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Doug Kirchmann

20 January 2019

Very helpful garden assistants


Andrew Wenger

14 January 2019

Wide variety of anything you want but its quite expensive. The staff are very helpful and a great place to get seedlings.


Chris Rolfe

3 January 2019

Been there plenty of times and never have there been any problem.Slighlty on the expensive side tho


Vix van Vuuren

3 January 2019

Stunning shop and nursery, wide range of plants and some stunning decor; fairy lights; garden and home accessories.


Daniel Lifshitz

26 December 2018

I loved my time at the garden shop. The selection of plants, vegetables, flowers and other gardening equipment surprised me immensely. The staff were incredibly knowledgeable about the products that they were selling and really provided expert advice. More...


Astrid vd Laan

14 December 2018

Great nursery. Friendly staff. A vibrant place to walk around even if you do not buy any plants


lisa van der merwe

29 October 2018

Great nursery. Well laid out and they have regular three for R100 specials for those gardening on a budget. Fantastic bonsai display this past weekend.


Claire Holton

29 October 2018

Always a delight great selection of plants. Most impressed with their garden guidance.


Conwae Williams

24 October 2018

Always nice to go to a awesome nursery I love this place


Kristiana Mans

21 October 2018

so lovely


Jacqueline Emmerich

7 October 2018

Great selection of plants combined with good service and friendly staff. Easy access to free parking and quaint restaurant.


terry rogan

7 October 2018

Always a great nursery to visit. Good variety of plants and equipment. Getting quite pricey though.


Helen Randal-Smith

4 October 2018

Such a lovely space. Could spend the whole day browsing....


Theo van vuuren

4 August 2018

Nice open layout. Service was friendly and helpful. Loved the variety of flowers and seedlings. Well priced and conveniently loćated in respect of parking and other shops in the complex. Will recommend them to anyone in the area for good service and quality plants. More...



29 April 2018

You will be hard pressed to come away not having found what you are looking for. It is well stocked with all sorts of varieties of decorative plants and pottery as well as garden ornaments. Definitely worth a good walk around as you might come away with some inspiration for a revamp of your garden. The staff are very knowledgeable of what is where and asking will save you time if you are in a hurry. More...


Leandri Heystek

9 April 2017

The staff and Manager are very knowledgeable and friendly. They really make an effort to get to know you and remember your preferences - what items you usually shop for, what your garden is like etc. and suggest invaluable advice specific to your garden. Thank you for consistently making my visits there great! More...

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