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I offer Personal Training in Barnet area.

· Weight loss/gain
· Muscle tone
· Cardio fitness
· Nutritional advise
· Pregnancy fitness
· Postnatal fitness
· Partner training


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Stian Sangvig

9 March 2011

Having worked with and learned from Neb for over two years it is a pleasure to recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels. I find her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm a true inspiration, and I am pleased to say she helped me to achieve great results. She demonstrates excellent abilities in connecting with her clients, understanding their needs and getting the best<span id="moreReview191993" class="hide"> out of them in an efficient and fun manner. Neb will, hence, not only help her clients to improve fitness levels there and then, but will also provide them with essential knowledge about health and fitness for the long term.</span> More...


Marg Buckley

14 February 2011

I started training with Neb at the Central London YMCA in 2004. I went to her for help with a shoulder injury which prevented me from from participating in most activities, including driving. She devised a <br />program that has stabilised the muscles around the scapula so that all things are now possible except serious swimming. I have stayed with Neb as her weekly sessions and guidance continues<span id="moreReview185147" class="hide"> to improve my overall fitness and general sense of well being.</span> More...


Helping them in every aspect of fitness. Consideration of their lifestyle, personality, eating habits.

It is discipline and knowledge. If you have these two you are halfway there. These are the secrets to get fit fast.

I love witnessing my clients success. Seeing them to get better and better regardless of their age, give e so much hope.

My dream was always about being a personal trainer. It never cross my mind to do anything else. Starting my own business happened naturally as soon as I graduated.

I have 17 years experience in the fitness industry and I am good at what I do. I also believe that the "quality only happens if you do your best "like the advert, I saw on the window of a shoe maker