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I provide individual, couple and family counseling in a variety of presenting problems including: anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD and abuse), gender dysphoria, suicidality, anger management, communication conflicts between couples and families, adolescent concerns, .



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I enjoy being with a variety of people. I like for my clients to feel safe and comfortable with me. I am open and honest and enjoy the transparency of therapy. Helping others achieve their goals and getting to celebrate with them as they do is one of the best feelings in the world.

I wanted to provide services to more individuals without limitations about who I could see and when.

I would choose me and I believe many people who know me would choose me as a therapist because it is easy to be with me. I am kind and compassionate, but I will provide soft, thoughtful challenges when necessary. I am adaptable and have a wide knowledge base, which allows me to utilize a lot of different techniques to assist many different types of clients.



Group therapy for Gender Dysphoria