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Since 2006, BentOn has been specializing in authentic Japanese bento and donburi and serving customers through catered events, office deliveries, and our two Manhattan walk-in locations. BentOn is taking orders for large corporate events of up to 2000 bento boxes, in addition to other non-bento options.


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Melody L.

15 December 2018

Not sure why this place has so many negative reviews! I came here for lunch and it was quick and tasty. It's a fun concept that gives you a lot of variety for your meal. You are allowed to choose 6 different foods (2 mains and 4 sides). I don't remember exactly how much the lunch box cost, but I do recall it being a very reasonable price. I felt like the packaging was a bit excessive and wasteful, but it looked nice. Pumpkin salad was very interesting and new to me, but still enjoyable. More...


Mely Romero

26 November 2018

Good food and friendly service! Highly recommended


Jojo Romero

26 November 2018

authentic japanese. i love ramen


Paul H.

11 September 2018

SummaryI believe the low reviews were before the renovation.  Lots has changed in this go-to Japanese lunch spot in the heart of FiDi.The FoodIn my humblest of opinions, the quality of the food vastly improved since the renovation.  Most notably, the ramen is much, much tastier than before.  It is now one of the best ramen bowls in the area (aside from Kuu).  My only gripe about the better ramen is the higher cost.  But I guess that comes with the territory?The bento box options also greatly improved.  Everything is much fresher.  Although it feels as if the poke/chirashi bowls are much more toned down (and fewer of them), they are much fresher.The ServiceI would say a somewhat noticeable improvement in this area as well.  They are much more organized than before.The AtmosphereIt's still a bit hot in here during the summer.  They really should invest in a better air conditioner that would entice more customers in the door. More...


Dan S.

23 August 2018

Love this place! The food is great and the employees are awesome. I recommend the Kagoshima with Charshu.


Lauren G.

24 July 2018

Good lunch spot. Except no AC!!! Won't be going here in the summer. Food is good otherwise though.


Jeimy C.

9 July 2018

Yaaassss first time there and fell in love with the chicken teriyaki and the salad  just love their food it will fill you up but you won't feel heavy at all witch is great I will be coming back also loved the picky matcha flavor yummy also the decor is just so fun and warm


Henry M.

28 June 2018

Since my last review, I decided to give the place some justice and visit it... several more times. True, some of the bento offerings may not be stellar, but this is relative to the Financial District a gem. On all my visits here, I've been dining in. It is better than getting it to go. This week alone, I got bento boxes to stay, a prepared bento, and one of the bowls. The prepared bentos are more misses than hits, because you're stuck with what you have. On most occasions they don't even tell you what's in them, so choosing among the prepared bentos is a guessing game. The main protein in the one I got was supposed to taste like cutlets, but resembled meatballs. The microwaving also zapped some of the flavoring away.For the bento boxes, I decided to get the karaage. I would say this is their hit. The staff would ask you if you want it with sauce, and I would say you should get it with the sauce. The sauce is reminiscent to if it isn't the Thai sweet sauce. I won't question the authenticity at this point. Hijiki salad seems to be their thing and I had it at least once this week. I also grabbed arugula and the spaghetti salad at different points. Monday, I recall getting teriyaki chicken, but then yesterday I had the chicken Hamburg. The teriyaki needs the sauce, so don't refuse it. As to the chicken Hamburg, it tasted fairly interesting, but I can't say I like it a lot.The best bet honestly is the bowl. The eponymous bento boxes are great, but the display and decorations are actually distractions. Though they give you more options, you get each thing for less. On the other hand, the bowl is a Chipotlization of Japanese-style fast food. The prices change depending on the protein. For the best bet, get the karaage or the chicken teriyaki. It comes over a bowl of rice and you can pick one "side," aka one of different varieties of greens. The karaage I got today came with the spicy mayo. Price - $8.50 before tax.If you're a student, you also get 10% off! They don't have any notice of it at the register, but it is next to the door. So again, this is one of the places where you pay for what you get. Here, for the value of what it is, in the Financial District, this is quite a rarity. More...


Morgan H.

