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Business and Finance Services (B&F Services) offers a wide range of entrepreneurial services under one roof to corporate clients and small businesses since 2005. Our services and solutions range from choosing the right platform for the business, having right finance and marketing strategy, through to Business expansion.



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I love to put myself in new challenges, and my job allows me to do this as much as I can!

I started freelancing because I wanted to use what I'd learned (and loved) when I was a senior at university. I was employed after graduation and have worked with the same company so far. But I never lost interest in freelancing, as you can find different areas of your interest. My job offers me a lot of what I love to do, but some are left out as they're not required in my position. I still have the knowledge from those areas, I still have the experience, and I still love it. I want to put all of them to good use instead of letting them slip into oblivion.

I have extensive knowledge of PHP Frameworks such as Zend and Laravel, or if you are looking for a CMS integration with Drupal or Wordpress - when it comes to PHP, I've got it covered!I've got an excellent knowledge of how to interact with RESTful APIs and formats (JSON, XML) and have proficient understanding of code versioning tools.
The reason why I use Peopleperhour is its wide range of projects it covers and its broad network!