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Cypress Grove, California



Cypress Grove, California


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Jason C.

1 September 2019

Dr Gubic or Dr Guru is amazing at asking the right questions to get to the rot cause of the symptoms of pain or mobility issues in the tissues. Gentle but deep massage of the neck area and a slight movement and bingo i'm back in place and functional again for a week. I have a laborious job and my body is worked had and need good care. I'm picky because I am a massage therapist so i know what good care is. this is the place to go and the man to see is Dr. Gubic. Tell him Jason Chase sent you. For only like $40 or $45 each session. Stop living in pain and get back into enjoying life. More...


Doreen P

25 August 2019

Very professional. Personable, and efficient staff. The doctors/chiropractors make me feel comfortable. All good!


Rosie B.

9 January 2019

Although this place has excellent reviews... I just had too add another one. This is a long overdue and well deserved review! I started seeing Dr. Gullick about 5 years ago. He is nice, professional and seems to have magical healing hands. Though his clientele has increased, he always manages to be present during the entire session. He is a great listener, recommends at home stretches and  exercises and explains what's going on with the body all in one short session. He finishes off with a gentle adjustment that help relieve my pain and leave me walking out of his office more aligned and lighter. He takes on a holistic approach and applies his extensive knowledge - it's like visiting a masseuse, physical therapist, yogi, trainer and chiropractor in one visit! Whenever I'm back in LA, I try to visit his office. The office is relocating but not too far from it's original location. More...


Robert G.

2 January 2019

Mariel was her awesome self as usual. Guess was at least a third time I had her work on my back, and simply put she was phenomenal. Whether you are in a conversational mood or choose to remain silent throughout the massage, she picks up well on your mood and goes with the flow. Never says too much, and doesn't feel uncomfortable conversating with you if your in the mood. Their new location is awesome, and I'm glad to still be going to them. More...


Nancy A.

28 November 2018

Let me say my best friends mom recommended this place about 5 years ago.   I had pain on my foot.  The doctors kept telling me they couldn't find anything wrong.   I went to Guru and met with Dr. G.   Omg he was able to identify the problem and started treatment right away.   I have been going to him ever since.   He is the best.  I highly recommend it. More...


Nicole B

17 November 2018

Dr rubens is amazing. I went there for my car accident and he really helped me get better. Im done with my car accident treatment and he is still my go to guy when I’m in pain. It’s hard to find a good caring chiropractor especially in San Pedro. Most doctors office just want to see Longshoremen. This office treats everyone. They dont discriminate. They are here to treat the community. A+++++ More...


Bill B.

11 November 2018

MT Crystal is amazing! Office is clean and welcoming


Allie V.

8 November 2018

I injured my shoulder playing soccer and I tried physical therapy and it never got better. A friend of mine recommended GURU Chiropractic. I had treatment by both Dr. Gulick and Dr. Rubens. They devised a treatment plan for me, and within a few weeks, my shoulder was better and I was able to play soccer. They are very attentive and know their stuff. I highly recommend them. More...


Nancy P.

22 August 2018

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Gulick for his knowledge and sensitive approach to helping me get pain and discomfort free. I was recommended to him by a friend after an array of disappointing visits to Orthopedic doctors, other Chiropractors and Physical Therapist that didn't help me. I have suffered from bulging disc's in my neck and tendon damage to my right shoulder for the past 5 months to the point of not knowing if I could continue to do my work! Upon calling Guru Chiropractic I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who advised me to bring reports & MRI's to my first visit. Dr. Gulick went over all my reports with me and assured me that my diagnosis was not as dismal as previous doctors had said. I have been seeing him twice a week and in less then 3 weeks with his adjustments and guidance on how to do some simple exercises I am sleeping through the night, the terrible numbness & pain I was experiencing has been relieved to a point that I am starting to enjoy my life again. I look forward to my health being restored completely and being back on the dance floor soon! Thank you Dr. Gulick for your wonderful care. More...


Zachary Silverstein

30 July 2018

I’ve been going here for the last year since moving to the area and I’ve gotten excellent care. Dr. Gulick is superb and also offers great advice for exercises to strengthen the body at home. I always feel better leaving than I did coming in.Price is also very fair. More...


Zachary S.

25 July 2018

I've been going here for the last year since moving to the area and I've gotten excellent care. Dr. Gulick is superb and also offers great advice for exercises to strengthen the body at home. I always feel better leaving than I did coming in.Price is also very fair More...


Emily L.

7 March 2018

I have been going to Guru in San Pedro and their sister location in Culver City for over 10 years. Both of the docs are excellent and they have fixed me so many times after my various sporting injuries over the years! Now that I live in HB and have to commute an hour to see the docs it's definitely harder but it's still totally worth it. I really trust these guys! More...


Caleb S.

12 February 2018

Amazing experience I definitely feel much better after treatment ... Doctor was very passionate about his craft ... I look forward to seeing you guys on my next visit I'm giving this place 100 stars


Daphne B.

2 February 2018

I love getting chiropractic from either doctor R or doctor G. They both have their own special way of treating my aches and pains... And they both get very immediate results. I have gone in with headache, neck ache or lower backache and on each occasion have come away feeling better! They take the time to massage the muscle with a healing kind of sport therapy cream to get it ready for the adjustment and then go in deep! I have heard some major movement (from my neck and mid back especially) when getting my adjustments.I have been making an effort to go if I start to get a stiff neck etc, rather than when I'm full- blow "in it" and in pain! And it's made a difference.I really appreciate a local, affordable place, where the practitioners are so knowledgeable!I can't speak to the massage, it's been years since I got one and that massuse has since moved. More...


Robert B.

1 February 2018

I cannot recommend this healing center highly enough. From Muriel's deep tissue massage to Dr. Gulick's additional deep tissue work and adjustments...I leave this office feeling like I've actually treated the pains I walked in with. More...


Heredia K.

15 October 2017

Great Drs! And the staff there are AMAZING! Will totally work with you to ensure you get better! It's all about you when you walk in! Love it!


Sharen E.

9 October 2017

Guru Chiropractics is amazing! There's so many choices for chiropractors on the Westside, but really there's only ONE option for me: Guru Chiropractics. Miss Mar greets you with warmth and compassion. Then, you're off to Judy who gives you the best massages EVER! As if that's not enough, you meet with Dr. Gulick who's a brainiac who educates you about your pain. Then, he's got these amazing machines and Chiro techniques that make you feel like you're in heaven!They are really careful, unlike other Chiro's I've seen, to not reinjure you or over stretch you. Dr. Gulick knows the Science and constantly seeks to improve his patients pain levels.Highly recommended! More...


Bella Morte

17 July 2017

Dr. Gulick is amazing, he has been working to help me rehabilitate my ankle/knee after i injured it, he has given me lots of resources to do my therapy at home, i am now coming to the end of my treatment and i feel confident that i can continue the therapy at home on my own thays to Dr. Gulick and his team


Gina P.

8 June 2017

I really like this chiropractor office. They have very reasonable prices and offer adjustments, massages, and a combination of both. The adjustments were amazing and the massage is so so. Street parking only, but a nice clean office with very friendly staff. More...


Eric Gil

26 May 2017

Amazing Drs and price. They are very effective at short and long term treatment.


Candace M.

5 May 2017

Always caring and professional.  I never fail to feel better.


Ramiro V.

26 April 2017

I was wrong about my review and  the bad comment that I made to GURU Chiropractic,  the e-mail that I sent to them went directly to spam so they never got it, they called me and apologized to me, they are very professional and they do care about giving a good experience to new customers.


ChrisCotton A.

18 April 2017

This has to be the most amazing office I have ever visited. I was rear ended in Nov 2016 and suffered a 5-6 millimeter bulge in L3 disc. I was amazed by the level of service, knowledgeability of not only my injury, but the process I'd be undergoing while I'm their care. I never felt like a number and his assistants were professional and skilled. I felt completely at peace during my sessions and often fell asleep on the table. Currently, I have been discharged and am working to get back to exercising regularly and resuming my normal activities. Without their help, I am certain I'd be preparing for back surgery, and an even longer road to recovery. Their scheduling was always flexible and their communication with my legal representation was always prompt and accurate. Upon release, I could tell that my doctor genuinely cared for my well being. I'd recommend this office to any and everyone who needs a simple massage to in depth therapy and rehab. More...


