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Jean McIlhenny Gaskins

4 July 2019

Lovely place to stay in New York City


Eli Homawoo

30 June 2019

It’s a historic NY landmark and hotel that has maintained the highest level of service. The Carlyle defines hospitality/luxury hospitality.


Roland Henderson

30 June 2019

I love the Carlyle. Bemelmans Bar is a real in spot. Great fun.


Pedro Gonzalez

6 June 2019

Amazing service crew, food and beverage quality are the best


Michaela Duarte

18 May 2019

i'll return with my coworkers. feels like a place in los angeles i liked.


Kate Estrada

4 May 2019

A classy NYC bar straight out of the Art Deco era. They have live music a lot of the time, which, when I was there, was lovely piano jazz. The wait staff is very courteous, and the drinks are splendid! This is a great place to bring someone special, or to show friends from out of town. More...


Erika Brown

25 April 2019

Fast service. Beautiful people. Great music. Flawless.


Lawrence Nash

25 April 2019

Best place for a quick lunch in dtla. $3 happy hour || $5 lunch specials|| beautiful women!! (Free entrance before 7pm) Ask for jack the cook he always has a great lunch special going on!


Jeannette Pierce

25 April 2019

A Great underground bar with such a great vibe and Great Jazz music! Great for the grown and sexy! We enjoyed this spot on our visit to the beautiful San Diego!


Michael Connor

25 April 2019

THIRTIES NEW YORK must have felt like Bemelmans, though the murals are later, and it is possible amid the cocktails and old-school servers to imagine it so. The pianists help the illusion a lot. Forget the economics of that era, and be Cole Porter before the fall for the evening. Dress your best. Mind your manners. Display wit, or defer to those who do. More...


Joel Hurliman

25 April 2019

Classic bar with endless snacks. Great selection of single malt scotch and Irish. Live Piano player adds to ambiance and the art murals are interesting. Appetizer fare well worth a try.



25 April 2019

I highly recommend a trip to Bemelmans to all when in NYC. It is one of the last Bastion of a age gone by....so pretend your in the jazz age and get dressed up. One of the few places a man can wear black tie and look dashing...though not at a wedding. Drinks are pricey but excellent, music is always super...and you never know who will be here..during the 80's I worked on Wall Street and met various well known people...Had Mick Jagger buy me a drink once...and talked to Omar Sharif about cards one night. These places are few and far between now..enjoy it while you still can. More...


Saadia Ramz

19 April 2019

wawww place, I love it, the piano bar is amazing


Debbi Bruce Rousey

10 April 2019

Such a wonderful evening listing to the David Budway Trio!


Kamla Wolsky

6 April 2019

Beautiful piano room, old world style. Wonderful ambiance.


Melissa Vaughan

3 April 2019

Pure class.....elegance....love


Randy Lee

1 April 2019

It's the only hotel we stay in when we visit NYC. There simply is no other place with this level of style, elegance and superb service.


Ryley Thompson

26 March 2019

We look forward to coming here for a few drinks every time we come to NYC. They really know what they're doing at Bemelmans. The service is very good, friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Some folks will likely find it a touch pricey but for the extra $$$ you really do get cocktails that are a cut above the rest. Where you might need to request that extra special vermouth in your Manhattan elsewhere, they already make it with that at Bemelmans. The bar has music (Jazz related) all the time and very often you've got a Grammy winner playing. Add in the exceptionally unique decor (not an easy task in this city) and you have the perfect place for a drink. Truly a New York best! More...



26 March 2019

One of the most amazing places to go in NYC. Be prepared to pay the cover charge and for all that is holy - dress nice!!! There is always a mix of locals and tourists here listening to the live music and enjoying a drink. There is just something so New York about this place. The atmosphere is fantastic and you never know who you’ll run into here. The employees at Bemelmans are outstanding and always deliver great service. More...


Ashley Kinney

12 March 2019

Julie at the front desk was absolutely amazing!


John J. DiBiase

17 February 2019

Bemelmans Bar !!! Outstanding atmosphere and a superlative staff to match Cannot describe how much my family enjoyed being there Historic


Thammy Yasine

28 January 2019

What a classy place for celebrate my birthday. Go and impress your love ones there. Great food and outstanding service.


Adam Lewis

21 January 2019

always a pleasure . ALL WAYS .


David DeVenney

13 January 2019

Wonderful view and great accommodations


David Euwkana

12 January 2019

Amazing cocktails and lovely oysters


Victoria Nodell

23 November 2018

Iconic hotel & classy. Upper East Side jem . Amazing bar with live music


Jenny McCalley

22 October 2018

Amazing Hotel.. Fabulous Service.. loved my stay.


