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I’m Keith from Dublin, creator and website enthusiast. With over 8 years of experience, I will be able to assist you in developing a unique website based on your needs.

For many years I have been freelancing in the area of web design and development working on various web projects for small to corporate companies.


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11 March 2019

Great designer and quick turn around on my project and request. Thanks to Keith’s knowledge and determination my portfolio website looks great and functions really well. I recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to get in touch, he will guide you in the right direction. More...


Stephen Shaw

24 February 2019

Great designer and quick turn around on my project and request. Thanks to Keith’s knowledge and determination my portfolio website looks great and functions really well. I recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to get in touch, he will guide you in the right direction. More...


Meabh Del Guercio

6 February 2019

Beep Designs and Keith's creative, dynamic designs have been integral in the success of our digital campaigns at SLaM in Dubai!

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I think the following make a up a great website

1. Identify your Audience. Do you know what your audience looks like? How old they are? What other sites they use? All of this information, and more, is crucial for building the best website.
2. Straightforward navigation – Is it easy to work out how you get around your site?
3. The right style – Your site should be unique and distinctive, whilst still appealing to your users
4. High quality imagery – If your images aren’t good, your site won’t look good, either
5. The right fonts – Make sure your font matches the general style, and is legible
6. The right words – Your site can look amazing, but if none of the words make sense, design won’t matter

Describe your business in a few sentences.
Do you currently have a website? If so, what is/isn’t working for you?
What are your goals for this project?
Who is your target audience?
What specific features do you want on the site?
Who are your main competitors?

CREATIVE BRIEF. In this first step, I gather all of the information possible from you. I ask questions and get to know your needs and expectations. I want to know what the website or blog needs to help you accomplish, what results you want to see, why you’re doing the project, how it will be used, and who the site is being developed for. The information gathered in this step is then compiled into a creative brief to be reviewed and approved by all decision-makers.

PLANNING. This step involves the development of your website/blog sitemap, flow of content, how the navigation will function, what tools and features need to be integrated and what interactive elements like forms need to be included.

DESIGN. This is when I begin on creating the actual look and feel of your website or blog. I will design the page templates using colors, textures, graphics, typefaces, etc. and will present your website or blog design concepts to you via email as JPG files for review.

REVISIONS & FINE TUNING. This is where you really start to get involved and we work together to revise the concepts as needed to reach your final logo design. While I will always honor your ideas and requests, I also will provide design guidance as needed.

DEVELOPMENT. Once your final design is selected, the actual build of the website will begin, starting with the homepage and then the interior page template. Then the integration of your opt-in box, shopping cart, electronic forms, etc. will be completed along with the insertion and formatting on the content. The site will be available online for review during this time and you will be able to make changes.

TESTING. In this phase we click through your entire site checking the links, forms, design elements, and copy to make sure everything is working and displaying correctly. Once the site has been tested, the files will be transferred to your hosting account using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. At the time your site will be live to the public.

MAINTENANCE. Your site may be live, but the work is not done! To keep visitors coming back to your site it needs to be consistently updated with fresh new content. You may also have new services, products, or events to add to your website. I can work with you to maintain your website and keep the content updated, or you can utilize a content management system that will give you access to your website’s “back end” and allow you to make the changes yourself.

What does your business do?
Do you currently have a website?
What is your site’s goal?
Who is your target audience?
How is your company unique?
Who are your competitors?
What features do you want on your site?

The good thing of being a Web Designer, is that my job will never be limited only on one specific industry. One day I are designing a Restaurant website, the next day I can design a website for a carpenter, a musician etc. I have developed my creative skills and learned lots about different types of businesses. I never get bored from being a web designer since I have lots of different projects.

Being a freelance web designer, I can work in my home, a coffee shop, or even a library as long as I have an internet connection.


I make my schedule. I schedule clients when it’s convenient for both of us and I make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the time I need to commit to other freelance projects. I make it sound like I’ve always done that, but it’s taken long days and trial and error to figure out when those times are so that I can keep my sanity.
I can make time for certain events or invites, and make appointments without asking for permission to take off work.

Creative freedom
I’m a very efficient worker, so when I’m given a task I complete it quickly. At previous jobs, this left me with a lot of downtime. I wasn’t able to use my phone or do anything non work-related during business hours, and I felt like I was wasting both mine and the company’s time. Now, when I have a productive day and finish my work in less than 8 hours, I take the rest of the time off (or try to ).

I have over 8 years experience working as a freelance web designer and graphic designer.
I’m a one-stop shop for your web and graphic needs. I provide beautiful, professional, and creative designs without the hassle and cost of hiring a web design firm.