Eric G.

30 November 2016

Dr. Gulick has an amazing approach to treatment that is both unique and comprehensive. Did amazing work on my mid back on first session, already feeling amazing results.


Joelle L.

14 September 2016

Good massage. Waiting time was slightly longer than expected and the whole visit took abt 1hr 45 mins. Parking is by the road.  Parking at the back is not recommended in case you need to move your car. There is metered parking on the street. Doctor was friendly and helpful and gave me tips on strength and flexibility. The recep was friendly and helpful too. More...


Suzanne P.

5 July 2016

I started with a Groupon and I was impressed how nice and affordable they are. Judy gave me a wonderful therapeutic massage and she was fun to chat with. I am about to call for another appointment. More...


Sandra A.

30 June 2016

I was having back problems and since I live in the harbor area I wanted to try something local and thank God I found Guru Chiropractic!! Everybody was just so friendly and it looks so cool as soon as you walked in. I loved the modern feel and loved that I was treated with nothing but friendly faces. Dr. Rubens was so friendly and so knowledgeable! I had such a great experience I will definitely be going back!! More...


Francia O.

29 June 2016

This is absolutely the best place for your chiropractic needs the staff amazing. Dr.Gullick  is who I see he's amazing genius when it comes to pain. I have severe neck problem shoulder upper neck problems,I came in and he from the start ask so many About your history. Then he goes to work on you I drive from north Hollywood to see him. He knows exactly what to do take his time. The best experience I've had and treatment bottle the rest let me adjust u and throw u out the door. Highly recommend him and his staff. Thank u so much for helping me get to a better place .. More...


peter s.

23 June 2016

Went with a Groupon and the massage was excellent!  The masseuse worked out the knots in my back muscles with tremendous strength. She was well trained, friendly and professional.  Nice facility: clean and quiet. I'm definitely going back (even though my insurance won't cover it) because the hourly rate is dirt cheap ($39) for what you get! More...


Tiana A.

4 June 2016

Love Guru Chiro I've been going here for 5 or so years and they're absolutely wonderful. The doctors are super knowledgeable and the massage therapists really know what they're doing. They also have an awesome foot detox I recommend everyone to try! More...


Dene D.

24 May 2016

I had my first experience with Guru Chiropractic today.  Totally wonderful experience. My massage therapist was Mariel and I saw Dr Rubens. A very comfortable office. What was really cool was my adjustment  was done in the environment of the massage therapy room instead of a clinical room. I was so relaxed and Mariel just knew what I needed.  Dr Rubens was just wonderful very communicative on what was happening and gave me great instructions on how to take care of myself the rest of the day how to stretch correctly and when to ice.  I really felt he was truly paying attention to me and what my body needed not a cookie cutter visit. I have been feeling so much better all day. What is really the best is I now have a place to call and go with confidence at the first sign of need, instead of suffering as long as I have. And that I will be able to go more frequently, being they are reasonably priced and that I feel safe in their attentive care.To address some of the comments about disrobing. It is very standard to do so for full body massage, to the degree that you are comfortable. And Mariel is very skilled at draping you in a manner that has your modesty respected but allows for her to do her job which I am happy to say she does it so well. The adjustment was done after I was redressed. I have already told 2 friends who live or work in the area about Guru. I will be back! More...


Darren M.

17 May 2016

I don't go to chiropractors often, but when I do, I go to Guru Chiropractic.  They first ask me what part of my body  needs the most attention, and then the start a full body deep tissue massage.  They ask you to tell them if you want it strong, medium or soft.  They asked me again mid-massage if it was too hard.They hit my spots!  Then they served up some ultrasound to my sore knee.  Dr Rubens then entered for the exhilarating body cracking.  My neck gained so much flexibility and movement afterwards.  Thank you Dr. Rubens More...


Yuri N.

30 April 2016

Dr guru was very thoughtful and massage was heavenly  I fell asleep. I feel like my bone are aligned. They are good taking care of you ! Want to go back again


Desiree E.

15 April 2016

Went to Guro for an adjustment and a massage and it was amazing. Even though the girl at the front desk did not do a good job, in making the guest feel welcomed she had a bad attitude and did not leave me a proper message. On a good note Judy was so friendly and sweet she asked me all the right questions. Where I was feeling pain and, how much pressure I wanted on those areas. Highly recommend to go in and speak to the right people, save you some time from calling and getting the wrong info.Thanks for making me feel relaxed! More...


J Loves Food L.

4 April 2016

I had an extremely pleasant experience with guru chiropractic.    After checking in with the front desk, I got into a private massage room right away and got introduced to my massage therapist Mariel.   She's so sweet and professional, I adore her.The 55 minute massage was really good--she worked on my body very well with the right amount of pressure, and worked through my pains and knots.   She knows the human body really well and has a therapeutic touch.    I just can't say enough good things about her!    After the massage I got to see Dr. G and he's super nice.    He adjusted my neck at 2 places, lower back at 2 places, and upper back, and I felt so  relaxed afterwards.   He talked in a gentle and caring manner, and recommended 2 yoga stretches for me to help with my muslce tension.   He also pointed out the imbalance in my left and right neck muscles (I'm a photographer carrying heavy stuff all the time)--and I knew that he's right because the base of my left side of the neck is always sore.   I didn't tell him a single thing but he found this out by observing my resistance to his pushes.   Pretty impressed!All in all it's a great experience.   Would come back and highly recommend. More...


Nicole A.

20 March 2016

I first came here because I had a living social deal for a massage and adjustment.  Both were so great that I came back the following week for another massage and adjustment.  This is the first time I have returned after using a voucher.  I will probably be scheduling another session within the next week or two.  Dr. William Gulick is very knowledgable and passionate about what he does which is what makes me want to return even though it isn't very close to me. More...


Susan L.

22 January 2016

Making the appointment was easy and the receptionist was friendly, yet efficient. My massage was excellent.  Judy addressed my areas of concern which had been bothering me for weeks.  I felt good when I left, but I felt even better the following day.  I was pleasantly surprised to realize the stiffness and nagging pain were greatly reduced.  I will definitely return! More...


Barbara H.

23 December 2015

I was very pleased with all services from Guru - from the very helpful receptionist to the extremely knowledgeable chiropractor and the most incredible massage by Judy. I tried Guru with a Groupon and have returned for more visits. Also bought gift certificates for massages!  They offer very reasonable post Groupon deals!!  Great experience!! More...


Aaron H.

5 December 2015

Saw an amazing deal on Groupon, decided to try it out. Website recommends 24 hours for an appointment, but I called at noon and was able to get a session at 3, really nice. People were very friendly and helpful. They played calming ambient sounds, and the oils they used were soothing and smelled nice.Dr. Laurent Rubens was my chiropractor, felt very comfortable having him work on my neck and spine. Gave me some good advice and stretches to help with my shoulders from working in front of a computer all the time.Judy was the one who gave me a massage. She was very accommodating, being sure to ask if she was pressing too hard or what areas I would like focused on.Overall I had a great experience. Definitely recommend it if you have the need. More...


Maryam A.

12 September 2015

ExcellentEverything is great specially Judy 's massage.She is so polite, expert and professional.I had a massage with her yesterday and it was the best massage that I have had in my life.I highly recommended going there and getting Judy massage. More...


Karen D.

8 August 2015

I woke up with a pain in my neck that lasted a few days. On the third day, I called up Guru Chiropractic for a last minute massage appointment with Summer. I explained the pain I was having and she paid special attention to that area. I felt sooo much better that night and almost 100% better the next day. She helped my neck immensely, and I was really sick of the pain. Thanks, Summer! More...


Summer F.

