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Nicki Thompson

18 May 2019

Want to start training but are not motivated or not sure where to start OR you just want an intense group training class then this is an excellent gym for well thought out group training classes and personalized training in a semi-private environment.


Amy Rocco

6 February 2019

As a new member at Beyond Physical I have to say that all the trainers are highly qualified and give amazing group trainings, it’s a fun hard working atmosphere everytime and if you have any weakness they respect that and let you go at your own pace without making you feel like an oddball. I am hooked!!


Debbie B-F

6 February 2019

I've always been the "work-out at home" type trying the at home videos on and off. I was never able to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle because of work and other excuses. Now with Beyond Physical, I am living the healthy lifestyle I always wanted. Clean eating, great workouts that change and challenge your body. What's great about them is that it's not about the number on the scale but really how you feel in your body. Thanks to the amazing coaches, I'm continuing with them for ANOTHER 6 week challenge. So if you're thinking of trying something new and that WORKS, come to beyond physical! ��� More...


Sandra Leblanc

6 February 2019

Beyond Physical has changed my in ways beyond belief!!
I have don't and do's since joining.
No more headaches
No more stomach issues
No more swelling and bloating
No more tiredness

I DO have more energy
I DO feel fnatastic everyday
I DO sleep better
I DO love to exercise
I DO love to eat healthy

My kids have also adopted the new way of eating and everyone is benefitting from it.

Thank you to all the coaches for inspiring us and motivating us to push ourselves to beyond our reach!!! Come join us and see what it's all about!!

This review is on behalf of Sonia Greco


Vanessa Mantegna

6 February 2019

This place is beyond your typical gym. This is a place where you are valued as a person and the patrons take the time to take care of your needs.

Workouts are amazing and fun; the best part is when you leave, you know you actually worked your butt off and you deserve all the great changes to your body and health!

I joined with my husband and we are addicted to metabolic training! I have done the 6 week challenges twice and lost 14 pounds so far.

Keep up the great work guys!


Louise Rapa

6 February 2019

What can I say I came with an open mind saying I can do this how hard can it be well at 6 weeks almost to a finish i have to admit that the word challenge is what it is but in the end is all worth it people,staff, environment as a hole is great energy and positivity is what is her and thats y iam going for another challenge ty


Melissa Alexis

26 November 2018

Love this gym. A very supportive team. Regardless of your fitness level.


lo barolo

27 October 2018

A great place to train in HIIT training...many different Great classes to choose from...


Jordan Johnston

29 July 2018

Great staff. Fun atmosphere. I recommend it ☺


alejandro de lazaro munoz

29 July 2018

Amazing gym, amazing staff. I have had the best results in this place with their menus and trainings .... They have changed my life!!! It's a must try.


Sonia Busnardo

25 May 2018

Great gym with great instructors! Love It!


Carolynn Bain

25 May 2018

Great gym! Worth every penny!


Dany Perin

25 May 2018

clean, great instructors, awesome personnel, super nice owners


susie boileau

25 May 2018

I just love training to beyond physical. staff and coaches are amazing. they challenge us to push harder and get really good results


A Prescious

25 May 2017

fantastic motivating coaches, great ambiance, it has a different feel than your local gym.

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