31 May 2018

I tried this place using mealpal and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the kale and how it was seasoned. I usually only get kale in salads and it's quite bland but BentOn managed to flavor it while keeping the taste light and refreshing. The rice was perfectly cooked and filling. The chicken was also delicious and cooked well. Service is quick and friendly and i would definitely try this place again. More...


Becca B.

20 April 2018

This place is such a great deal for lunch! I picked up an "Asian Crispy Chicken Bowl" with MealPal today -- it was the first time I had heard of BentOn Cafe. It was a quick pickup, and a really healthy/tasty quick lunch for a workday. I'll be back! More...


Ro L.

11 January 2018

Really enjoyed my meal. Got to try a few new things like the yellow pumpkin purée with almonds, the quinoa kale salad with pickled cabbage and the inarizushi all really delicious. The teriyaki chicken and the fried chicken w the spicy mayo were also good. definitely coming back here during any lunch breaks. More...


Sarah N.

12 September 2017

This review is for delivery only- have gotten delivery for dinner a handful of times and I was always found the good to be fresh and delivered quick. My usual order is the shrimp tempura ramen, and dumplings and they do a good job to make sure that all components are packaged individually. The food is tasty and portions are pretty large. Good for a reliable dinner order which doesn't break the bank. Will stay in my dinner rotation esp during the colder months when I crave noodle soup pretty regularly. More...


Cheewai Yip

3 July 2017

Simple fresh and tasty options, many great choices to choose from and combinations are impressive. Hot foods are available just as well


Stephen W.

1 June 2017

IMO a hidden gem for lunch. Lots of good options for the bento box. My go to is their bibimbap bowls or their crispy chicken bowl. If you like somewhat gentrified Japanese lunch box or bowls this place is pretty solid choice. More...


Dominik D.

30 May 2017

The spicy ramen lunch special is a generous portion. It isn't overly spicy and the broth is filled with noodles and vegetables. The lighting design adds to the aesthetic of the restaurant. More...


Davidson Hang

28 April 2017

Great choices and the service is good. I love the selection options and the miso isn't so bad!


Ka R.

3 April 2017

Taking care of some bussiness downtown this place made up for a great quick stop to refill some fuel. Their misogyny soup is great and large portion is really LARGE. Veggie fried dumplings hit the spot as well. More...


Hoshigata ..

18 January 2017

Here's a review from a healthy weight, excellent bmi, non-model, non-american, asian female after 2 visits to this place for bentos.[Price]: Cheap. 6 dishes for $10 - 2 proteins + 4 sides + Miso soup (Comparing to Fields good chicken, Dig Inn, Niko niko, Roast, Water cafe, Open Market)[Protein Variety]: Good. They have many types of proteins -- Chicken, Fish, Pork, Beef. Different style of cooking that you can choose from -- Fried, Steamed, Grilled, Stewed etc...[Sides Variety]: Can do better. Sides need a bit more work as it always seemed a bit soggy or overcooked so my advice would be stick to salads.[Food Quality]: Average. Not bad, not great. Cafe Standard.[Food Taste]: Okay. Not bad, not great. Cafe Standard.Might be on a bland side for some people.[Food Portion]: More than enough. Been here twice, can never finish so. I would say it's more of a 1.5 meal portion for me. [On Fish and bones]: Seems like its a culture thing. We always have bones in our meat.So not a big deal for me.[Presentation]: Amazing.It's pretty, cute and neat. Makes food looks appetize-able. Best presentation so far for a cafe standard in US. Cleanliness]: Ok. Floor looks clean. Not sure about the kitchen but I haven't got any food poisoning.Verdict: For its' price and variety, I got nothing to complain about. :-) More...


Brooklyn G.

7 December 2016

Breakfast is serene for your bacon egg and cheese. Start your day in a civilized way. Wi-Fi too, it's the phone number.


Jovany A.

31 October 2016

Great salmon great food very cozy place. I enjoyed the menu at a great price. The bento box is full of great food. Very healthy as well


Deborah King Torres

25 October 2016

It's not just Japanese food, they have KOREAN too!!!! The food is fresh and delicious and I've never had any issues with my food. And the best part is if you're a student, show them your badge and you get a discount! More...