8 July 2015

I came in some time last week with a groupon and had an excellent experience. I saw dr. Gulik first and he was able to relieve some tension in my neck for me which felt great! After the consultation was over he introduced me to my massage therapist her name was Summer.  She gave me one of the best massages I've ever had! She truly cares about her patients to make sure they are comfortable and gets all the aches and pains out! I will be returning when I have free time. Thank you so much! More...


Elia B.

3 July 2015

staff is always so welcoming, office manager got me in to see Dr Rubens when Dr Gulick was off and needed to be adjusted asap. Massage therapists are also amazing, Ask for Summer! More...


Divya J.

1 July 2015

ok guys this is an update of my previous review. Dr. Rubens from Guru Chiropractic had offered me a complimentary massage in lieu of my bad experience. My massage therapist was Tanya and she was amazing . She massaged like a pro  and was very professional asked me the problem areas and worked on it. Ohh Man..... wat a great experience this time. I will definitely go there again wand would like to have massage from Tanya More...


John Anthony S.

27 May 2015

Hello World,I'm Jay. I create music. I moved to LA upon getting my big new fancy job and in the process was in a pretty serious car accident. I have both health insurance and PIP insurance but because California has never heard of nationwide PIP insurance, I found myself unable to get treatment unless I was paying for it cash. I called Dr. Rubens and Guru Chiropractic at 530pm after a day of painfully unsuccessful searching and they most graciously accepted my last minute appointment. Dr. Rubens and his staff are amazing. His front desk staff are inviting, and cordial. They are great about calling you to remind me of my appointments. His massage staff are equally great. Judie and Tonya are just amazing. Very different massage styles but both are equally great. I can't recommend them enough! It's been such a great experience. Anytime I need a massage or chiro work, this is the only place I'll go. More...


John Anthony S.

6 April 2015

Hello World,I'm Jay. I create music. I moved to LA upon getting my big new fancy job and in the process was in a pretty serious car accident. I have both health insurance and PIP insurance but because California has never heard of nationwide PIP insurance, I found myself unable to get treatment unless I was paying for it cash. I called Dr. Rubens and Guru Chiropractic at 530pm after a day of painfully unsuccessful searching and they most graciously accepted my last minute appointment. Dr. Rubens and his staff are amazing. His front desk staff are inviting, and cordial. They are great about calling you to remind me of my appointments. His massage staff are equally great. Judie and Tonya are just amazing. Very different massage styles but both are equally great. I can't recommend them enough! It's been such a great experience. Anytime I need a massage or chiro work, this is the only place I'll go. Jay More...


Kerry C.

31 March 2015

Ms. Judy, the massage therapist, is knowledgable and caring - my massage was customized and she paid extra attention to the areas on my back and neck that needed the extra attention.  Before attending the session, my neck was so stiff that I could barely move my head around.  After the massage, I felt almost 100% better.  Judy is amazing!  Booking the appointment  was easy and the receptionist was friendly.  Punctual, professional, knowledgable and friendly - now that's what I'm talking about. More...


Rebecca P.

16 February 2015

Wow! Even though I went in with a Groupon, I received stellar treatment... From the ease of making an appointment to getting called in quickly and getting nearly a full 50-minute massage followed by a rather detailed consultation with Dr. Gulick, I truly was wowed. Tonya gave me the absolutely strongest deep tissue massage I have ever gotten--to the point of enough pain I almost told her to lighten up (but, no pain, no gain, right?). And, she even asked me at the end if I felt better. After she finished, I went back out to the waiting room, expecting that they forgot my Groupon also included an exam and consultation. But, nope, the receptionist told me to wait another minute to be seen by the good doctor. In just a minute, I was called back in and Dr. Gulick asked my main problem(s) and offered suggestions to help overcome it (with a very yogi, doctor of osteopathy approach). He mentioned he could help me, too, if I continued to come back, but in no way pressured me to do so. Bottom line: If you want a true deep tissue massage and a caring, holistic (somewhat hippie) chiropractor, this is the place for you! More...


Nikki H.

16 February 2015

I purchased a Groupon for services a couple of weeks back... To start, making the appointment was friendly and pleasant.  Once I arrived and checked in, I was greeted by Dr. William Gulick, D.C., He  was so caring, patient and educational.  The initial adjustment and conversation was top notch.  I felt like he connected with me and sincerely cared about my overall well being.  Now part II was a 55 minute massage.  OMG!!!!AWESOME!!!!! Did I say AWESOME!!!!!.  Sold, I grabbed my calendar and made my future appointment with the intentions of focusing on my well being on a regular basis.  Thank You GURU Chiropractic Services More...


Taylor H.

11 February 2015

I came here on a Groupon. This was my first time getting a massage & exam. The chiropractor was so nice & taught me a lot about his specialty & my body. He even gave me a daily exercise I could do to help my posture and strength. Everyone in the building was really nice. They have relaxing music playing through the entire building. It was very easy to find & there was free 2 hour parking right outside. My masseuse was Summer. She was cool. & asked me how I liked my massage pressure & basically got all my knots out. One thing I will say though is, if you're a self conscious person about your body or someone who is really weird about personal space, be prepared to deal with that once you get here. I didn't feel weird at all but I can imagine someone might who cares about things like that. I had an overall good experience. More...


Cheye M.

10 February 2015

I went there on a groupon. Got an adjustment and a deep tissue massage. The adjustment was good. Lot of cracks, no pain. The massage was really good too. I got my massage from Tanya. I had a large knot in my back that Tanya was able to quickly pin point. She then asked if I wanted her to just focus on that knot. I was like, "hell yes!" There's nothing worse than having pain in your back, and having somebody waist your time and money massaging your legs or something. Tanya focused on my knot like it was hers. After 30 minutes, she was able to work it out, and i feel much better. I would go back for sure. More...


Kathy V.

18 January 2015

On January 9th. I saw it on a Groupon. I have been looking for a good massage therapist and Chiropractor.  I absolutely found them at Guru Chiropractic.  First off, I was running late as I was stuck in freeway traffic.  I called and the receptionist was very nice about it. I thought I would have to reschedule for another day, but to my surprise she rescheduled me for two hours later.  That worked out perfect for me. Everyone there are very nice and very professional.  I had a massage with Judy, she was excellent.  When she was finished I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep.  I did not have to wait to see Dr. Rubens, he took me right in and did an evaluation and an adjustment explaining everything he was doing and why. He also gave me a sheet showing me different stretches to do daily. It was a fantastic experience. I will definitely be making another appointment. I felt incredible when I left. More...


May G.

22 December 2014

Very good experience. Masseuse listened carefully as I told her where I felt stiff - neck and shoulders. She completely released my knots and relaxed my shoulders. Very deep tissue. I will return!


Lynn P.

25 November 2014

Very professional, clean, and friendly. I love the fact that they offer massages before your adjustment! And my insurance covers it! Win-win for me! Just wish they were open on Saturdays. More...


Bee S.

18 November 2014

I have been coming here for almost a year, with chronic neck pain from an old injury. Thanks to regular treatments with Dr Gulick, I finally feel pain-free and able to move without limitations.  Dr Gulick seems to really care about his patients, and I appreciate his intuitive and gentle approach to his chiropractic treatments. More...


Lauren B.

4 September 2014

My Sister is a Chiropractor in Texas so when I say Dr. Rubans is amazing I know what I'm talking about. I have been to many Chiropractors all over La and most don't know what they are doing. Having everything adjusted is just bad. the only stuff that should be moved is the stuff out of place. you would think this is common sense, but its not in la. I have been going here for over a year now and I would never go to another place. I also get massages here too and they are all ways great. But above that it is very affordable for a struggling actor like my self.  For how good he is, he should be charging a lot more, but being the amazing human he is, he is more worried about helping people feel better then making loads of money. If it was out of ten stars I would give him a 10. More...



30 August 2014

Haven't had my adjustment yet but my massage was supreme! Definitely going back. They were attentive, professional and paid attention to what my needs were. My masseuse obviously had skills beyond her years. I hope she fulfills her dream of becoming a physical therapist. More...