Christina Sidiras

19 October 2018

My best stay ever ! From Breakfast to room service it was just fantastic and I would always come back to the Carlyle !


Jack Suchy

11 October 2018

Magical evening with Herb Alpert & Lani Hall


M Qasim Qasim

7 October 2018

nice hotel and my dreem lovey peoples


Shelli Hatcher-Hirtensteiner

4 October 2018

The details, the service, the history and the emotional experience you get from walking through the door of The Carlyle is what makes it exquisite! The Concierge was extremely helpful. The waiters in the cafe Carlyle and Bemelman’s bar were the best I’ve ever experienced! The service is top notch at the Carlyle! We will definitely be back. More...


Gail Kim

27 September 2018

Bemelsman Bar at The Carlyle is a fabulous taste of old New York.


Kate Hunt

29 August 2018

The best always in all ways.


Sheila Cave

23 August 2018

Love, everything always fun and well done


Sarti Elisabetta Andrea

31 July 2018

Ottimo ristorante e ottimo bar, ottimo per passare una serata romantica oppure sentire della buona musica jazz dal vivo.. unico appunto un po’ caro.


Amanda Ruddick Barone

30 July 2018

What a great night! The staff was fantastic and not the slightest bit pretentious. My husband and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary and The Carlyle made it extra special. This is my new favorite hotel.


Brett Bullington

21 July 2018

Great location with easy access to Central Park, wonderful staff and I always meet amazing people when I am there!


Sapere Aude

17 July 2018

Perfecto lugar para escuchar jazz y disfrutar de una buena copa... clásico que no puede faltar en una visita a Nueva York


Ezra Cohen

29 June 2018

I would highly recommend this hotel


Joseph Khal

8 June 2018

Hello from Kuwait


Catherine Gweesa Gauger

25 May 2018

Obsessed! This place is beyond fantastic. The staff was so attentive and we loved everything about our stay. I even purchased the book and read it from cover to cover on our plane ride home to Minneapolis. We will be back soon!


Jill Meyn-Moster

21 May 2018

Class all the way!! The music bar was the best. We’ll be back


Elena Champagne

21 May 2018

Attended a wedding & reception this weekend, and it was spectacular. Service, food, bevs & venue were fabulous.


Jill Manz

10 April 2018

What a great stay! And now I totally get the appeal of elevator operators. We were so spoiled


Christine R Smolik Puterbaugh

30 March 2018

Simply fabulous! From check in to check out what a privledge to stay at this reknowd most historic hotel in NYC! The service courtesy from bell men to concierge is the finest! If you have a chance have afternoon tea in the tea room! It is like no other anywhere. We will certainly return. More...


Glenda G Sagendorf

30 March 2018

That was a good experience and the food was so delicious.


Nona Marie Megal

29 March 2018

the sounds of Bobby Short tickling the ivories and singing


Nancy Ockrin

2 February 2018

Beautiful elegance... while still quaintly charming...the ambiance provides a sweet step back into another time era...where life is a bit slowed down and attention to detail is still taken. Nice work, Carlyle staff! So very appreciated! More...


Tiago Torres Mascarenhas

2 January 2018

Amazing pancakes! Amazing pancakes! Amazing pancakes! Amazing pancakes!


Gerard van Gent

12 December 2017

Amazing hotel ... unforgettable!


Brian H. Dressler

30 November 2017

Exquisite dining! Excellent customer service. Wonderful High Tea!


Carrie Wright

2 November 2017

My favorite place to stay in the USA. It’s my home away from home every other month! Fabulous staff that always remembers you when you return. They make it feel like home!


Jess Elie

5 October 2017

Amazing location and outstanding staff. True class.


Laura V Jenkins

17 September 2017

Staff excellent! Food was delicious! Jazz trio was Devine.


Jessica Merlie

6 September 2017

My husband and I just returned from a short stay @ the Carlyle for our 7 year Anniversary. Everything was simply superb. The room was gorgeous -- I'm currently thinking of how I can recreate the ambiance here @ home �, the staff were dressed to impress and super accommodating, the drinks @ the bar and high tea were great, and the service was unparalleled. We can't wait to go back! More...


