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Amir Farakeh

25 May 2018

Great carpet cleaners. Mike did exelant job. Thank you


K J.

2 September 2016

Sammy did a great job. I am happy with is knowledge, service and recommendation. He was very professional and gave me a reasonable price for the service based on condition of my carpet.


Adarsh D.

9 November 2015

We had a great experience with Mike yesterday. We called Mike after seeing a coupon we got in the mail. I asked him if the coupons were good for basic or deep cleaning and he told me they are good for basic cleaning only. I knew our carpets were due for a deep clean due to pet stains so I negotiated a fixed price with him for deep cleaning 3 rooms and 3 sets of stairs. Mike came on time and we did a walk through of the areas to be cleaned together. I was not sure if we would have to pay extra to have the pet stains removed but Mike did a great job of removing all the pet stains in the 4 hours that he worked on our carpets. We were also happy to see that the final bill was exactly per what we were quoted and there were no surprises thankfully.What impressed me more was that after the cleaning was complete, Mike even took the time to give useful tips on good carpet care for a longer carpet life and for carpeted homes with pets.  We will definitely use Mike again! More...


Paresh k.

15 August 2015

Excellent service.Appointment confirmed via text mesaage - very punctual.Reasonable pricing, Neat and efficient work.Mike is an accomodative gentleman.Great experience.


Jo M.

2 December 2014

Best Carpet Care cleaned our entire house twice and did a fantastic job.They were patient with me when I had to call and reschedule several times.They price match.They're efficient.They're punctual****The carpet is good as new once they're done.I was hesitant to book them when I saw the ratings, but I went with my gut feeling. I think if you want to book them just make sure to have any concerns addressed beforehand. More...


Rikki R.

4 November 2014

Mike was awesome!! He cleaned our EXTREMELY dirty living room and dining room carpet. We have 5 roommates and many visitors. The carpet literally looks new! Mike and his partner came to clean my carpet about two weeks ago and stains haven't lifted or reappeared. I felt he provided great customer service and was efficient. He has a full service van with a industrial powered pump/cleaner that he drove up to my house. I found out about Best Carpet cleaning through the ValPak and I am so glad that I decided use his business. We are so pleased that we going to use him again to do the bedrooms in our house next! More...


g. s.

9 July 2014

Ok let's just get the money issue out of the way first...If you are expecting to get a screaming deal on carpet cleaning you will be hard pressed to find it with any company.  I basically came into this expecting to pay double what any coupon said, so I wasn't shocked or disappointed during negotiations in what I wanted.  In addition, Maury gave me generous discounts to accommodate my final budget number.  I thought he was professional and was up front with me about explaining any additional rates. That said, his work was really excellent.  He seems like a bit of a perfectionist which is what you want when you someone is dealing with carpets, esp white ones!  Basically if you want really quick and great quality work then Maury is your man.  Just expect not to pay base coupon cost!  He gets a bad rap for really how good his work is :) More...


Assal M.

20 May 2014

We just had our carpets cleaned with Best Carpet Care and we had an amazing experience. Mory the technician was on time the day of service. He checked my carpets and made a great recommendation on what needs to be done in order for my carpets to get cleaned. I asked him a few questions and he was very knowledgeable  when it came to carpet cleaning. After Mori cleaned my carpets they looked brand new!!!! I was so excited I had him clean my area rugs the same day. He was very friendly and gave me a discount on the area rugs and gave me a discount for my next cleaning!!!!! Thanks Mori your service was spectacular!!!!!! More...


Raj V.

10 May 2014

folks came on time.There was up sell but that seems to be what every carpet cleaner does.Carpet was quite dirty and looks good now.They said they are under new management when I said I will write something favorable on yelp. Not sure if it was because of the current rating here.Maybe it was a little more in terms of price or I actually got a good deal for the done I would never know  and I do not want to loose any sleep over that.I an happy with 2 folks who came here and that the carpet is clean. More...


Charles E.

