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Clean simple designs with rich content had always been essential and still is.

Easy to navigate and show relevant products and offers

What Client interaction desired...(functionality).
Content Management System (CMS) required.

After our initial discussion, will create you a flat visual (picture) and explain what functions or details that aren’t visible in a flat image.
We will do this as many times as you need I order to create a website that reflects you and your business.

When this is agreed we would deliver a price

Once this is agreed. We build the structure and incorporate as much content as we have and then come back to you for final content and tweaks as required

After initial discussion and agreement, we would ask for 50% of the agreed price and work until the project is finished. We will only ask for the final payment if you are unable to provide the information/content that is required to finish the project within 60 days after the final structure is complete.

Talking to clients and getting a feel for their business. The Design process and the completion of projects, if our SEO services are taken, seeing your site prominent in Google

I bought a business website May years ago and found it a very difficult and complicated process, but most of all found few people prepared to listen to what I wanted instead of telling me what I should have, as a customer service professional I decided I could offer more of what the client wants and to this day is still my core philosophy

I’m a good listener, patient, knowledgeable and get results

I don’t keep 9-5 hours, am available for extended hours and weekends, I give a lot of service at no extra cost. I believe friendly professional advice for free is helpful and won’t take on a job unless I know I can deliver beyond your expectations.

Have been doing this for more than 10 years and have many many happy clients who would be happy to tell you how and what I do.