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My name is Barry Patterson and I am a performer specialising in storytelling with songs and music. I perform in character, so that my shows aren't just story telling but they are certainly more that just live role play. My background is in education, museums and site interpretation but I appear at all manner of venues - indoors and out, for a wide range of audiences.



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I play flutes, whistles, bagpipes, bodhran & other hand-drums. I dabble in the ukulele a bit. I mostly do one man shows at public events, but enjoy playing with others.

I had a collection of poems published by Heaventree Press in 2008 & have twice won the Coventry Festival of Speech & Drama, adult class. One of my poems will soon appear on a public monument as part of the Polesworth Poets' Trail in North Warwickshire. My work has a strong theme of spirituality revealed in the natural world; animistic & mystical.

A former teacher, I've been a proffessional storyteller since 1991. I often work in character as the Wild Man of the Woods, a green man figure, or Mr. Beetle, the ukulele playing insect. I appear at all kinds of public events, also in schools, libraries & museums. Most of my stories revolve around the natural world & a sense of place & history. In the photo you can see me wearing deer antlers & playing the bagpipes. All my stories have songs & music in them.

I write all the songs whichy i used in my public perfirmances. Often I accompany myself on the bodhran. I often write my own lyrics set to trad tunes..