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Bernard Fitness offers top of the line training for weight loss and muscle gain.

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Rose Grant

29 October 2018

Very comfortable to talk to and highly motivating and knowledgeable of the reason behind excerises and muscle groups. Will help you with a diet plan of what you should and shouldn't be eating to reach your fitness goals. Overall excellent trainer and I'm looking forward to continued training. More...


Angel Marie Overholt

29 October 2018

THE ABSOLUTE BEST TRAINER. � if you’re really looking to change your lifestyle and improve your health, this is the man to see.


Jen Wakefield

29 October 2018

I’m a former active duty service member that seriously stopped working out when I got out. I’ve trained with Mack a few times (and will continue) for a variety of reasons. He’s knowledgeable, pushes me and also listens to me. My goals, my limits and my needs. I recommend him to anyone trying to be their best possible self. Don’t be Intimidated by the muscles, he’s a good trainer for all levels of fitness experience. More...

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I treat every clients goals as if they are my own. Each detail is important from the types of exercises, to the food you put into your body. Motivation and accountability are just as important when it comes to completing a goal.

Consistency! Nothing happens over night. Discipline and dedication are key to reaching anything you put your mind to.

I love seeing the look on a client's face when they see the numbers change whether it be there inches around their waist, or the weight on the scale.

I have always been into health and fitness. I started this business by helping family and friends learn how to properly take care of their bodies.

I produce amazing results at a great price! Helping you eat the proper diet and train based on your goals will give you the body you've always dreamed of no matter the age.