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Julian M. Ramirez

4 December 2018

I am deeply indebted to the life coaching Joanne has given me over the years. Her teachings helped me to complete my undergraduate degree at UCLA and to go on and complete my graduate degree at Columbia University.


Diana Esparza

4 December 2018

Joanne has been my college/career counselor and mentor for over 10 years. Thanks in LARGE part to Joanne, I, a Latina who came from a single parent low income household, now hold a bachelor's (with honors) and master's degree from UCLA. As the first person in my family to graduate college, being at a university was a world I knew nothing about. Joanne was there for me though from day 1, helping me navigate all aspect of college life from selecting my courses to becoming comfortable with approaching faculty. Joanne would help me identify research opportunities, encourage me to apply for them and review my applications. As a result, I would actually get accepted to research programs. Perhaps one of the most important lessons I have learned from Joanne is balancing family expectation. She taught me to understand and address conflicts between my life as a student and cultural expectations from my family. Even though I am now a successful working professional, I still turn to Joanne for counseling and coaching. To further stress how amazing Joanne is, she has been my sister's counselor and mentor for 4 years now. My sister will be graduating from UCLA this June. More...


Nancy Giang

4 December 2018

Joanne has been an invaluable resource and pillar of support in my life! She helped me through my undergraduate years at UCLA and also gave me great advice after I finished my BA. Joanne encouraged me to continue to graduate school and I now have my Master's as well.

As a mentor, Joanne is caring and insightful. She makes every effort to connect your interests to a fulfilling path, whether academic or professional (or both)!


Beryl Liebowitz

4 December 2018

Joanne has unparalleled experience in education and is an amazing mentor. I am so lucky I was able to go through my bachelor's and now medical school with her support. Every student and family needs a great coach with resources and fresh ideas to help them navigate the trenches of higher education-- this is Joanne's specialty and I can't recommend her enough! More...

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