3 December 2013

Michael just wrapped up his job.  This is our second time using them and we are very happy with the service.  (2) rooms + hallway, deep cleaning + deodorizer.   The carpet was heavily soiled from traffic and 2 dogs who live in the living room.  Basically they used it as their bathroom if you know what I mean.    After he was done with the job?   Like new!!  We would definitely recommend him to our neighbors. More...


Chelsea N.

12 November 2013

The owner did a tremendous job, we were unhappy with service at first he came out the very next day and gave us the full treatment at no charge. My carpets looks beautiful! I am very pleased with the service, he did a great job! Got all my stains out and carpets look brand new! More...


Sonia T.

7 November 2013

I have been using the service of Best Carpet Care for almost 2 years now and must say that i have never been disappointed. Mory, the person who oversees the carpet cleaning done by the employees is always on time. A very professional carpet cleaning company :) More...


Virendra N.

19 October 2013

I had my carpet and grout cleaned by these guys.They did a fantastic job on carpet. Max was very informative on carpet cleaning and although we got a small high traffic/high food spillage area cleaned, the carpet looked fantastic after cleaning.On the grout cleaning side, they did a good job. Some spots got left over because of low-light situation. These guys came again this week, put in extra effort and cleaned it again.These guys always came on time, explained exactly what they are going to do, measured the area to clean and gave the estimate upfront, were carefull about the belongings.So overall a satisfactory job. More...


Arpan B.

8 August 2013

Mike did a great job on my apartment .  Threw an extra carpet treatment . I had dark carpet marks , all gone in no time


L H.

3 August 2013

This is my 2nd time using these guys and they do a great job!  They got all my tough stains out from my lovely 4 children.  I even referred these guys to my mother and she was pleased as well.  We will be using them on a regular basis.  Thank you Mike for everything! More...


Cynthia G.

22 August 2012

Mory was very friendly and did a great job on my stained living room carpet.  My neighbor's cat sneaks in and has sprayed  and he removed the scent with an odor treatment then shampoo.   His assistant worked thoroughly and quickly.  I'll use them again! More...


amy f.

30 June 2012

We had our tile floor and grout cleaned and sealed today by Best Carpet Care. We haven't had our tile professionally cleaned since we moved into our home. We have two kids under the age of 5 that are constantly spilling juice and milk on the tile which makes up the majority of our living space. Needless to say - the grout was dirty. But now - the grout is back to the color it should be! I am so happy with the work that Best Carpet performed. They were polite, fairly priced, considerate of my time, respectful of our home and did great work! We will be using them every time we need our grout and tile cleaned and sealed. Thank you for the great work! More...


Alisha G.

1 October 2010

We've used Best Carpet Care before (2008) when moving out of an apartment and now we used them again when moving out of our condo.  They've always done a great job.  You can't expect much results with just a steam clean so we knew we needed the deep clean process ($250).  They guy was great.We left the empty condo open in the morning for the house cleaning crew to come in and Best Carpet Care came in on their own in the afternoon after all the other cleaning was done.  They came in did the deep clean, we drove by after work and the guy was waiting for us.  The place looked immaculate!  I couldn't believe it was the same place.  Thank goodness we didn't need to be there to meet them otherwise our day would have been shot.  So happy, thank you! More...


Linda H.

19 August 2010

I was very impressed that the co-owner called me twice to let me know that he was running late.  Even with the delay, he was only 30 minutes late.After reading several of the reviews, I do agree that Best Carpet Care was trying to get me to pay more than what my ValuPak coupon stated.  The coupon stated $109.95, which is what I paid.  As he did with many other customers, Mike tried to convince me that I needed a deeper cleaning since it had been so long since I had had my carpets cleaned.That said, I thought that the two men did an excellent job--much better than other carpet cleaners that I have used.  They moved three tables as well as two sofas and a recliner.  They even protected the legs of my tables by placing Ziploc bags under the legs.As far as not accepting checks, I believe that it's a sign of the times.  It is just too risky to take checks these days.All in all, I'm very pleased with this company and will use them again. More...