Nora Goodev

2 September 2017

Iconic Astonishing Best service Amazing rooms Thank you for the luxurious experience! Can't wait to come back�


Michael Siewert

22 August 2017

For years I have wanted to stay at The Carlyle. As I was returning to the states having sailed the Queen Mary 2 from NYC to the UK I stayed one night at the Carlyle. I was not disappointed! The staff...from the front desk, to the elevator attendants, to the doormen, to the Bemelman staff, to the breakfast staff....everyone made our stay absolutely wonderful....even if just there for twelve hours! The room was nicely appointed and we were very comfortable. At the club, I was disappointed that many intoxicated women were singing along with the performer and allowed to act as they did...screaming and making quite a noise. Considering the cover charge, I would expect a more refined clientele and a staff that would keep people in line for the enjoyment of all. Nevertheless, I would definitely stay at the property again...but probably not go to the club. More...


Deborah Katz Dorman

19 August 2017

We have enjoyed this first class act hotel so much. From check in to cafe carlye dining to bemmelmans bar to breakfast to high tea it has been a real The customer is always first experience. You are treated like a king and queen here. We were fortunate to stay in the James Cagney suite ! Can u imagine if all these walls could talk. I feel like we are stepping back in time. A time of real glamour yet in a low profile way. I am in awe of this magnificent NYC beauty and the fine gentlemen in their white gloves. That take us to our designated floors. I can't wait for the two of us to return. #tryityoumightlikeit More...


John Xanthopoulos

13 July 2017

The Carlyle hotel is one of its kind! Old world charm at its very very best! Hate leaving it! We are spoiled! Friendly and curteous staff!


Francisco Villa

6 June 2017

Arrived at The Great Carlyle Hotel ! When I made our reservations I shared with them that we were celebrating Madeline's 16th Birthday! Guest Service met Madeline and I at Check in welcoming us and wishing her a Happy Birthday We were escorted to our suite and in our room Madeline had waiting for her an embroidered pillow case with her name a Madeline book, a book bag and a box of chocolates Than there was a knock on the door and it was room service delivering a piece of chocolate cake and lemonade wishing her a Happy Birthday with a Happy Birthday song A few minutes later as we were enjoying her cake and lemonade and feeling very special and another knock followed and it was Sonal guest services and she brought Madeline a bouquet of balloons and a formal Carlyle Journal for her to journal her 16th Birthday Experience here in NYC She shared with us That Presidents and Princesses had stay at The Carlyle as well as gave us a tour of the hotel and the art work that people come from all over to see. God is Great What a WOW arrival for such a special Person my Madeline Amen More...


Frank Ruggiero

10 May 2017

A Quintessential New York experience that you will remember.


Valerie Bernardo

28 April 2017

The Carlyle is a special place. Service is always exceptional. Bemelmen's Bar and the Cafe Carlyle are venerable treasures. So one must forgive signs of age to a point .. but the old girl is showing signs of wear. The hallways on room floors are really falling apart. And there was a smell of raid. And elevators are brutally slow. I hope they make the necessary repairs. But I do love this place. More...


Rad Bidoudane

28 April 2017

A very good place to stay in while visiting NYC.


Susan Savage

30 March 2017

My experience at the Carlyle was an insurmountable pleasure John o Hurley was fabulous in the café. His show "a man of standards" makes for a truly entertaining New York style evening.


Jade Woon

29 March 2017

Reminiscent of yesteryear's glamorous era, glorious glorious amenities!


Kevin Convery

14 March 2017

Kudos to the Carlyle for having the good taste to book Joan Osborne and her talented back-up musicians. The entire experience was sublime. Food, service, and entertainment were all impeccable. Have her back soon, please. More...


Kandy Dulce

11 March 2017

What a magical night! Quintessential NYC! The service was impeccable, professional, and kind. Evenly balanced with attentiveness and space to be free. I was there specifically to see Joan Osborne for my birthday and it was memorable. Go Go was a fantastic host! I experienced a great gift at The Carlyle and can't wait to come back... More...


Marie Vozar Cauley

28 February 2017

I can't say enough about the wonderful experience I had at Cafe Carlyle on February 21. From the minute I arrived, each and every staff member was extremely helpful and caring...from the moment I pulled into the parking garage, as I waited at the entrance...and the excellent hospitality continued throughout the evening at the bar, during the show and beyond. It only added even more good memories of an evening with the incomparable John Lloyd Young. It was a pleasure - and I look forward to more trips to The Carlyle in the future. More...


Julie Mayne

27 February 2017

A wonderful 3-day stay in a beautiful, elegant, iconic well-run home from home. I too can't praise enough the outstanding Cafe Carlyle. The performance these last two weeks by one of the many stars who have appeared over the years was especially memorable for the pure talent and presence of John Lloyd Young and his band led by the excelkent Tommy Faragher. More...


Susan Black Barbie Pinto

23 February 2017

Enjoyed our afternoon tea and it was beautiful..I absolutely love this place!


