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Eagle Mountain, Utah

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Bauerle Consulting Services

Eagle Mountain, Utah

1 hire on Bark


I coach people to remove the limits holding them back and to develop their untapped potential to become successful. Everyone wants growth, but most feel stuck and ask, “When are things going to change?” Answer: When YOU change!

I love transforming people and businesses by getting them inspired by big emotional goals.


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8 February 2020

I have been working with Todd for nearly a year. I was serious about improving many areas of my life and I am certain I chose wisely when I selected Todd. When I look back to a year ago I am astounded with my growth and new skills. I am confident I would not be where I am without Todd’s skill. In a word Todd is remarkable. More...

28 January 2020

I have worked with Todd for nearly 2 years now and it has been life changing. The system he follows for bringing results is very effective, as long as you are willing to trust, and invest your time into learning and applying it. Aside from being a very positive and energetic individual, Todd has great intuitive and analytical skills, mixed with a breath of knowledge that is consistently expanding.

With the “Thinking Into Results” program as a backbone, he continually helps you see your blind-spots, and guides you to develop the skills and winning mindset for achieving success.
If you have ambitions and feel that there is something more out there, or you are just feeling stuck, Todd is someone you should be talking to.

23 January 2020

Todd L. Bauerle is a GREAT coach I recommend highly; utilizing & teaching with real application & repeated improved results in the Thinking Into Results (TIR) 6 month coaching! !!!! Life transforming skills and he teaches to each individual's understanding in a group of 15 of us!!! Excellent advice, personalization, & application helps/customizations, too!!! He knows first hand what he teaches!!! More...

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I love helping people succeed. When my clients have that "ah-ha" moment, and they see themselves differently, their entire world changes.

The most rewarding part about my job is when I have a client tell me, "I am not the same person I was before I began working with you."

I am so grateful to change people's lives!

In 2015 my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor which required surgery within 24 hours. It was benign, but the procedure left her out of work. I had to do something radically different to provide for my family.

I invested more money than would have been wise to work with a coach. The information I learned changed my life.

In less than a year, I quit my job to start my own career coaching practice. When I quickly earned more than double my old income, I knew I wanted to coach and teach the information that changed me. That is what I do now.

I am 100% a student of all I coach and teach people to do. I am my own best case study!

Clients should choose to work with me because I have a system that will guarantee transformation in any area of their life.

Do you want to have better family relationships, or find your soul mate; I can help.

Do you want to multiply your income; I can help.

Do you want to start a business; I can help.

Do you want to quantum leap your career forward; I can help.

Do you want to achieve prestige or win an award; I can help.

I practice what I coach and teach. It has transformed my life and the lives of my family and other clients.

Are you ready for transformation?


Are you currently living your best life? Do you feel stuck? Or is there something invisible holding you back from the life of your dreams? Through a 6-month engagement, you will become empowered to transform every area of your life. This change will happen by implementing the strategy, science and system of success. You will learn how to eliminate any self-limiting belief, and uncover the secret of having the confidence you need to design your life, and then achieve it. With that system in place, you will also be involved in a community of supportive, growing peers all pushing the boundaries of what they believe is possible. It is a great environment to grow and be accountable. Then, I am here to act as your vertical accountability, and help facilitate you through change as you get stuck. In the end, you will be a different person, living a new life with a limitless belief in yourself and what you can accomplish. It is time to turn your dreams into your reality!

If you only want to successfully climb the next rung on the achievement ladder, I have my own custom designed curriculum to teach you everything you need to master your current and future career transitions. We start by building a positive mindset, and then learning how to identify and communicate your unique talent and passions. We set a goal of making your next job your dream job, with a dream salary. I believe it is possible! I teach you everything you need to know about resumes, LinkedIn, networking and more so you show up to the interview with confidence, and can also negotiate your salary like a pro! Working together on transitioning you to your next career will take about 3 months.

Thank you for taking the time to read. First, Life Coaching is not therapy and is not covered by insurance. Many people seem to only be interested in coaching if they can afford it, and want to shop the cheapest price. This is the wrong way to shop for a coach. Secondly, I do not work with everyone. I need to understand what your goals are, and learn what is keeping you back from them. If I believe I can help you, and you seem coachable, I will invite you to be a client of mine. At that time, and not before, we can discuss price and payment options. Finally, if you are not interested in a conversation first, I am not the coach for you--and that's okay! If you are ready to commit to a conversation, I can't wait to learn about you and discuss how I can help you move forward!