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Alisha Hill

This is by far the most fun, convenient, Hassle free gym in Memphis, TN. Where they care about YOU, not your wallet!!! Stop by... U WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!����� More...


Justin Dusang

Great layout for a balanced workout, convenient hours, and cheap. Definitely a great place.


Janel Goods

You will get the results fast if you follow the eating plan and working with your trainer.


Tamara Parrish

Excellent staff, very friendly, and quiet no fuss over anything to workout. I feel right at home!


Andrea Suels

The team and trainers are excellent! Very dedicated and professionals.


Molly Duchemin

Knowledgeable and devoted trainers that care!


Dustin Carpenter

Best place to take you straight to your goals!!! BK and his team are the best trainers in Memphis!!! I’m proof!!!


Tierney Elisee

Great facility! Nice, Clean, had all the equipment I wanted and more. Awesome trainers!


Robert Conklin

Have a awesome group of trainers and all the members are so fun to be around… I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Mervyn D. Goods

I’m living proof that if you follow what your trainer ask you, then you can just watch the weight fall off. I’m been working out with BK since October 9, 2017 I weighed 242lbs & now I’m down to 220lbs in just 3 months & lost 3 inches in my waist. Follow what they tell you & Get the results. I Feel Great 👍 More...


Jennifer Blasingame Brown

Been training at BLT since April 2, 2018.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this gym and the trainers. Great equipment and facility. ALL fitness levels welcome but you need to be committed to achieving your goals! They will keep you on track and offer encouragement along the way. Ready to be challenged? BLT is waiting for you! More...


Berni Dodd

These folks are serious about helping others meet their health goals...and helping you establish fitness goals to become a better version of your current self!! Check them out...BLT rocks!!


Ana Trujillo

My trainer has been challenging me and helping me every step of the way to fire up my next level of fitness. No Excuses !! A Must try ... This is the personal trainers gym. More...


Bruce Gleneck

If you want to lose weight, get stronger and look better. This is the place to go. The energy during workouts help to keep you motivated. Everyone is eating health and helping each other get to where they want to be. Great place. More...

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