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Hi All, My company offers an easy to follow escape from addictive substances & activities that might be causing harm to the individual or other people. I help with Food Disorders, Weight Loss and help deliver and Exercise Program. I also help with Anxiety & Stress Disorders, OCD and other Mental Health Conditions.
I help people overcome addictions from Nicotine, Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Cocaine, Gambling, Sex, Pornography, Gaming, Relationships, in fact anything you have found pleasure from in life but it’s now causing you pain then I can get you out.
I’ve over 20 years experience as an addict and over 11 years being free, I know the quickest easiest way to to set you free. I can work with individuals over 2 weeks 4 weeks or a few months depending on the severity of the conditions. I run Retreats, Workshops & Seminars, I’m a Published Author & Speaker and have spoken all around the world tackling Addictions, Food Disorders & Mental Health. My website is;

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Beat My Addictions.Com Reviews

Beat My Addictions.Com Reviews

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Lulu woodger
5 03/08/2018 Lulu woodger

I never thought I would pack up smoking until I went to see Chris hill . Wow unbelievable.. he explains things so that anyone can understand and he is also funny with it .. such a natural man .. after the retreat I thought I would really struggle but I never . He also rings you and talks online constantly .. he’s fab . Thank you Chris xxxxx

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Michelle
5 03/08/2018 Michelle

Well where do I start, Chris has the biggest heart, walks his talk and is always supportive and helpful.

His technique and mentoring is practical and magical. I should know I gave up sugar, caffeine and alcohol are years of yo-yo-Ing between them for energy changes.

You may not think it’ll work but it will!!! I’d recommend Chris and his simple bit effective approach to anyone. Oh and he may just become a great friend too!!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Meagan  Abedinzad
5 02/08/2018 Meagan Abedinzad

working with beat my addiction has give me will power helped to develop a healthier from of mind Chris Hill is also brilliant

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Natalie Baker
5 01/08/2018 Natalie Baker

Amazing Programme, Amazing Support & Amazing Life changing results. After a 21 year cigarette addiction, I now have no want or craving for a cigarette & 13 year alcohol problem, I no longer have a want & need for a drink. Chris Hill is truly a Legend!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Emma
5 01/08/2018 Emma

Chris has changed my whole life and rid me of my food addiction and my anxiety and depression. I will always be for ever grateful. The best thing I've ever done for myself.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Kate
5 01/08/2018 Kate

40yrs i've not been able to give up sugar....I gave up booze with the help of AA but sugar was my kryptonite!!!!! Someone suggested I try Chris Hill @ beat my addictions. God i wish I'd found him earlier. But they do say "When the pupil is ready.. The teacher appears" . CANNOT RECOMMEND HIM HIGH ENOUGH!!!!!!!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by joanna mclean
5 01/08/2018 joanna mclean

Chris Hill was amazing had a one to one with him for an afternoon and it was life changing - we laughed and cried ( me not him ) but came away with the tools to deal with things reinforced!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Julia Argent
5 01/08/2018 Julia Argent

Chris has changed my life, once you understand his model you can use it for all addictions plus stress and anxiety. I had a big problem with sugar, not anymore!
I can easily refuse offers of desserts, sweets, cakes etc. without an issue. I have no cravings whatsoever
I feel so much better and it’s all thanks to Chris Hill

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Chris Cole
5 01/08/2018 Chris Cole

I was a bit skeptical at first and wondered if this was going to work for me just like we are with anything. I wanted to give up smoking to live a happier and healther life and to take back control of my own mind and not let my mind take control of me. I listened to Chris Hill and he gave me the tools i needed to beat this addition. Within 10 days i lost the want and need for a cigarette and it was an amazing feeling. I then on his retreat as i was amazed by the result and went on to giving up sugar (Non essential foods) and caffiene. Now i feel amazing and couldnt thank this man enough!. He actually is my hero. What i also loved about Chris is he was always on the other end of the phone when i was struggling and really talked me through how to get thru this and spent as much time as he needed to. No rushing, just full on support. What he did was helped me to change my life!. Thank you so much Chris

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Claire Price
5 31/07/2018 Claire Price

I have given Chris Hill and the beat my addiction programme 5 stars because I have seen and experienced first hand the amazing work his programme has done for people so far. I’ve been to Chris’s Seminars, a couple of his retreats and visited the Wednesday evening workshop Chris holds every week in Sidcup. I myself have used Chris’s programme to help me give up cigarettes, but I’ve been lucky to achieve so much more than that. I have a completely different and positive outlook on life since being educated on the beat my addictions programme and my life has never been better. Chris is an amazingly generous, loving and kind man and I really hope that people far and wide get to receive this information and hear Chris Hills message because it’s changing lives and it’s could change yours too !x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Chris Stockil
5 31/07/2018 Chris Stockil

The understanding of addictions has made my life happier. Not only has it changed my life but also many lives around me. I use the self talk in a lot of areas in my life. Chris Hill really has cracked the code.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Tucker
5 31/07/2018 Tucker