Jade C.

4 August 2014

Now I know why getting a massage and chiropractor is an investment!I had my first professional massage and second chiropractic treatment in my life today and it was FANTASTIC!  Booking my appointment over the phone was a breeze. The receptionist, massage therapist, and chiropractor were all very professional, warm, and great.  I could tell my massage therapist (Ms. Judy) and chiropractor (Dr. Gulick)  were both really passionate and knowledgeable about their field. Judy did a fantastic deep tissue all over body massage (55 minute long) with lotion.  Before we started, She asked me what my concerns were and where I would like to focus. I've been super stressed out lately and had all these knots up on my back and neck area! She was very attentive and gave a very strong massage which I desperately needed!   Since this was my first massage, I was a bit apprehensive but that quickly disappeared as Judy made me very comfortable in my skin.  After my amazing massage, I only waited a few minutes to see the Dr. Gulick for a consultation and chiropractic session.  Dr. Gulick immediately pinpointed the problem areas in my body and showed me using models how it could effect me in the long run. He seemed very knowledgeable and passionate in his work. I could feel the immediate relief from my body from the adjustments. I wasn't nervous at all because he was talking about all sorts of interesting things!  He also gave me some great tips on how to improve my posture.  FYI He also teaches Yoga on the side!  His talking speed is a bit fast so it may seem like he's rushing but it's just because he's very passionate about the subject, and wants to get as much info/value to you as possible. You can always ask him to clarify any point.  Other pluses:+ Great receptionist / service+ REFRESHING ice cold mint/lemon water! (I was very excited about this!)+ Light relaxing music playing in the background+ Massages are done in private rooms You can park on the street ($1 per hour / max 2 hours) or in the back. I used a Groupon but I would definitely come back without one! The prices are very reasonable for returning guests: $39 per hour massage or chiropractic session or $79 for both. More...


Tracy M.

28 July 2014

Bought a groupon and went by there the same day. No problem getting an appointment. Receptionist was very friendly and Tanya,  my masseuse was great.. Definitely going to be a regular.


Kelly C.

2 July 2014

UPDATE:After my last review Guru Chiropractic contacted me and genuinely seemed concerned about my experience, inviting me back to try another masseuse.  I was very grateful for the offer and over the next couple of days set up another appointment.  Again it was a little tricky as they are closed Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays and ultimately I did take off a star just because it would be more convenient to have some weekend availability. That said, my masseuse was much better.  I had Judy and she was kind, attentive, listened to what I needed, and the massage was excellent.  I would absolutely go back again and make sure I had Judy as my therapist.  Staff and front desk were all very responsive and courteous.Disappointed.  First things first, I had a groupon but I was encourage by all the great reviews and thought I would give it a shot.Pro - easy to book.  Con - Not open on weekends or Thursday which is different than i had read online so I had to squeeze this in after hours on a work day.  Not my preference but I figured I could make it work.Pro - easy street parking and friendly receptionist. Con - Truly sub-par massage.  Disappointed by the lack of energy and effort put into the massage and this was obviously the most important part as I've actually been looking for a new masseuse.  I had to ask twice for her to massage harder as it didn't feel like she was doing anything other than rubbing my legs and back with lotion.  I think she was doing as much as she could, it just wasn't very effective.  After my second request she seemed to just lean all her body weight into me as she my massaged my back which just made me feel uncomfortable.  Afterwards, I actually felt a bit worse than before I had gone in.  Overall I was really disappointed and wish I had been assigned a different massage therapist. More...


L C.

1 July 2014

Dr.Rubens is our family chiropractor for the last 12 years. Dr. Rubens is highly professional, his recommendations, if followed produce desired results. Friendly and flexible staff in the office makes it easy to continue going. Various back, feet, knee andshoulder problems were resolved with the help of our doctor. Massage prior to chiro treatments and adjustments is a must, and they provide it flawlessly.We highly recommend Dr. Rubens and GURU Chiropractic. More...


Saya Y.

26 June 2014

I had a great experience. The staff are all quite professional and Judy's massage was amazing and she was also very kind. Dr. Gulick was great, giving many tips and explaining everything thoroughly. They were efficient and I was in and out of my appointment with no delays. More...


Amanda S.

29 May 2014

Just had the best massage of my life here. Ask for Judy, you won't regret it!! That woman has a GIFT for finding & fixing the bad spots that your work/lifestyle create. My husband got a massage at the same time from another masseuse (didn't catch the name) and was equally happy. We practically rolled out of that office, we were so relaxed.Staff was not only professional, but also relaxed and friendly, which I really enjoy. Has a touch of a laidback atmosphere. Like many others, I found this place through LivingSocial, but forgot to use my deal before it expired. Guru still honored the amount I paid for the voucher, and I paid a minimal additional amount (I think it was $10 extra). I love it when experiences are this easy.  My husband's masseuse mentioned something interesting..."People are good about maintaining their cars, but they aren't as good about maintaining their bodies. Your car can be replaced, but your body can't." Amen. Now go get a massage. More...


Justin B.

5 May 2014

I don't really care much for leaving reviews on places, and you tend to hear more people leaving reviews to complain about things versus praise. BUT this group is awesome. I have been to many massage places including the (unnamed) chains I won't mention. This is your best bet. Very professional and courteous staff. It looks like some of the complaints for this place is because of Groupon and LivingSocial or scheduling miscommunication. Whatever the disconnect was there, once you get in, it's phenomenal. Go here. Do it. More...


Evelyn S.

18 April 2014

I went in for a massage and exam today (got a groupon!) and had a pretty good experience. My massage from Judy was great - I was so relaxed I think I fell asleep during the foot massage! Whoops :)Had to wait a bit for to see the chiropractor, but he was very thorough and gave me tips and exercises on how to fix my bad posture. Got my neck and back cracked and immediately felt an improvement. Overall a nice place, although I have to say the office didn't blow me away. They actually had to cancel my first appointment because of lack of staff that day. Small, but comfortable - don't expect a luxury spa and you'll be fine. More...


Jessica V.

19 March 2014

I came here for the $29 groupon. I got such an amazing massage from Judy!!! (I believe that's her name...) I told her my occupation and she already guessed where I carry my stress and gave my neck extra attention. I felt so great after my massage and didn't need the exam even though they offered it. I only docked one star because I could hear the receptionist outside my room at times. I'm definitely going back! More...


M B.

1 January 2014

Dr. Rubens is a miracle worker.  I spent 2 months waiting out a severe shooting electrical pain down my left arm to my finger tips when finally a good friend recommended Dr. Rubens. I hadn't bothered to see anyone as I have no insurance and was skeptical anything short of surgery was going to help. I explained what I was experiencing and he knew right away my symptoms and issues. He began to work my neck and back every week for over a month and worked within my budget. After the first visit the relief I felt was extraordinary. And subsequently each visit gave me more relief until finally I was free and clear of the numbness, electricity and shooting pain as well as be able to look up and move my arm up above my shoulders again. I highly recommend Dr. Rubens and his clinic. I am very grateful of all he did for me.  Having been trained in massage therapy as well makes him in my opinion an extremely capable chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Rubens! More...


Adam S.

5 December 2013

I bought a Groupon for this place because I was experiencing a popping sound in my shoulder when I move it a certain way. I walked in 5 minutes before my scheduled time and filled out a form. Once I filled out the form I didn't have to wait at all... I just walked into the exam room. The first 10 minutes was spent with the doctor who knew exactly what the problem was. He explained a few stretches and exercises on how to correct the problem. The 2nd half of the appointment was a massage from Judy, who was great! I've had massages where the masseuse didn't give you their everything and passed over knots on your back... this was not one of those times. I would highly recommend this place. More...


Christine A.

25 November 2013

Oh my word!!! If you want a deep tissue massage thatll rock your world, ask for Judy! Thank you Groupon for introducing me!!!


Emmanuelle S.

