to have and use in cooping with stress and outside stressors in order to achieve my goals.

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I love to help people achieve their goals and when I see improvements and achievement in my clients lives I am the most grateful that I was able to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

I truly believe we are here in this Universe to help each other and be an inspiration to someone else .I really think we need more people in this always growing on this part of the industry so we can help and inspire and be there for someone who needs guidance and someone to listen to what they have to share.

I love my job and I do it with passion.I am so humble and grateful that I can live my dreams and have this amazing job by helping others discov themselves and guided to achieve their full potential and accomplish their goals by giving them the right tools to master this journey called life.
I have a wide expertise in holistic psychotherapy and life/career coaching and I’m continually improving my experience and knowledge by being up to date and continually certified myself in new behavior and psychotherapy techniques alomg with new approaches as a life/career coach.