I attended a seminar this year with chris. To say chris changed my life is an understatement. Chris saved my life. 25 years of drink and drug abuse finally came to an end. Also for the first time in 40 years my anxiety and depression doesn't rule my life. Since the seminar the changes in myself and my life is unbelievable. I couldn't recommend chris highly enough and I'm constantly telling people of what chris does.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Suzanne Fownes
5 31/07/2018 Suzanne Fownes

40 years struggling to stop smoking, Chris Hill gave me the understanding, insights and motivation to successfully STOP smoking and feel free and happy at last!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Denise Evans
5 31/07/2018 Denise Evans

Downloaded online course, joined the smoking group for support. Stopped smoking. It really was that simple. Last cigarette was 25/2/18 but feels like I’ve been a non smoker for years. Thank you So much Chris.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Karen
5 31/07/2018 Karen

When my 15 year old son was diagnosed with anorexia I got in touch with Chris he was so helpful and was willing to help us in any way possible when I didn’t know which way to turn. I may need him again soon and I know he will there to help me.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Vanessa Clark
5 31/07/2018 Vanessa Clark

I have tried every diet for the last forty years, honestly there is not one diet or regime I haven’t done . Until I met Chris then my life changed around in every way possible . I have lost 3 stone in the last 3 months have become more positive in my way of life and thinking . I no longer crave sugar caffeine or non essential foods and I mean I don’t even think about it . My life has completely changed I cannot recommend chris highly enough and thank him every day for what he has done for me .

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Jo hickey
5 31/07/2018 Jo hickey

Chris was a great help to my son being there for him as well as for us all 24/7 without hesitation and always at the end of the phone. He is such an inspiration and to see what he has achieved over the last few years is absolutely amazing.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Julie Brightwell
5 31/07/2018 Julie Brightwell

I attended Chris's workshop and felt amazing after. He has a real understanding of how the mind works. He speaks in simple ,genuine terms and offers a supportive after care system. Truly compassionate individual. Always ready to help anyone regardless of who you are. Inspirational

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Ricky Morgan
5 31/07/2018 Ricky Morgan

Once you get your head around what he teaches it’s easy to stop any addiction, at first I didn’t believe and was maybe a little scared but it’s changed my life so much for the better it’s unbelievable. Thanks Chris x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Chris
5 31/07/2018 Chris

Chris isn’t a doctor and doesn’t claim to know everything, however his past experience and teaching methods cannot be ignored. Chris doesn’t patronise or judge, he’ll do whatever he can to help you. There’s no catch! Don’t stay miserable and alone, get in touch and this guy will change your life. Thank you Chris x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Eddie Meyers

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Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Natasha Evans
5 Natasha Evans

Already beat my nicotine addiction with Chris method... I Don’t miss it at all... This guy is genius! Jump on board, you won’t regret it...

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Claire Denise Taylor
5 Claire Denise Taylor

Chris has given me a new life. I’m FREE ..... free from Alcohol, Drugs, Nicotine, Sleeping Tablets and Sugar. My new life is amazing and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Chris.... I totally recommend this programme to anyone who needs help xxx

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Tracey Hussey
5 Tracey Hussey

Such an amazing uplifting day seeing people visualise how to make their intentions reality. Felt so energised but relaxed when I left,a very warm welcoming environment thank you so much Chris x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Denise Mortimer
5 Denise Mortimer

Amazing two days with Chris Hill at his Get Your Life Back event. He is a legend. Seriously amazing value, genuine guy who will change the world.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Janice Brede
5 Janice Brede

Amazing 2 day seminar with totally inspirational people ��
I am going 2 absolutely get my life back.
Thank you so much Chris you are an amazing man xxxx

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Debbie Colton
5 Debbie Colton

What a fantastic weekend. So powerful, delivered brilliantly by Chris. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to make a change in their life. So pleased I made it. Thanks once again Chris x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Lee Macdonald
5 Lee Macdonald

Thanks to this amazing 2 day seminar and Chris Hill I am now smoke free. If you’re struggling with addiction, this is your next step towards freedom!!!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Pat Mckenna
5 Pat Mckenna

The two day seminar was brilliant. Chris has a unique way on how to deliver this powerful presentation. I recommend this to everyone I know who may feel they would benefit from this workshop. Well done Chris, great work �

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Mandi Ellinor
5 Mandi Ellinor

Totally amazing guy, what a fabulous weekend seminar changing lives. A true inspiration and pioneer. Can’t recommend him enough to anyone struggling with addictions or just the stresses of life.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Jay Macdonald
5 Jay Macdonald