11 November 2013

Back was killing me for months. Finally saw a groupon for a 55 min massage and chiropractic exam. I've never been to a chiropractor so I was a bit hesitant but I strained my back and figured I needed to. From the second I pulled up and found plenty of metered parking through the very end - my experience was incredible. The staff is great. The service is prompt. The massage was amazing, as was the exam. Making an appointment was also so easy. Usually with groupons it takes a month to finally make an apt. Not here! It takes a LOT for me to become a repeat customer somewhere - well this is now my new back guru!!! More...


Carissa C.

16 October 2013

My fiancé and I  had bought groupons for 55min massages and adjustments at this establishment a few months ago. This afternoon we went in to redeem them, the location was easy to find and there was paid parking in front, although we did not notice the fees sign until we were leaving. Luckily we did not get ticketed! We went in and filled out a few forms, had some water and both were taken back immediately! Which was nice, since when I scheduled our appts. they were booked and we were not going to be able to be seen at the same time. Doctor Gulick was actually my masseuse today which I was fine with, considering he is a doctor with more knowledge and experience. I was very relaxed and refreshed after the hour was finished! My squeeze said that he had enjoyed his as well! We followed up with a 5-10 min wait in the lobby to see Dr. Gulick again for the adjustments. He is very attentive and thorough! Staff is nice and friendly. It was wonderful and we look forward to future visits! More...


Giovanni B.

2 August 2013

Great staff, great place, but the best, great results. Coincidentally found a great deal on groupon after have been with an awful lower back pain during two weeks, having to limp to walk. I made my appointment with no problems, that was good too, especially after all people  probably getting the same good deal.I got the massage, focused in areas where I needed more attention, shoulders, lower back, etc.Time with Dr. Laurent was incredible, he explained the reasons I was having the pain and worked on that, after the alignment. Usually, every time I visited a doctor, I spent more time with nurses or assistants, but at Guru was the opposite. Dr. Laurent taught me stretching exercises and really good recommendations that I've been following. When I wrote them back to say thanks for his help and commented to him that I was having another pain, he called me immediately, inviting to come back, so, I did it, he was nice and was very concerned. I had a different therapy with another great masseuse too and I'm feeling really good. Definitely I'll be back and I recommend this clinic, just be free to ask all your questions and I'm pretty he will answer them. More...


Meghan M.

29 July 2013

I had a very pleasant experience.  I went to Guru because I had a Groupon.  At first, I was a little put off because they double booked my appointment, so I had a bit of a long wait (I should add, however, that I got an appointment for the day after I first called, which was impressive).  To make up for the wait, Dr. Rubens offered me a free adjustment, which was great.  I was expecting the folks at Guru to be really pushy because I had a Groupon (I had used a Groupon at a similar place before and I was told I should come back twice a week at $50 a pop - no thanks), but both Dr. Rubens and the masseuse were not pushy at all and just gave me helpful advice for stretches and other things I could do at home to improve my posture.  I see that they also offer returning customers $39 massages, and $59 for a massage and adjustment, which is very reasonable.  I will be going back. More...


Nesha B.

2 July 2013

I've had massages before however i enjoyed this visit here because i was able to get a lot of information regarding my posture and why my back aches a lot and why i get headaches caused by the mass of tension i have built up in my lower back and shoulders. I also appreciated how the doctor made suggestions and even gave me some stretches to help my back he was sincere and honest we was not trying to sell me anything he also made some great suggestions for my back since I've recently became a runner and I just started doing the stretches he recommended and will see if they workout for me i see myself coming here again for regular massages. More...


Ronnie L.

26 June 2013

I've never had a professional massage. I went to Guru with a Groupon for a 55-min massage and chiropractic evaluation. My massage was pretty great and at LEAST 55 min, I think it might have been a bit longer than that. My chiropractic evaluation with Dr. Ruben's was pretty low stress too. I was anxious about them trying to sell me things and schedule me another time. Instead, I was asked in the beginning if I even wanted an evaluation. He proceeded to give me advice on stretches for running and how to have better posture. He was positive without making me feel like an idiot. And they didn't try to sell me stuff as I walked out the door.- Lety (pronounced Let-ee) was a great masseuse. She was professional, but friendly. She really respected my comfort level.-Only negative, playing somewhat romantic music while getting a massage. There are plenty of soothing songs someone can play without it creating a romantic atmosphere. More...


Anna G.

18 June 2013

I got a groupon deal for $29 that included a 55 minute massage and chiropractic exam. I had a great experience and will return again soon. Plenty of street parking in the area which is always a plus. The staff was all very pleasant and prompt. My massage was great and so was my exam. I highly recommend guru! The place is a little bit shabby but it doesn't get in the way of a relaxing experience. It was all very clean. More...


Eileen F.

12 June 2013

Low Cost and The messages feel good. They help me get rid of headaches and they are relatively available as far as appointments are concerned. They have been on groupon a few times so check their for deals!You can walk in or make an appointment. They offer massages and Chiropractic services. More...



10 June 2013

Friendly staff and doctor, had a great massage and adjustment/consultation. Will come back when necessary!


Chucheng H.

25 April 2013

Dr Rubens sent me an email right after I wrote previous review, and I can feel that he is very sorry about my bad experience and he even offered me a free massage. However, I chose not to take his offer for many consideration, mostly moral ones. After all, I don't want to (feel)  "owe" anyone for taking a free stuff, no matter it is free service of free food, especially I can afford it.Anyway about six months later, I happened to need a massage to help me relax. I came back again, mostly because I want to see whether I should blame the bad experience to groupon deal. So this time I choose to pay in full. I called at 2PM and try to schedule a 5PM, they scheduled my appointment and at the end of call the lady asked my groupon number... what? Do they still run groupon deal? I told her hat I have no groupon and she told me the 1 hour massage is $39. I  don't want to be biased in writing review so I choose not to disclose the fact I can get a free one. Bottom line, I think if I enjoy a better service because I wrote reviews, it's a shame. I just booked and walked in as a nobody, and I'm expecting to see what is coming.$39 for one hour massage is very very reasonable price. I was expecting around $50. So I just book two hours because I really need a massage on my back. It turns out that I enjoy about 100 minutes massage for $78 dollars, which is quite a bargain. The quality of massage is overall much better than I could remember about last time. I can feel that my specialist did her best to help me. After the treatment I'm overall satisfied.Let's face it... $39 an hour is not a steal, but it's a good deal. I won't say their skill is the best I had, but definitely a decent one. I did enjoy some better one for 50% more expensive, but give $39, I will say it worth every penny. They are on-time and everything seems to be good.Should there's one thing I would say to whoever read this review... is to better communicate in a way that $39 is for 50 minutes massage, not 1 hour. It's understandable that 5 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for dress up. Well, I know I'm a bit nit-picking now.If price is a concern to you, I would recommend this place mostly because you get what you need in a reasonable cost. From my own perspective, I would say simply stop that stupid groupon ads and focus on customer retention.  Having some customer loyalty deal or simply let customers spread the words over facebook/yelp/twitter. Let's face it. When I know some other people pay 50% because of groupon, and as a customer I pay full. It just make people who pay in full think themself stupid. More...


Anthony K.

10 April 2013

I only go here for the massages and only see one masseuse, LETI. Been going to place for just over a a year and I have been to other places when I saw a good Groupon or Living Social Deal, but she is the best I have had. i tried one of her co-workers for massage and was left sore. From now on, will only see her when I need a massage. Don't let her small size fool you she can put in work on your back and legs. I've been to her six times and leave very relaxed. The places is kept very well and quiet so you can relax. They seem to always be running a special of $39/hr massage. Get it and specifically request Lety. More...


Renee M.

1 April 2013

It took a while for the Doctor to send me my medical records and it really stressed me out...I did not like one of the massage therapists, as she related very personal depressing life events to me that put me in more stress than I was already in. The staff was rude because I wanted to come in when the office was open on the afternoon of Black Friday...If you don't want to work on black friday that is NOT my problem......It seems the staff has more say and more control than the people who pay the bills...The Chiropractors and their patients...I know a lot of professional massage therapists and office staff that would love to replace them in this economy.I think this office would do better if the doctors hired more professional staff...because of my evaluation and treatment of the staff I can't give 5 stars, but can give 4 as my needs were eventually met.....If you were in a car accident it might be wise to go elsewhere, however if you are in need of an adjustment  and you only care about the professionalism of the chiropractor and his good work, then this might be the place for you.If I did not care about people and their well being I would not have posted this review. More...


marc l.