Cindy Pilon-Dicks

20 February 2017

Wonderful staff delicious food. My first creme brule.elegant but comfortable atmosphere.i can't wait to come back


Jimmie Anderson

18 February 2017

Spent a wonderful evening having dinner and enjoying the singing of John Lloyd Young at the Cafe Carlyle. While this experience is not for the budget-minded it fully delivers a first-class food and entertainment extravaganza. The music of Tony Award winner Mr. Young is not to be missed. His amazing voice along with his ingratiating banter with the audience and good humor only adds more to the show. If you want to go back in time to the 1950 supper clubs, the Cafe Carlyle delivers magnificently. More...


Hans Mansens

17 February 2017

What can I add to the list of 5 star reviews?... I subscribe to all of them... But... Just 1 minor point?.. Some uniforms of some employees are in need of some TLC... But, as I wrote, it's minor but jumps in my eye in a perfect setting More...


Nancy Walder

9 February 2017

The best always...no more pleasurable experience in all of New York...enjoy!


Jill Clemente Memije

1 February 2017

Always love the Carlyle great food beautiful decor we have weddings birthdays event to this beautiful boutique Hotels .and im a retired private duty nursing and some well known people resides and stay it's a darling ❤


Odainy Tansey

22 January 2017

Attended a terrific elegant cocktail party. Cold water and adult drinks. Elegant room, beautiful ladies' restroom. Delicious finger food served by men with white gloves. Attentive staff!


Sam Rogers

5 January 2017

It is our favorite hotel in NYC, the best service and accommodations.


Iman Yasmine

4 January 2017

The hotel that upper east side dreams are made of.


Karen Jones Citywealth

21 November 2016

Charming. Loved the bemelmans bar and had a superb coffee liqueur.


Charles Black

6 November 2016

Old world class. Great atmosphere and lovely deserts. Love this place�


Matthew David Wilder

2 November 2016

Ecstasy. There's a reason it's in a zillion Fred Seidel poems. Try the scallops and polenta and discover what a culinary orgasm really is. Everything about this place is sheer ecstasy. More...


John Becker

27 October 2016

The Carlyle is my favorite place to bring out of town guests...it is pure New York magic. I love it there.


Marita Golía

6 October 2016

Un sitio increíble. Mágico, hermoso, la atención es la mejor que he recibido en toda mi vida. Felicitaciones a todo el staff y a toda la gente que hace de The Carlyle una experiencia única.


Mira Faierstain

27 September 2016

Truly one of The Best! From the moment you are greeted, you're part of the Rosewood Family!


Amanda Mills

17 September 2016

The most beautiful hotel in New York City . This Grand Dame of hotels offers white glove service, beautiful rooms for every taste and views for days ! The Art Deco style sets the stage for a classic NYC experience steps from Central Park and the best shopping and dinning in America . The staff is amazing and makes all guest feel like family and for those hard to get 3 star dinning experience and theater tickets their concierge is the best in the city they can also point you to the best experiences the city that never sleeps has to offer . Feel free to call their reservations expects to pick the perfect room for you they are more that happy to accommodate your every wish � More...


Leon Hughes

15 September 2016

Always a pleasure to stay. Best hotel in NewYork for luxury, service and style. Defiantly recommend �


Zack Manna

11 September 2016

I didn't stay at the hotel, I had dinner in the restaurant and drinks at Bemelmans Bar. Terrific food, drinks, and service.


CaReathia V Scott

10 August 2016

I am in love with this hotel. The customer service,the attention to detail,the location...it was superb. I recently stayed on my birthday and received such a personal and welcoming birthday gift. I have found my home when visiting New York. Thanks, Carlyle,for such a memorable first time experience. More...


Edward C. Ayadiuno

18 April 2016

I have heard so many nice things about this hotel. Seen a lot more nicer things,than I could possibly imagine in terms of pictures. I need to bath with the experience of visiting this place,in person. More...


Sandy Palumbo

25 March 2016

Having a great time visiting New York for a few days. This hotel is in a terrific location. The staff are warm and friendly. Thank you to everyone who made our stay wonderful. More...


Marianne Mt

21 March 2016

Amazing journey there. The staff and the location are incredible ! I miss this place


Vicki Houghton

6 March 2016

This is my favorite Hotel that I have ever stayed at in New York. It's in the best location in the city in my option. Love the bar the food the service. Love U @The Carlyle


David Depenau

6 March 2016

Tolles Hotel mit viel Persönlichkeit und Charme.... Gerne das nächste Mal wieder wenn ich in NY bin.... Mein Favorit.....


