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i am a music producer from england and over the last ten years i have worked with both major and minor artists produced some of the best underground music going i cover all genres from EDM to hip-hop i will take on any project and work directly with you to get the best results.



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i have been producing music on fl studio for the last ten years i am now using fl studio 10 as i like the layout i have a 2tb hardive in my studio with over 100 GB of drums a full orchestra at my finger tips plus industry synths use. i like my clients to fill out order forms so i can get an understanding of there needs, i also let my clients hear the process all of the way so they hear a music track start from the drums and build it up into what they are looking for. once the client is happy 100% i will then mix it down and create a master and when it ready i'll send it out either via CD or via secure email.

i have a HNC in theatre production with this i have used my degree to be an audio engineer for many different places included one of the top cruise lines in the world, plus i have worked with music artists all over the world with over 13 years experience in audio engineering i have the tools to help you.

while training as a sound technician i was working alongside the stage department so i could get a better understanding how each department is run so i can stand in i have worked stage crew for cruise lines and for music tours including dolly Parton, nudist priest and lee evens plus many more tours.

i have done lighting design this area i am good at as i have a wild imagination and i use that to create lighting designs in my head and on paper. i use vector works 2015 to create my lighting designs on i have done lighting designs for cruise lines, music venues and even my own musicals that i have been involved in. i work fast and safe and always looking to new challenge i best at musical lighting as i get ideas while listening to the sound track.