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Barefoot Web Designs, LLC

Hooksett, New Hampshire, Merrimack

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Barefoot Web Designs, LLC

Hooksett, New Hampshire, Merrimack



Website Design For Small Businesses and Non-Profits.

Getting an awesome website for your business shouldn't be a painful, bank account draining experience. Barefoot Web Designs will design and build a custom WordPress website that will lift your business and brand to new heights.


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David Johnson

23 July 2018

I've been involved in multiple Wordpress website builds over the years and my recent experience with Dave Soucy was the best. His creativity, flexibility, quick response, and airtight expertise resulted in an incredible new site that has been met with rave reviews. If your old site is in desperate need of a rebirth, Dave Soucy is your guy.

Dave Johnson
Director of Marketing and Communications
Crotched Mountain Foundation


Jim Applegate

23 July 2018

Having had a bad experience with outsourcing the creation of a website, I decided to try and build it myself. That was pretty simple with Wordpress since I already had the text and the basic layout structure. The problem was that I don’t have an artistic bone in my body so the site looked pretty bland; I needed someone to improve the appearance (fonts, colors, photos, etc.). That’s where Dave came in. After some discussion, he provided a written quote and timeline that I thought was very reasonable so I hired him and gave him free rein.

Since I was paying a professional, I expected a good product but WOW, was I impressed! Dave did a fantastic job. He is talented, easy to work with, and had great ideas that really improved the look, feel and functionality of my site. I love what he did, and will undoubtedly continue to use him going forward. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Todd Bedard

23 July 2018

Dave, or "barefoot Dave" as I like to call him, stepped in and redesigned our website when it became begrudgingly apparent to me that I just couldn't maintain it as well as I would have like to with my limited background in webdesign (ie: no one else was willing to do it, so I tried my best).

Dave took our sprawling, confusing website and turned it into a professional, easy to navigate one. I have been told by one person in particular that the new website is easily the best looking website among all comparable businesses in the country.

Dave is easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and affordable. In this day and age when you need a website for nearly everything, I strongly recommend Dave for whatever your website needs may be.


Scott Abuhyder

23 July 2018

I couldn't be more delighted with my new website. I have received so many compliments on how streamline and user friendly the site is. When I initially met with Dave I had no real idea of how I wanted the site to look. He asked questions, gave insight and ultimately I gave him full reign to design at will. When he presented the first draft, I couldn't believe how visually appealing it was to the targeted audience I need to attract. Dave you out did yourself I cannot thank you enough. More...


A great website is one that guides visitors to take the action you want them to take. If you want them to buy something online, or fill out a form, or call you, or download something, your site should make it as easy as possible for them to take that action. Not only should it be easy, but the design should guide them along the path to making the decision that you have the solution to their problem.

Who are your ideal customers?
What action(s) do you want visitors to take when they visit your website?
What do some of your competitors' sites do well?
What is the biggest problem you are having with your online presence?
What are some sites that you like the look and feel of? What do you feel these sites do well?
What is your budget for your website?

I've been a small business person, owning my own businesses, for over a dozen years now. I love helping other small business people succeed online.

I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder, and wanted the ability to make my own schedule, work with the types of customers I like to work with, and have the freedom to be around more for my family.

Every client gets my personal attention. I've been a small business person for more than a decade, so I understand the issues small business owners face. I've also been marketing online since before the internet was cool, so I know what works and what doesn't online.



We'll design and build you a beautiful, responsive WordPress website that won't break your budget.

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