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Be More You is Psychotherapist, coach and trainer Jonathan Goldsmith.

I see private one-to-one clients for Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. I also work with couples on relationship issues.

I also run workshops, training events and salons for people that want to work with issues around creativity, communication and NLP.

Be More You Reviews

Be More You Reviews

Review of Be More You by Nykolay Muszasty
5 04/08/2016

It was a privilege to have worked with Jonathon.
A wonderful charismatic man who knows how to guide you to the place you want to head toward.
Thank you Jonathon for your help.

Nykolay Muszasty

Be More You

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81 Harley House, 28-32 Marleybone Road, Marylebone, London NW1 5HN, UK

Be More You Q&A

Be More You Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I see people as being full of potential and capabilities and I see what I do as helping people to connect to their own resources and to help them be the best versions of themselves they can be. Often people come to me, because they are stuck are caught up in symptoms such as stress, addiction, anxiety or depression. Helping people find their way out of these symptoms and watching them and their lives get better, so that they have more choices and flexibility is why I do what I do.
I also find people fascinating and am always constantly surprised at how by giving people the space to work on their goals how amazingly creative humans can be.
I think that what I am privileged to do the job that I do and working with clients and seeing them change is so incredibly rewarding and humbling.
As one of my mentors says 'It's a great way to earn a living'!

Why should our clients choose you?

For me, success in psychotherapy is primarily down to the relationship between the client and the therapist.
I think that's primarily important that you feel like that I am someone that you want to work with and that what I do and believe fits for you.
I strongly believe that the right therapist is out there for each and every client, and that there needs to be a certain chemistry in order for therapy to be successful.
The way that I work is that after you contact me to explore working with me, is that we arrange an exploratory session. This will give us a chance to get each other better, for me to find out more about what you are looking for and for you to meet me and ask me any questions about what I do and how I work.
After that session is completed we will then decide together if you want to carry on working with me.
My advice to anyone looking for therapy is to keep on looking until you have a sense that the therapist is the right fit for you.

Services provided by Be More You

Be More You Services


“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Abraham Maslow Contemporary Psychotherapy is a pluralistic approach to therapy which has given me a background in multiple therapeutic approaches. What that means is that rather then having only one way of working with my clients I fit the approach to the client; rather than just having a hammer in my tool box I fit the tools to the client. To me, one of the most important things that I do, is to see each and every person that comes to me for therapy as an individual and that there will be a unique way that we will work together. As an example if a client comes to me complaining of a symptom like ‘depression’ rather then ‘treating’ the depression I will work with the client to see what approach will best fit them and their unique and specific way that they are ‘depressed’.

Hypnotherapy and Trance work

We go in and out of trance all of the time, it is a naturally occurring phenomena. Getting lost in a book, daydreaming, having a vivid memory, ‘zoning’ out in front of the TV, these are all examples of ‘Trance States’ Often problems or symptoms will require you to go into ‘trance’ in order to experience them. A great example of this is phobias. A fear of spiders, is more often than not a fear of the ‘thought’ of spiders. The spider you will be afraid of isn’t the tiny house-spider crawling in your sink, it’s a giant fang bearing monstrosity that you see in your imagination! The way that people create their phobias is to go into a deep trance and imagine something that isn’t there being very real, and the experience of this can be very frightening. Understanding and being able to utilise this natural phenomena is what hypnosis is, so, if you can create big imaginary scary spiders, what would happen if you could create big exciting plans and projects instead? or teach yourself to see the tiny spider in the sink for what it is, just a small harmless spider! Trance is something that has been explored in a variety of different ways throughout time often referred to as meditation, mindfulness or relaxation and works with both your thoughts and your physiology.