I have just experienced the 2 Day GET YOUR LIFE BACK seminar. WOW! Really good powerful honest passionate informative educational about beating anxiety, negative emotions & addictions.
I highly recommend contacting Chris Hill and his friendly experienced support team towards changing your life.
Thank you thank you thank you.
I truly didn’t know what to expect even after reading the book, doing the free 7 day online course and working so hard on myself for so long, I was really stuck. These two days have given me all the answers and information I needed to break free of some powerful mind traps that had me stuck in my internal drama for over 35 years. The love and support from everyone was exceptional. I really felt like part of a family this weekend and better still, to witness so many people all struggling with some kind of internal battle with the mind after a lifetime of feeling so alone was liberating. To listen and share experiences with beautiful People took away the confusion, shame and guilt I have been experiencing, whilst the success stories were nothing short of inspirational. I am so happy I got to be apart of the seminar with my Jayondrums Percussion Entertainmentnt show too, THANK YOU to everyone for your support and help getting everyone moving, dancing and pumped up ready to go! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to do it all again �����

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Caroline Gedney
5 Caroline Gedney

Just done the Get your Life Back weekend - totally awesome experience, definitely highly recommend it. Chris is an absolute legend. His generosity and passion are humbling. And his method works. A life changing experience for us. Thank you

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Ellie Salts
5 Ellie Salts

This is the best thing you can do for your life the information the way it is delivered. Chris is so passionate and really cares about people and people’s happiness. DO THIS for yourself x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Daisy Figgett
5 Daisy Figgett

Just been on the 2 day seminar, Get your Life Back weekend and what can I say, but what a powerful weekend and learnt so much. Would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a change in the life forever �

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Dawn Norris
5 Dawn Norris

I have finally got my life back thanks to Chris Hill. It has been a long time coming (31 years) but I am absolutely sure that today will be the first day of a happier, healthier, slimmer, calmer, confident me. I recommend this course to anyone that has an addiction of any kind or a past trauma that is preventing them from living the life that they so want and deserve.

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Lesley Hawkins
5 Lesley Hawkins

Wow ! What a fantastic weekend at the Get Your Life Back workshop. Chris Hill is an amazing guy and so passionate about helping others. He makes everyone feel special and important and what’s more his programme works - it’s incredible ! I would recommend anyone that has addictions of any kind including food and also stress/anxiety issues to download the 7 day beat addiction plan or attend a workshop. Yes - it will change your life !

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Le-Anne Soutter
5 Le-Anne Soutter

Returning from what I can only describe as a very uplifting and invigorating seminar, I’m truly inspired and grateful to Mr Chris Hill for his dedication and passion for getting our lives back. I certainly feel as though I can get mine back and strongly recommend this path of well being to anyone and everyone. Thanks again Chris, your an amazing person xxx

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Karen Wunderlich Boughey
5 Karen Wunderlich Boughey

i've spent my entire adult life battling with my weight and relationship with food. i've been an addictions specialist and ran services in this field but i have never been able to conquer my own issues, just everyone else's! the 2 day seminar i attended has given me a fresh perspective and i've come away feeling like i can genuinely do this... food related anxiety and deprivation have always been my downfall but now i feel i have the tools to deal with this. thank you so very much chris - i'm excited for these next 10 days x

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Shonagh West
5 Shonagh West

I recently went to a 2 day workshop in London. I came away very motivated and inspired by the stories I had heard. I wanted to wait to see how I would get on before posting a review as I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to my addictions. In just 10 days I no longer smoke or eat sugar. And have now been free for just under a month. But the biggest change for me is that I don't want to. Before sugar and nicotine have always been in the back of my mind and with will power alone I was never able to get over that hurdle of the idea I was going to have to be 'strong' forever. This really doesn't work like that and all I can say is commit and be amazed at how well you will get on with your mind and body afterwards, its nice to not be fighting anymore!

Review of Beat My Addictions.Com by Keithanthony Taylor
5 Keithanthony Taylor

I have just returned from Chris Hill's Get Your Life Back weekend workshop where I was privileged to be witness to Chris working with around 130 people.

Chris was fabulous working collectively with the entire group to remove all addictions and help people get their lives back so that people with long term addictions to alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, cocaine, heroine, sugar, anxiety, depression, pain, fibromyalgia, and much else were all cured over the two days together.

It was also fabulous to hear the many people speaking who had testimonies to give who'm Chris had supported in the past who came to tell us how their lives had been changed by often chance encounters with Chris Hill. Get Your Life Back I cant shout it loud enough Chris was just amazing I learned so much from this event.

Beat My Addictions.Com

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Beat My Addictions.Com Q&A

Beat My Addictions.Com Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

I really work on eliminating processed & refined sugars from peoples diets, these foods act as a poison inside of us and cause obesity & type 2 diabetes. Eating as much as a natural food diet is essential for health.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing someone become free.
Also sharing my knowledge and experience to helping others.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I lost my twin brother Rob to a drug overdose back in 2014 which has inspired me to share my story and help other people.

Why should our clients choose you?

I’m a Lived Experienced Practioner who has come through all of these conditions myself and found my way out, I’m now sharing my knowledge to get you out too.

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