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Beckland Day Care Services

Cape Town, South Africa

Beckland Day Care Services logo

Beckland Day Care Services

Cape Town, South Africa



Beckland Day Care offers wide range services but mainly in Hygiene an Cleaning , To ensure quality cleaners both for domestic and industrial we offer short and intensive courses that equip a cleaner with fundamental knowledge in the execution of their duties, proper use of protective clothing, distinguishing colour codes in health facilities, good communication skills, well groomed , presentable and professional conduct.


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Violet Ruhukwa

3 May 2019

Unbelievable ..they did a great job they were so punctual and definitely will need their service again


Lionel Munuwa

2 May 2019

Very good customer service and a dedicated team.


Charles Jack

1 May 2019

Professional and efficient . They surely go the extra mile to meet client's needs



1 May 2019

Very professional and the service is value for money.. will definately recommend them


Beckland Day Care Services was registered on January 18 2018

Yes we do , but sometimes this depended on the client.

We thrive for a clean environment that is safe for everyone anywhere!

Coming from a health (nurse) background the exposure and ignorance on small details that may lead to diseases and outbreaks both domestic and industrial , and having knowledge on how to curtail and increase awareness on clean environment and its benefits on a larger scale spurred the idea to venture into the business.

We take no secondary chances to cleanliness, professional approach , qualified workforce from a steady organisation



We are now offering Certificate of Attendance in Hygiene and Cleaning Course , Beckland is process to be accredited by SETA