15 March 2013

I was very impressed. I bought the groupon and thought they did an excellent job. Dr. Rubens was kind, and knowledgeable and spent a great deal of time with me. Because he has a massage therapy background in addition to being a doctor, he helped loosen me up.He also showed me stretches to help my body. More...


M L.

3 March 2013

The massage is good, and I really like the doctor, Dr William Gulick. He is very informative and professional.


Michael C.

30 January 2013

I coughed really hard and hurt my back to the point where it was hard to walk, put on clothes, sleep, bend over, etc. Massage was okay. But when he came and cracked my lower back, it almost instantly took away 90% of the pain. Cost me $79 first visit. Second visit he said would cost me $65 More...


E N.

11 January 2013

So finally went in to claim my chiropractic exam and free adjustment that Dr. Rubens had offered me for the inconvenience.  He's a great guy, very friendly, and makes you feel comfortable.  Exam was pretty quick and he provided some useful information.  I walked out the door feeling less stressed and at ease thanks to the adjustment. Location is good, easy to find and there's always street parking available when I come.  Thanks! More...


Jennifer B.

10 January 2013

I bought a Groupon for a 55-minute customized massage with posture evaluation, chiropractic consult, and exam.  This is my second experience with a chiropractor (the first was another Groupon deal I had bought a couple months ago).  The office was not as high tech as the one I had been to previously but Dr Rubens was kind and  knowledgeable and pointed out a couple of things that the other doctor hadn't told me about my spine.  He does seem to genuinely care about your well-being, he even gave me an adjustment even though that wasn't part of the Groupon I had bought!  The massage with Tonya was amazing.  Again, I've had limited experience but I've never had anyone get into all the nooks and crannies like she did. More...


Lacey W.

9 January 2013

Just bought the Groupon for the 60-min massage and adjustment. Tonya is an excellent massage therapist and I have to say.. I'm impressed by the impact of an adjustment. This was my first and I'm completely sold. More...


Kaitlyn Y.

20 December 2012

im hooked! tanya is awesome!


J.L. L.

8 December 2012

Tanya gives the best massages anywhere.  Really gets into every nook and cranny and takes out all the knots.Everyone in this office is super friendly too!


Abbas E.

21 November 2012

This Chiropractic office is very professional and the service is excellent. I am very happy to chose this place.


wendy f.

20 November 2012

I don't know why there are reviews below five stars for this place because the service I received today was superb. I woke up with severe neck and back pain and went on Google, typed "best chiropractor in Culver City" and no kidding Guru Chiropractic came up. I called and they squeezed me in the same day. Tonya, a Physical Therapist took her time with the massage. It was so relaxing! Not too many masseuses out there like her. I highly recommend her and if you do get her be nice and do tip. Dr. Rubens is nice and professional. I would also like to add that the water they serve in the front with lemons is a nice and refreshing treat prior to going in. I have a tight back and neck so I'm looking forward to plenty of more visits. Miracles don't happen on the first visit so keep that in mind people. Anyways, happy holidays! More...


April Z.

10 October 2012

I am a student with IS major so I sit in front of computer all day and type a lot. So I got tons of knots on my back and arms and it was killing me. I got a $29 voucher(chiro exam + massage) from life booker and decided to give this place a shot. I was surprised by how much time (Almost 2 hours) and efforts they spent on me giving the fact that I only paid $29. The message was great and doctor Ruben was friendly and professional. I got message and chiro exam at different places and I usually walked out and never went back. Guru is an exception for me. I immediately decide to give them my insurance information.After 4 treatments, my energy level is up and I won't fall asleep in the afternoon without coffee. Doctor Ruben really know what he is doing! Highly recommend this place! More...


Chantal G.

19 September 2012

I went here after I bought a Groupon-deal; massage and exam for $29. My experience is a lot better than described below!Setting up an appointment was a lot easier than expected; usually places are full the first weeks after a deal. I called in one or two days after I bought it and was able to get an appointment the next business day. The lady told me the doctor would be out of the office for a few days so I could only do the massage, therefore I chose another day.I arrived about 5 minutes early and after filling in the forms I was immediately up for my massage. I don't know the name of my masseuse but I appreciate the fact that she did not chit chat so I could fully enjoy the massage. It felt great but not painful; just how I like my massages.After I got dressed I was up for my exam. The doctor was very helpful in explaining everything and gave a lot of information. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I can't compare. He went over my general health and then checked my posture and whether everything was straight. He then gave me a free adjustment and some tips for exercises!I had a lunch appointment afterwards for which I was about 5 minutes late - which indicates that the whole procedure took exactly as long as I expected. More...


Alexandra G.

11 September 2012

These guys were super great. Dr. Rubens really knows what he's doing, and my masseuse was excellent as well.


Angela J.

3 July 2012

Tonya!!! was the best massage therapist I've had in a long time, she is not afraid to touch and HEAL you.  I walked out lighter and smiling.  She is amazing!!!  Dr. Ruben, a smile and a touch removed the tight shoulders.  The cool thing was he wasn't running to adjust my body just for the sake of adjusting.  He told me the things I need to do on my own and relieved the tightness I was caring in my shoulders. This is NOT your DAY SPA!  This is the REAL THING -- it's about healing. More...


Bryan La Rock

27 May 2012

I was very happy with my visit. Dr. Rubens gave a very effective adjustment that left me feeling significantly better after my visit. All the staff were nice and made me feel at home. Plus, I got a great massage. Thank you! More...


Marisa G.

16 May 2012

I am usually someone that really cares about ambiance, i like a certain estheitic when getting massages, facials or the like.  That being said Guru is not exactly my style normally, HOWEVER, I had one of the best massages of my life here and an incredible adjustment, so who cares about esthetics when it really comes down to it. The massage was really intense in a good way, it seemed like the person working on me (Monica I believe) actually cared about where my tension was and seriously worked out my knots. Then I met with the Chiropractor who like everyone else said actually seemed to be completly passionate about his field.  He told me I had to stop cracking my own neck and back and told me why it was so bad for me.  As a dancer I have always been able to crack myself, did it daily and I thought it was a good thing! It turns out it isn't and I should only be letting a professional do. I am going back again a week later and am really excited about my second appointment. They are very affordable and everyone that works that has been lovely to deal with. Highly recommend this place. More...


Lisa T.

9 May 2012

I really wanted to keep this a secret, but sharing is caring and I think Dennis would appreciate this.Dennis is Guru Chiropractic's secret weapon/hidden gem, WHATEVER you want to call it, because after having Dennis work on me, I will go nowhere else. No more Swedish massages at a high-end day spa where they just rub lotion on me for an hour, no more ignorant masseuses who can't recognize problem areas, and no more paying ridiculous amounts of money to get a quality massage!!!Any massage will usually make you feel better (speaking from experience), but Dennis not only will make you feel better, but he will try everything in his power to FIX YOU and your problem areas so you don't have to rely on massage therapy for the rest of your life. He'll say things like, "When your hamstrings are tight, then that's causing your lower back to ache." Don't quote me! My point is that he knows human anatomy, and I trust him when he says that my jaws are tight/tense and I'm holding on to a lot of physical and emotional stress. I usually only have my forearms, neck, and shoulders worked on, but he found out that I had a tingly sensation in my fingers, he asked which fingers, and he knew the root of the problem (something about a nerve that's under your armpit? Sorry, I'm no human anatomy expert).He gives a mind-blowing deep tissue massage. If you can't hang, don't waste his time. More...


Todd T.

27 April 2012

Great Deal on Chiropractic services and Massage.  It's a nice to get the massage with your adjustment.  Very professional and doen't break the bank.


