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Tom Cheeks

25 January 2019

I was fortunate to find Barry years ago and he really is a life-saver. Thoughtful, compassionate and intuitive, Barry has an uncanny way of cutting through the BS and to provide practical, sometimes even hard to hear advice. He's great in crisis situations but I found him most valuable by helping me change my mindset to make better decisions and compensate for my challenges to live my best life. More...


William Thomas Oglesby

1 July 2016

Barry's practical advice and counseling has made my life easier to manage, helped me to learn to resolve issues on my own, and overall has improved the quality of life. In personal relationships, Barry's experience and emotional.intuitiveness accurately assesses the issue(s). He does so in a way that helps you get to that 'aha' revelation quickly. More...


Paul Michelson

26 May 2013

Barry's non-directive approach provided me with the tools to really do the work required for me to make the changes I wanted to achieve. In my opinion, his manner and accessibility, as well as his experienced perspective are ideally suited for the work he does for his clients. I'd recommend Barry without hesitation. More...


Glen Golightly

26 May 2013

I've worked with Barry for only a short while, but his practical and solutions-based counseling methods really work for me. He's also pleasant, easy going and a great listener. I feel like I'm given the tools to implement real change in myself. I recommend him highly to anyone needing assistance when life gets rocky and you need another perspective. More...

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