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Giuseppe Lepore

4 May 2019

An upscale restaurant in the heart of downtown Ottawa, close to Parliament Hill. It now stands where the old Grant building over 140 years ago. The restaurant is named after a famous local restauranteur and entrepreneur, Stephen Beckta. We enjoyed an evening of wine pairing with numerous different dishes matching the wine chosen. A great place for individuals, groups to enjoy an experience in fine cuisine. It was my first visit and probably won't be my last. More...


Calvin deGroot

25 April 2019

Best restaurant we have been to in a long time. The food is awesome, we loved the vegetable driven dishes but there are so many other great options. The service and hospitality was next level. We interacted with a wide variety of welcoming staff but bartender and server Greg was particularly amazing! More...


Roxanne Clément

25 April 2019

Nice fancy place, located in the historical building that used to house the legendary Friday's. Two areas to eat, wine bar and dining room - both two different experiences. The first is more trendy and casual, while the second is more elegant and classy in atmosphere. Personally I preferred the dining room. As at the old location, the food does not disappoint and the wine matches are fantastic. A real nice place to treat yourself! More...


JJ Gagne

25 April 2019

Great venue. Lovely décor. Staff are nice, sometimes forgetful. Food quality is good although portions are somewhat smaller than one would expect. They lose points for average to lower value for your dollar. More...


Victor Avila

26 March 2019

Excellent service! Great and unique food. The drinks were creative. It is costly but totally worth it for a special occasion.


Keith Willey

26 March 2019

Absolutely perfect. I've lived in Ottawa for ten years, and this was by far our best dining experience. outstanding food, outstanding service and very good value.


Amarjit Dhamrait

26 March 2019

5 course tasting menu is well worth the money and very filling. The Hen was cooked perfectly. Juicy, moist with a nice crispy skin. Absolutely delicious. Waiters were very professional and brought each meal in a timely manner. Definitely a place I would like to go back. More...


Keith Hudson

26 March 2019

Phenomenal place. Had no trouble getting a reservation and was even offered seating options.Our server Kim was attentive and helpful with all our questions pertaining to the menu.The food was ready quickly and absolutely fantastic.Would absolutely recommend returning or checking it out. More...


Michel Anderson

26 March 2019

The food and drink were fantastic. I had food I would never have ordered on my own and was not disappointed, except for the dessert. I don't recall exactly what it was but it was at Christmas time and had Peanut Butter in it. Nobody who ordered it finished it, it was bad. More...


Robert Reeves

24 February 2019

Beckta is a lovely restaurant with a large guest area dining room on the ground floor and private rooms upstairs. We had a private room for six people. The dinner was fantastic. I had the beef tenderloin while others in our party had duck magret and venison. All of the meals were excellent and the service was friendly and efficient. Undoubtedly one of Ottawa’s finest restaurants. More...


John-Boy Hahn

4 February 2019

This was a super great experience. My wife and I went for our anniversary. We chose to have the 5 course s with wine pairings. Zero regrets know this one. We've done a couple of multi-course meals before, and Beckta does it well. There was never any pressure and we took our time throughout every course.

They even added a little something because it was our anniversary. Thank you Beckta. All of your restaurants in the NCR are great and we will keep coming back.


François Brabant

1 February 2019

Had a really great experience at Beckta! Service was impeccable and the attention to details in both the food and service was great. Food was very tasty and the tasting menu was definitely worth it. We will definitely go back! More...


Kim Bui

14 January 2019

Everything was splendid. The service was beyond our expectations, the food was magnificent. I love the classy atmosphere. We’ll definitely be coming back, regularly!


Joseph Pepin

30 December 2018

Attended a work Christmas party here. Great food, staff and alcohol choices. If your work likes to party and dance I wouldn't recommend it. It is great for sitting and socializing. More...


Steve O

21 December 2018

Great restaurant. Wonderful and friendly staff - from the greeting as we came in, to our coat check, to the waiter and serving staff. The food was incredible, as were their signature cocktails. We will definitely be going back! More...

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