Ale Ale

5 March 2016

Beautiful place, great service, great food and drinks. Alexa Ray was fantastic!


Dana Kline

5 March 2016

Excellence in every way! I've stayed at most 5⭐️hotels in NYC and London, defiantly The Carlyle is at the top of the list. A luxury hotel that executes even the small details perfectly. I adore The Carlyle! Can't wait to visit again soon More...


Joycelyn Engle

5 March 2016

When in Manhattan I enjoy dinner there. Joycelyn Engle


Toby Rome

5 March 2016

The entire staff made my husband & I feel like we were at home. They were there in conceivable way possible , helping us manage a difficult time. As we we're there for a ten day stay while caring for my 97 year old mother who was a block away in the hospital ill. More...


Robert Stevens

5 March 2016

The anticipation of every need. Flawlessly executed "everything" by a lovely staff. An oasis. Oh, and the Martinis! Kudos to Waldo Hernandez and his staff at the Concierge Desk.


Azadeh Van Clief

4 March 2016

I had a great time visiting, the service was great and enjoyed live my music.


Aulysse Medy Paul

15 February 2016

Great food excellent Experience love the staffing great pampered individual bravo all away bravo


Denis St Laurent

15 December 2015

Buster poindexter brought the house down


Silvia de Ridder

21 November 2015

Me encanta y voy siempre!!!


Alicia Gottheil

20 November 2015

Es mi lugar en NY


Anna Grimm

19 October 2015

Bemelman's is not only rich with art history, the ambiance is filled with live jazz that's perfectly on cue. One of my favorite NYC hangouts that can promise a fantastic cocktail and a lovely staff.


Gilda Vivacqua

29 September 2015

Estadia muito especial no Hotel mais maravilhoso de Manhattan!! Toda a equipe de funcionários muito gentis, educados e prestativos. Serviço de 1a qualidade e ambientes confortáveis e elegantes sem exageros. Inesquecível!!!! More...


Sarah Winterbottom

16 July 2015

An outstanding hotel in every way thank you for a great welcome so far , highly recommend #rosewood #nyc


Amy Perlin

5 July 2015

The most exceptional place to stay. They provide for your every need. A perfect hotel experience!


Justine Jones

25 April 2015

Called in for a late supper for the first time. Stylish, time warped bar with a cool jazz trio, impeccable staff and warm atmosphere.


Zahra Dieter Tappe

1 February 2015

Your a the Best hotel in New York we love it ♥️♥️


Fumiko K. Asano

27 January 2015

One of the places where just want to stay even I live close ;)


Fatima Fernandez

25 December 2014

THE BEST!!!!!!!


Kelly McCabe

8 December 2014

This is the place to see and be seen in NYC...just beautiful all year around but especially during the Holidays. The rooms are cozy and wonderful, the food exceptional and the staff superb...Bemelman's Jazz Bar is also a MUST!! Enjoy! More...


Bojana Šimić Railic

6 October 2014

By far my favorite place to stay when in NY.


Hank Hill

14 September 2014

Love this classic historical hotel. Elegant without being fussy. Service is fantastic.


Greer Thottam

24 August 2014

" My Upper East Side Dream Come True", Impeccable service, they treat everyone like a celebrity here. Intimate and yes, "swanky", it has now become my place to stay in NYC. Bemelman's Bar was so cozy, elegant and whimsical at the same time. The Sensi Spa was fabulous. The concierge Waldo was so fun and helpful, I really can't say enough, other than fabulous, can't wait to go back! More...


Fernando Saxe Cobourg

20 June 2014

So great!!!


Denis Roo

19 June 2014

Superbement bien situé très bel endroit


Mauricio Alejandro Mestriner

3 April 2014

Es mi casa!!!!


Adam Nowicki

27 March 2014

Visited The Carlyle hotel over the weekend and we extremely satisfied with the extraordinary service ! Breakfast was wonderful plus special thank you to Ms Raffaella Bastianini for her hand written welcome /greeting card ! will be back for sure Adam Nowicki


Eva Heather Kerr

15 March 2014

If You LOVE Elegance with Comfort and BEST ENTERTAINMENT..... This is the place to BE


Pamela Jordon

16 January 2014

Enjoyed fabulous dinner and show...


Jane Morris

30 November 2013

The best bar I have ever been in (besides Eldons).


Gabo Medina

23 November 2013

I felt like home!!


Atelier Hadleigh's

9 November 2013

Amazing like home!!


Gireesh Bembalkar

27 August 2013



Arif Budiman Suwardi

30 November 2012



Lane Medeiros

9 April 2012