“There is an entirely different way to look at change which we call the generative or enrichment approach. Instead of just looking for what’s wrong and fixing it, it’s possible simply to think of ways that your life could be enriched: “What new capacities or abilities could I invent for myself?”; “How can I make things really groovy?” Excerpt from Frogs in Princes, 1979; Richard Bandler and John Grinder I see that coaching is helping you to clarify and refine what it is you want and to help give you the tools to get there. Each of us has inside of us goals, dreams and passions, a direction that can be described as our ‘True North’. I work with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan on their latest coaching work: ‘Generative Coaching’.To be ‘generative’ means to create results that have never existed before: it is what entrepreneurs, artists, philosophers and inspirational leaders do. Generative Coaching is a set of tools for working with clients to enable them to discover and harness this extraordinary power within themselves. It enables clients to transcend problems rather than just ‘sort’ them, and to move on to new, previously unimagined levels of creativity in both their personal and professional lives. Unlike conventional coaching, Generative Coaching welcomes crises and threats to identity and works with them, treating them as golden opportunities for deep personal change. The invitation is to come and explore what it is that you really want, and to us to work together to find your inner genius.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how people are effective at doing the things that they do, looking at how people do this in their bodies (N), their language (L) and their beliefs (P). When NLP was born in the 70’s the founders were interested in looking at the great therapists of their time Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, Milton Erikson & Gregory Bateson. They wanted to understand and model how it was that they were so successful in what they did. Out of this ‘modelling’ came most of the tools that are still associated with NLP. The ability to ‘model’, is something that I use in my work with my clients, both for use in my therapeutic work and in my coaching and mentoring. Having a better understanding of how you may be ‘depressed’, creating ‘anxiety’ or having a problem like an eating disorder or addictive behaviours will often be our starting point for creating change. It will also give me an insight into how you do the things that you do that are successful in your life. There are moments in our lives we are all great at what we do, yet we may be unaware of how that happens. Gaining a better understanding of what makes you a great leader, manager, artist, parent etc. and how you already do this, means that I can work with you to help you be more consciously skilful at choice within in your life. And that is one of the best things for me about NLP: is that it is about generating more choice! Having more choice and flexibility in situations where you had none before and that is what I aim to do with my clients.

Work history from Be More You

Work History

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach

Be More You

From January 2011 to present.

Click to edit position descriptionBe More You: One-to-one psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and Coaching, workshop and event facilitation for individuals and businesses. “Be More You” came about when someone asked me to describe what my therapy and NLP training had done for me. The answer that I came up with is, that I felt “much more me”, happier with the person that I had become and felt much more comfortable inside my own ‘skin’. This answer stuck with me and the idea for Be More You was born. At the core of all my work is the belief that people deep down are full of the potential to be amazing! I don’t see anyone as being broken or need ‘fixing’. We all have internal strengths and capabilities that exist inside of us, my work is about connecting you to these resources. ‘Problems’ exist when we forget or lose contact with these strengths. You may be stuck inside a problem or symptom, such as depression, addiction, anxiety or stress and this can prevent you from being who you are when you are at your best. Alternatively you may loose sight of you goals and your dreams and may be unsure how to bring out the best of you into your life. At the heart of my work, Be More You is about connecting you to you! I run workshops and trainings for companies and organisations on topics such as communication, creativity. I also provide in-house NLP training programmes.


PPD Learning Ltd

From January 2013 to present.

I run a NLP training school alongside NLP Trainer Judith Lowe called PPD Learning Ltd Our vision is to develop and inspire people in the world-wide field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) who want to explore, experiment, extend and enrich their skills to acquire expertise, mastery and artistry in NLP. We offer new kinds of events and advanced training opportunities, specially designed for NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners, NLP Trainers and Coaches - and everyone who wants to take their NLP practice to new levels of integration and effectiveness. We are promoting a warm-hearted, relational, systemic, intelligent, skillful and creative approach in using the tools of NLP. We believe that the core tools, skills and principles of systemic NLP enhance leadership and contribution in fundamental, positive and practical ways – and in the direction of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Judith Lowe and PPDL has been at the forefront of innovative, high-quality, advanced NLP training for nearly 30 years. We are widely admired for our high standards, friendly community and personal approach to the coaching and support of our students. We believe it is possible to become a 'Picasso' of NLP: creative, spontaneous, gifted, innovative, expressive and influential. As we see it, the original vision of NLP was that not only would it be an extension of applied linguistics, neurology and psychology, and create useful, effective models patterned from various human activities, but that it would also be a professional field in itself with a unique skillset, purpose and methodology. We believe mastery and artistry are possible in NLP and that, beyond the basics, there is a joyous, life-enhancing, generative pathway of learning, towards genuine, measurable, personal and professional achievement and wellbeing. We welcome NLP enthusiasts of all professional backgrounds and training schools.

Be More You Education


BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy

Post Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy

Awaken School of Outcome Orientated Therapy

Click to edit degree, followed by field of study and gradePG Diploma in Outcome Orientated Therapy

January 2016.

NLP University, Santa Cruz

NLP Trainer and Consultant

Stephen Gilligan

Advanced Training in Generative Trance

International Association of Generative Change

Generative Coaching

General Hypnotherapy Register, License 6496

General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice

Calabor Ltd

Mindfulness and Trance: A Third Generation Approach w/ Stephen Gilligan

Stephen Gilligan

Generative Psychotherapy: Self Relations Integration of Mindfulness and the Creative Unconscious

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