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Be Fab - Be You LLC Reviews

Be Fab - Be You LLC Reviews

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Jane Bolz
5 20/04/2018 Jane Bolz

First, I would like to say how much I enjoyed an on-line group class with Maria. I am older (64) but flexible, with farm animals and daily chores. I found that I was doing several of the exercises which I did at home on my own incorrectly. I am NOT good at pushups - upper body strength could definitely be improved, I really need to work on my abdominals, and I definitely need to work harder at pushing myself. Maria both gently corrected my form (squats, pushups, etc), encouraged us all to greater levels than I do, and made the class fun. I really received a much better workout, AND got my heart rate up where it should be during exercise, than I have done on my own. She makes allowances and/or changes the exercise for physical differences and levels among the group, so it is a challenge for each person, but not beyond that person's ability. I enjoyed it so much, I am enrolling in group classes now. I highly recommend Maria!

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Leslee Feiwus
5 18/04/2018 Leslee Feiwus

I took an online class with Maria which was offered to me from someone else. I haven't exercised in a long time and Maria was very cautious with me and showed me different ways to do the exercises so that I wouldn't hurt myself. I'm an older senior who is very sedentary. Maria was very sweet, caring, motivational and funny. She kept us going and got us through the whole exercise time. I felt really good after the exercises and Maria showed me that I can do it all with moderations to suit my physical abilities.

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Pamela Weems
5 16/04/2018 Pamela Weems

My workout with Maria was fabulous! She was on time, professional, gave good insight and was very encouraging! And...I was a little sore the next day, so I know I pushed beyond my current level of fitness! A good thing!

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Tieaka Blocker
5 08/04/2018 Tieaka Blocker

Be Fab- Be You the owner Maria was an amazing speaker to my culinary art students. Maria, inspired them to give up one thing that will change their life for the better and make them great future Chefs. Maria is dedicated, passionate health & fitness, well being & life coach. My students love her!!

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Jordan Moberg
5 11/01/2018 Jordan Moberg

Maria is such an inspiration. I took her Lifestlye Booty Camp class and was able to transform a lot of my habits through targeted mindset, goals, and use of available resources. She is passionate about creating a happier and healthier you. I would highly recommend any of her programs!

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Shermnae Jones
5 07/01/2018 Shermnae Jones

The Lifestyle Booty Camp for PCOS Online Group Program was an awesome experience!! I have been struggling through weightloss for a couple of years and was trying to identifying what the missing parts were. I met Maria at a PCOS conference back in 2016, and when I found out about this program I jumped at the chance! Being around others with similar goals helped foster an environment that was warm and allowed me to really open and be receptive. I was able to identify some patterns that have caused me to block my own success and begin to push past them. I highly recommend this program to any woman struggling through PCOS and looking to improve her health - and her life!!

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Akima A. Brown
5 05/01/2018 Akima A. Brown

The Lifestyle Booty Camp for PCOS Online Group Program was the answer to questions I've had for years. I have struggled most of my life with weight fluctuations and low-energy. After being diagnosed with PCOS four years ago, much of my troubles made sense. I wanted to take reclaim control of my body and my health, so I began to research and implement different things, but nothing seemed to work: that is, until Maria's Lifestyle Booty Camp. The lessons learned in the Booty Camp have helped me to improve my nutrition, exercise and sleep habits. Simple modifications have made big differences. And Maria was amazing; she's the perfect blend of compassion and accountability. She cares about the success of her clients, checking in regularly and always giving us her best. These few weeks have changed my life and I highly recommend it.

- Akima B., LBC 2017 Participant

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Aleksandra Dabrowska
5 31/12/2017 Aleksandra Dabrowska

_----Additional Review after online program!

