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We at Becky Hupfeld Photography are here to meet the customer's need when it comes to making lasting memories. Becky Hupfeld has been photographing since 1997 and more recently, studied professionally for two years to get her Associates Degree in Digital Photography.


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Stephanie Rose Manning

Becky did my infant photo shoot. The pictures came out awesome. J highly recommend her! She was very patient and great with my baby. ���

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The secret to taking a great photo is knowing exactly what your subject is and your surroundings. Being passionate about taking photos and having your own style makes them great.

Something I might ask a client when starting a new project is, "what look would you want to achieve?" or "What feeling do you want to get from this photo?" If the photo is for a special someone, like say, a Grandparent, then we want the feel to be soft and warm.

"What is your preferred location?" do the clients have a special place they want to go, that has meaning or that they just love the look of? Or, I have many suggestions for locations, as well.

Getting to know clients and their personalities. Then, capturing those personalities in a photo. Photographing horses, in black back grounds and capturing their personalities. Seeing the reactions of my clients when they do get to see their amazing images.

As a child, my Father took stunning photos of my sister and I with his SLR camera. I loved seeing how beautiful they were. My father also traveled the World, and had just wonderful photos to show, like Japan, Great Britain, Germany, France and more. After begging him for years, he got me, my own Canon SLR and a flash. I took photos of mainly horses, animals, and nature. Over the years, my love for photography grew into a passion. My subjects grew to people, architecture, candid's, and more. I wanted to get an education in photography, because I saw the demand was so high for photographers and I had cultivated a different eye. So, I went to college to get professionally trained so, I could know exactly what I was looking for and doing, when it came to my passion.

There are many photographers out there! There are many with no education at all! Many, who don't have that passion, and just want to make some money. Some are very good, too. But, they all look the same! I'm different, for many reasons. No two photos will be alike. I NEVER use the manual mode on my camera, I take the time to get to know my clients, so I can get a feel for their personality and in return, I'm able to best capture their true self. Not a fake, phony, cheesy smile. I'm real and I hope my clients can be the same.