Ashley G.

22 August 2016

Bibimbap is great! Bento portion is small?[Experience] I have always ordered delivery from BentOn Cafe. The bento box is well packed and fixed with two rubber bands. They also include a soup I think. My only complain is that sometimes the soup spill and contaminate the whole bento box. I also like the bibimbap A LOT! The serving is huge and there's plentiful meat.[Food] My personal favorite is the Tofu Kimchi with Pork Bibimbap. The texture of Tofu and the spiciness of kimchi are a wonderful combo. Although it still comes with sauce, my recommendation is that the bibimbap is flavored enough and adding additional sauce would cover up the original taste.I also like the Tonkotsu Ramen, and when delivered, the cafe was nice enough to separate the broth and the noodle. However, one major spill happened when I ordered Ramen and it was disastrous... Bento boxes are cute, although the portion of the main dish is usually pretty small. More...


Helen V.

7 July 2016

Surprising spot for wonderful breakfast! Never a line and under $5. Great BLT! Never been for lunch, but a go to for breakfast.


Jen L.

9 May 2016

Really delicious and healthy japanese food. Good portion and variety on the bento box too.


Carl T.

4 March 2016

Been to BentOn several times for lunch and it has gotten much more popular and crowded over the past year since it opened. The bibim bap and noodle dishes are by no means huge, but I would say this is a solid fast lunch pick in the financial district. The food is tasty and moderatlly priced when you consider other sit down options in the neighborhood. Even when it is busy I can usally find a seat and there is a restroom. More...


Ferhat A.

8 November 2015

Went there several time for lunch and for a full healthy and tasty meal for under 10$ it's pretty unbeatable ! Staff is friendly and decor is nice enough...I really don't understand the low rating ! More...


Kevin B.

20 October 2015

Best Spicy Ramen in the area, definitely a remarkable city-wide. Not sure what they did wrong to get such a low rating but their ramen is well made and a huge portion. And under $10.


Ar M.

20 October 2015

Second time here, Inexpensive place, with flavorful food! Definitely worth more than the actual unjustified rating! I'll come again when I'm around


Nicole C.

30 September 2015

I don't know why the ratings here are so low... BentOn Cafe has become my favorite spot for lunch when I'm craving Japanese/Korean food.They're probably most well-known for their bento boxes that come with 2 proteins and 4 vegetable/starch sides. It's great for my hungrier days, but this is usually too much food!Instead, I gravitate towards their Soon Doo Boo. For just $4, you get a pint size container that is filled with plenty of soft tofu and seafood-y bits (mussels, squid, crab cakes). You can order a side of rice for a few dollars extra, but I usually find myself satisfied without it. They also have items like udon, chirashi bowls, onigiri, and bibimbop on the menu. If you're craving Japanese/Korean food you'll definitely be able to find something you like!AND! They give 10% off for students! (Yes, I am still milking my college ID for all it's worth.) More...


Michelle A.

2 July 2015

I'm surprised at the poor reviews, very interesting concept, decent quality food for lunch.


Tiff M.

25 December 2014

I've been here a few times before and wasn't super impressed (though that was months ago). Those were for rice dishes. I haven't tried anything after their completely changed their menu until recently. I had their tonkotsu ramen and it was actually comparable to the ramen co noodles nearby. While the broth at ramen co is definitely the winner (as well as their perfectly runny egg), the abundance of noodles, less stiff state of their noodles and their price definitely beat ramen co. Can't beat $10 vs my $14 at ramen co. More...


Coco L.

11 November 2014

This is a really nice lunch spot! They have bentos, noodles, rice bowls, Korean bibimbap and some appetizers. The order steps are simple: pick your meal style, the main meat and a side. The taste is not authentically Japanese but more like Asian Fusion. They have great dining environment - big, decorative and clean. Although the prices are relatively higher than other Sushi bars in this area, it deserve a five star for a lunch break place. More...


Vivian L.

26 August 2014

The anti-aging bento box is amazing! Flavorful, tasteful and reasonably priced! I like everything at this place. Come here weekly for lunch, dinner and snacks!

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