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When we took over Beds.org, the first thing we did is survey site users and find what it was they were looking for when shopping for beds. The two overwhelming responses were more detailed information, so they can properly research a bed, and REAL customer reviews that were unbiased and not doctored in any way.


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Monika Verma

Simply loved the product! The mattress I purchased has immensely improved my sleeping cycle and has helped in reducing my stress level as well. You guys are doing a great job. keep it up! More...


Abhishek Singh

The best part of using this product is its long term durability, I have been using it for a very long time and still, it gives the same level of comfort as the newly purchased mattress.


Alden Scox

I have been facing sleeping issues since years and I thought my stress levels are solely responsible for my irregular sleeping cycle but it was partly true. After reading the informative content on your site, I decided to change my mattress and the result was exceptionally good. Thank you! More...


Imran Khan Rangrez

Awesome! is how I define your mattresses. In the past, I have dealt with many sleeping issues but the moment I switched to this amazing product things changed for good.


Annika Hunter

Incorrect and/or outdated information. No response to messages/ inquiries

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