Matthew R.

18 April 2012

This place is the best! Out of all the places I've visited, Tonya gave the BEST massage I've had yet! WOW! I *still* feel good, even days later! Dr.Gulick/Rubens was very friendly and helpful. I felt very reassured as he thoroughly explained everything to me-one scientific term @ a time, lol. Their prices are good too. Only gripe, like others stated, is the decor (but nothing a little 'paint & pictures' can't fix, right?). That aside, they definitely have a repeat customer in me! Btw, I really appreciated the level of professionalism they exhibited when they had an "overflow" of customers one time with an online deal. Thx Guru & see y'all again soon! More...


Chuck L.

21 March 2012

I had been skeptical of chiropractors from what I've heard before. Now those notions are dispelled - Dr. Rubens is the kindest, most caring and helpful health practitioner I have met! I fell on my tailbone and was nearly crippled.. He took the time to explain my anatomy and used really good techniques to heal that area as well as readjust my back and neck. I will go back to Dr. Ruben for all my chiro needs going forward! More...


Ange M.

16 March 2012

I want to recommend one of the Massage Therapists, Monica - She was excellent - friendly and professional, didn't talk during the massage, listened to my requests, used the exact level of pressure I asked, and, overall,  she made me feel much better!


Adrienne M.

2 March 2012

i bought a deal from kgbdeals.com and got a massage and chiro exam. i've been getting massage for many years so i'm familiar. however, this was my first chiro exam. i wasn't sure what to expect. Dr. Rubens did the chiro exam and also an adjustment. he only confirmed what i knew about my posture, but he also did my first adjustment... aaaaah.... it was great! that was followed by an awesome massage by Letty. i always have a lot of tension in my neck. she was able to work out those kinks along with lower back stress. i will definitely be going back again. even though i got an online deal, i believe their regular prices are really reasonable and comparable to other massage places that don't have a chiropractor. highly recommend!! More...


Rob K.

22 February 2012

Went  back to Guru last week for shoulder pain Dr Rubens took care me I highly recommend him.


Samantha M.

12 February 2012

I'm from a small town in Texas, and Guru Chiropractic is one of those LA gems that manages to make me feel like I'm at home again. When I come in, I don't feel as though I'm just another client, I know that my personal well-being is first priority. The best part about Guru Chiropractic is that Dr. Reubens likes to prelude adjustments with massages. I mean, really, what more can a girl wish for? Tanya is my favorite masseuse because her pressure and intensity is just right. Her massages are deep, but not so deep that I have to hold my breath and bite my finger to get through it.As for Dr. Reubens, he has a distinct passion for his profession that is obvious from the moment you have your first session. He alters his adjustments/massages according to your week/workout/symptoms/ect. The phone system is not the most reliable, however. Before making my first appointment, I had to call quite a few times before getting an answer. It's hit and miss with accuracy, but don't let that discourage you. Once you get in, you can reschedule after each appointment and skip the phones altogether. More...


Samantha D.

31 January 2012

After visiting Guru, I wrote my yelp review and was then contact by Dr. Rubens.  He was very sorry to hear that my experience was less than great.  He personally arranged for me to come in and have another massage, on the house, to see if I would have a great second impression.  You win Dr!  Last Sunday morning, I went in and worked with a therapist named Dennis.  We had a great consultation before beginning, and great communication throughout the massage session.  He was super attentive, and gave me tricks I could do to help me relax throughout the day.  He was also VERY strong!  And as someone who doesn't like a light massage, this was heaven!  I never felt like he was clock watching, or rushing though sections, just consistently great from start to finish.  To know that there are well trained massage therapist right in my neighborhood is very exciting!  I will be going back! More...


Kristen H.

12 January 2012

This place is truly a gem!I got a one hour massage and chiro exam for $25 off of lifebooker.com and my first thought was that they were going to half ass everything due the cheap deal but i was definitely proved wrong!! My massage was amazing, better then even some spa massages i have received in the past that i paid an arm and an leg for. I was very comfortable and relaxed during the whole thing! My chiro exam was very good as well! The chiropractor was such a sweetheart! He made sure i was very comfortable and was very upfront about his history and experience! I definitely plan on coming back here!Oh yeah, and the mint, lemon water is FABULOUS ;) More...


Kb k.

6 January 2012

i bought the living social deal for a massage and chiro exam because i love massages (who doesn't) and have been having some tweaky stuff in my lower back along the waistline.  after reading the reviews, and quite frankly making my appointment with the sweet but unprofessional receptionist, i wasn't too excited about using it.  i'm so glad i went anyway!  the reviews are right about the ambiance: it's lacking.  but let's just be clear - when you're face-down on a massage table, do you care?  ok, so the music is pretty loud (and what the heck is muzak doing to "light my fire / blue monday" ) but overall, it's a simple, non-swanky joint in culver city. if it were a bar, you could order a jack and coke and not be ripped off AND not have to deal with "trendy lurkers" ... just don't ask for a hoity-toity "red"i did have to wait about 30 minutes because i was supposed to see the doc first.  finally miss sweet but unprofessional (and cute in person, but still) suggested i see the massage therapist first.  lettie (letty, leti, don't know) was amazing.  i mentioned my problem and she had a few theories, then asked if i wanted to have a whole body massage or concentrate on the back.  i said the back, and she went right to work.  and i mean deeeeepppp work.  she also mentioned specific muscles that i seemed to be holding tension in other than my waistline.  i love that in a masseuse! tell me what's wrong so i can be aware of it and say, not hunch, or not hold tension, or whatever. cause sometimes we're so used to our tension that we no longer recognize it as tension.yes, i was sore afterwards.  in a wonderful way.  then i saw the doc, laurent rubens.  just like another reviewer said, he was so gracious!  said i was lopsided (yeah, i figured that...) but most people are.  adjusted me and said i would be fixed for as long as *I* wanted to be... meaning... *I* was responsible for doing the exercises that he showed me and paying closer attention to my posture.  he even said that there was no "real reason" to come back in unless something drastically changed.  chiropractic couldn't necessarily help me.  i didn't get sold a bill of goods, like some chiros try to.the guy is a gem.  so nice.  also a gentle chiro... he paid attention to my tenseness (hey, first time to see a bone cracker is always a little nerve-wracking) and DIDN'T push to get a crack.  he just said "well, that side doesn't want to be pushed today" and did another tactic.  i wish they weren't so far from home, though i do go to that area of town some and will be back.  and i have friends nearby that i'm specifically going to recommend them to.  yep.  that good and nice.  just don't expect much to see... :) More...


Beth G.

1 December 2011

Used a Lifebooker voucher on a rainy weekend night.They were nice to call me the day before (although it was a bit hard booking a weekend apt), and I was taken pretty much on time, even though they were totally booked.The receptionist was very nice, and Dr. Rubens was great! He was real easy to talk with, and seemed to sincerely want to help people feel better. He was able to tell so much about my condition, lifestyle and fitness level just by having me stand up! This was my first time at a Chiropractor, and I felt very safe and comfortable.The massage was GREAT! Very deep tissue, my deepest yet! And the masseuse (I think her name started with a Y; a blond lady) was amazing! Very sweet and knew her stuff! This is a great place and I highly recommend it! More...


Jessica X.

14 November 2011

Wow! Yesterday I left Guru feeling like a new person. This morning I woke up feeling like an even newer person! Whatever Dr. Rubens did to my back was something that should have been done 10 years ago. Nonetheless, today I am walking with different energy today and so grateful! The massage therapist--I was debating on asking her to marry me, but I figured a question like that while someone is rubbing you naked in a dark, relaxing room is probably somewhat inappropriate. Will be back! More...


Stephanie H.