I met Maria at a conference she was speaking over a year ago. We did an in person coaching session for a few months which was awesome, but after a year I felt like I needed some extra support to get my habits back on track. I had a busy year with so much of my life changing, but I knew Maria could help me refocus on my health so that I could keep progressing on this journey. This lead me to join the Lifestyle Booty Camp Online Group Program. Even though it was online, the energy, support, and knowledge that Maria provided was just as awesome as it was during our in-person sessions a year ago. The women who were in the program and joined the weekly chats and daily online check ins were also great accountability to keep on track in implementing Maria's teachings. I got my sleep back on track, participated in the daily work out challenges, and remembered all the healthy foods that I had pushed to the back of my pantry which I started cooking with again. All of this built up my energy and each week and as I started making small changes, the next week I felt more and confident enough to take on another change. Thank you Maria for offering this awesome online program! It was the boost that I needed to refocus during the holidays and prepare me to start 2018 on the best track :)

------ Prior Review-----------------
I met Maria at an event she was speaking at. I had recently started a new job, moved back home to Atlanta and got engaged. After a few hectic years post college graduation, I was finally ready to focus on myself and my health goals. I researched weight loss endlessly, but never found anything that worked for me. I was tired of losing the same 10 lbs over and over again. I did the 3 coaching month program with Maria because I needed to get some real answers about how to reach my health goals and really needed someone to hold me accountable! It was a tough, but fun, journey. Maria made the science behind weight loss easily understandable and that fundamentally changed how I treat my body. Maria challenged me, supported me, and gently guided me back in the right direction when I got off course. I have knowledge, skills, and habits that are priceless and will help me be healthy for the rest of my life! Never thought I would be so happy drinking green smoothies every morning! Thank you Maria!

Review of Be Fab - Be You LLC by Carolina Campos
5 17/10/2017 Carolina Campos

Exhausted, anxious, and tired of feeling tired! That was my reality a over 40 days ago. I am a 34 year old teacher who had moved to Georgia a little over a year ago and I had come to a point where I just didn’t like how I looked or how I felt. I was overly anxious, irritable, had terrible headaches and was questioning what my options where. I always liked to work out but I knew that no matter how much I exercised, the answer was in my nutrition.
I found Maria on a google search after cancelling an appointment with a nutrition center that after some digging, I found that their main focus was using shakes for weight loss. I wanted someone like Maria who would teach me about food and how to eat to transform my body. So, I called and I was immediately impressed with how quickly Maria replied to my call to schedule an energy audit. “We need to talk and see if we are we a good fit?” I was impressed! She wasn’t just taking me as a client to add to her portfolio but she wanted to see if she could invest time on my journey.. Maria and I met in person for the first time and talked about my concerns and goals. I don’t think I told her this but I remember looking at her and feeling envious of her beautiful skin! She glowed! Quickly she was able to identify the small changes I needed to make, sleep and water. Something that seems so obvious but I was lacking from my daily habits. I quickly made the adjustments as she suggested and started making better choices in my food choices and also with my personal life challenges. During the course, she gave me tough love during the process, I cried, laughed and even challenged some of her thoughts on my progress but above all, she was always kind, caring, professional, and even a friend that I can count on to keep me accountable to myself when it seemed impossible. She was always a text, call or email away.
On this personal journey, the most important thing I changed was my mindset. Maria helped me realized that my negative thoughts prevent me from achieving the best me. I still struggle with this but now I always catch myself when I am being negative or just reflect and try to improve for the next time. In terms of my nutrition, I learned that animal protein should not be the focus of my meals and instead my meal choices should focus on colorful vegetables and low sugar fruits. I also became aware of the importance of hydration and make drinking water essential to a successful day! Till today, I always start my day with 16oz of water with squeezed lemon and carry around my enormous water bottle that always strike up a conversation. When I first started, my only goal was to lose 15 lbs. Simple, measurable, timely...yes. I made it small enough that I would not be disappointed in myself when I failed because I really thought I wouldn’t make it. Instead I had lost 17 lbs and most importantly I had not gotten a single headache since I started working with Maria! My original goal was weight but in the end it was all about creating the woman that I want to be. I still struggle with my food choices and having a positive growth mindset, but after working with Maria, I have learned that it is all about choices and that I have the power to say yes and no to anything in my life and indirectly, I can touch the lives of my loved ones by continuing to transform mine.

Be Fab - Be You LLC

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