4 November 2011

I bought a Living Social voucher for a chiro evaluation and a massage that I got a couple of months ago; apparently they have now lowered their price to the coupon rate, $39 for a $50 massage. Their website says differently, but I just called to make another appointment.The evaluation was helpful, the doctor (whose name I'm forgetting) gave me a couple of suggestions for daily exercises to loosen my upper back muscles, but didn't give me any kind of hard sell whatsoever, which I appreciated. Dennis, the masseur, gets 5 stars. He has an incredible skill/talent for finding the sorest spots and working through them in a very theraputic way -- it's not really so relaxing, but the theraputic approach was exactly what I wanted. He's really personable, and so knowlegeable about how the muscles work together, and he will totally lighten the pressure upon request--he's communicative without being too talkative. Best massage I've had in a very long time! More...


J. L.

28 October 2011

Look no further...Dr. Rubens is a kind, effective chiropractor. I received a massage today from Tonya...If you like deep tissue massages, she's the gal! Many thanks to Dr. Rubens and the staff...I look forward to my next visit. More...


Nicole N.

12 October 2011

I've had a lot of massages, but hands down this was the best I have ever had!! I forget her name but it was done by a taller African American woman, I also paid a little extra to get my back realigned by the doctor. So so worth every penny, I slept like a baby after. Definitely coming back :) More...


Kim M.

21 September 2011

Went for a massage deal that I got through Lifebooker and could not have left more satisfied. The massage was perfect for working out my terribly sore back and was extremely relaxing. He was in tune to my pressure needs during the massage. I felt comfortable and safe with the masseuse. I also got a complimentary chiropractic exam with this deal in which Dr. Gulick aligned my vertabrae which was more needed than I even knew! Thanks Guru!! More...


Carmen W.

24 August 2011

I had posted a very quick review of yesterdays visit, not finishing it entirely because I got busy, but planning on picking up where I left off...I'll leave it as is now without completely finishing my scathing review of the massage therapist because, within hours, I received the following from Dr. Ruben: "Hi Carmen,It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.I truly appreciate your review and I really apologize for the massage. I feel horrible and that is totally unacceptable. We definitely  do not condone this kind of work ethic from our therapist. Please allow me to make it up to you (I omitted this portion). This mishap and unprofessional-ism should have never occurred. Please let me know when you want to come in and I will make it happen. My contact info is xxxxxxxxxx@aol.com or you may reach me on the office # (888)948-7899, extension 2.Thank you for your time and again my sincere apologiesDr. Rubens"I have to say I'm genuinely impressed with the promptness and sincerity of Dr. Rubens response to my review. I will definitely be referring to his office in the future. I appreciate his professionalism and desire to right what one of his staff unfortunately slipped up on. My original post: Dr. Rubens alone is worth 5 stars. Unfortunately, his massage therapist, at best, is worth 2. Dr. Rubens was exceptionally personable, explaining the how and why of procedures,  and more than willing to answer any questions. His manipulations were incredibly gentle, but omg effective! In talking to him I could tell he's all about helping people heal, and not at all about trying to accumulate uncountable wealth. He's definitely someone I'll be seeing a few times a year. His massage therapist was incredibly unprofessional. Not only did she talk during most of her session, but she spoke of other clients and their sexual conquests, as well as mentioning tip amounts. More...


Lara B.

9 August 2011

I came here for a chiropractor visit with Dr. Ruben and a 50 minute massage. I was incredibly impressed with Dr. Ruben. He was very friendly and knowledgable. He immediately identified my trouble spots and helped me figure out ways to improve on my own. He also did an adjustment. It was my first time getting one and it was amazing. I get migraines and this really helped. I immediately felt relief from all the tension in my shoulders. I also got a 50 minute massage from Tanya which was also really great. I am surprised by the one star review. Not only was the massage well over fifty minutes but it was also easily the best one I have had. My bf had Desiree and he was also really happy with her.  It was very relaxing and since I stand up at work for 8 hour shifts this was much needed. Overall I was very impressed by the office, the staff, and the doctor. More...


Suzane C.

29 July 2011

LIFESAVER!! Beyond JuicyBest Chiropractor in town!! Look no further!I've always had bad back and shoulder pains ever since I was young. And now my pain has continued to my neck to the point where I felt dizzy and had a really hard time functioning throughout the day. There were times I would need to take advil to ease the pain temporarily. I thought I was beginning to have the early symptoms of vertigo. I worked out and did yoga only to make matters worse and I felt light headed during the exercises. That was the start and the end of my misery after I found Dr. Gulick who pretty much saved my life and my mom's.I came here for a coupon on kgb deals for a back massage that is similar to like a physical therapy massage. The massages are good if you really have pain, they work out each and every vertebrae to really get in the problem. Before I got my massage, Dr. Gulick also gave me a free consultation on what brings me in. He is a chriopractor so he made some adjustments on my back that really needed adjusting for a long time. I had my massage afterwards and it was a great massage. However, since my problem has gotten worse, any kind of massages I get is very temporary. Even though this place was great with massages, my case was a little more severe and needed Dr. Gulick to really start helping with my neck and back to release the stiffness and tension. I decided to give him a try and came back for a real chiropractic session. I would say this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I've been to so many chiropractors, acupuncture, and massage places and I have never found anyone like Dr. Gulick. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced chiropractors that really makes a lot of changes in people's lives everyday. He is so professional and gentle and sincere at the same time. He has definitely improved my posture and I don't feel dizzy anymore after a few sessions with him. I felt 100% better in the first session that I decided to bring my mom who also has a lot of back pains. He has worked miracles on my mom as well who has a fracture on her back. It takes time in my case and my mom's case, but every other day I went to see him, I felt better everytime and he pretty much saved my life and my mom's. You won't regret coming in here, I say try the consultation and I know if you are having problems he will also save you. He mixes chiropractic, physical therapy, and yoga excellently together. This is exactly what I needed and he made all 3 forces work beautifully to make miracles happen.He definitely is a guru in my books. You won't be disappointed. My mom loves him and she's done it all and he's the only one who's been able to really find out what her problems are and are making changes in her life. So if you need the help I needed or just to prevent yourself from getting as far I did. Definitely try coming to this office. I can vouch that they too will save your life. They take insurance and charge very reasonable cash prices that are a lot lower than almost all places. The guru name was partially created with both Dr. Gulick and Dr. Rubens first 2 letters of their name, their business partners. Based on the other reviews Dr. Rubens has also helped another patient. Which just shows that whichever doctor you get, you will be in good hands. I'm just glad I found honest doctors who know what they're doing and do it well. More...


Erin B.

22 July 2011

This place is a gem. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Rubens and Dennis. The adjustment and massage were exactly what I needed.  They were super friendly, personable and most importantly,  very effective. It was one of the deepest and best massages I've had in a long while...and the adjustment has me feeling like my head is finally on straight. THANK YOU A MILLION!!! More...


Sav K.

18 June 2011

I really want to give them 6 stars!I've been living in LA for 3 years now and I don't think any business I came to deal with deserves 5 stars for customer service except GuRu Chiropractic.I came in maybe 10min late and I see Dr Rubens behind the reception desk, all nice and smiley, such a nice guy overall. Asked me where  parked worrying I may get a ticket. Gave me some good pointers about my neck problems. Definatelly the guy knows what he's talking about.And then I had the best back massage ever! I like it strong and this massage wasn't really strong but I was still impressed. I had many many massages done all over the world and this lady (sorry, forgot the name) still managed to suprise me with strokes I've never experienced before!I wish they lowered the prices for the massages :( I'd be there every month! More...


S B.

13 June 2011

I feel GREAT! I went in, got adjusted and had a total rub down that left me feeling better than ever. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone! I love it!


Alan B.

6 March 2011

This is the kind of an Office that you immediately feel at home. Their professionalism and ther great bedside manner make you feel completely at ease. Doctor Ruben gives you the confidence that your pain will be dealt with, and you will have a speedy recovery. I recommend them wholeheartedly! More...


veronique h.

4 March 2011

This is a place that i recommend to all of my friends. Doctor Ruben and his team are fantastic, they are very gentle and knowledgeable. Doctor Rubens is very trustworthy as well and nowdays it is very difficult to find a chiropractor that you trust specially when you do some adjustments!!!!i give this place a thumb's up!!!!!!!!!!!! More...

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