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Jill S.

5 October 2019

We had a golden doodle puppy just under one year old who just was out of control most of the time. We were at our wits end and considering giving the dog up because we could not handle it and dreaded dealing with the bad behavior.  We heard about Yoni from a friend and decided to give him a try. Before the end of the first lesson I was in tears because for the first time we saw hope.  Each lesson he added something different... And we continue to be able to manage the dog's behavior better and better.  The dog isn't perfect but now we have complete confidence in our ability to handle just about any situation.  Yoni is magic! More...


A H.

21 October 2018

We have two labradoodles 3 year and 6 months. We have tried a couple of other trainers and Yoni is by far the best!His techniques work every time. He is thorough and makes sure you understand what you need to do for the following weeks to attain your goals with your dogs. After even just one session with Yoni you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish! More...


Sally L.

17 October 2018

Yoni is the best Dog Trainer. I live 45 minutes away and happily drive to get training for me and my dog. He is so helpful and it makes so much sense the way he teaches me to train my pup. His philosophy and training are easy to understand and really work. My puppy is 10 months old and is very well behaved thanks to Yoni and what he has taught me to do to train my pup. More...


Chelle B.

18 August 2018

Yoni's initial in home session was amazing. We learned a lot and are already using his Tips and seeing results.


Dusty F.

1 August 2018

Yoni's training with our 8 month old puppy was amazing.  We were worried about introducing her to an older pitbull who stays with us from time to time.  That intro worked extremely well and his training of me and her has helped in some other behaviorial areas.  Now I want her to take the full course that Balancing Paws offers.  She is a sweet and deserves really good training.  Yoni's teaching makes so much sense. I highly recommend him. More...


May N.

6 October 2017

I just can't thank you enough Yoni! I just rescued a sweet dog from shelter, he was there for over three months. He's strong puppy and wasn't used to his leash at all so it was hard for me to walk with my 9 yr old rottie. Yoni trained us so well for the very first time this morning and I've been working on his leash and door manner all day and I walked with them together no pulling at all this evening.  Yoni IS the one I was looking for and I'm truly blessed to have him over at our house. It was very educational one hour class. Thank you again and I recommend him to everyone!!! May, Loki and Hahtan More...


Stephanie F.

19 February 2017

Yoni is an amazing trainer. We flew him out to NYC to help us train our pit bull after he showed signs of  aggression towards strangers in our apartment. Yoni came out for an entire week, worked with us and our dog, and gave us the tools we need moving forward. The different we saw in that week was amazing. I wish I lived closer to Yoni so we could work with him more regularly - if you live in the Phoenix area you should definitely be working with Yoni!! More...


Asia D.

2 September 2016

My mother and I bought a package and he came for almost two hours... He helped my dogs in more ways than one and they have kept it up since this session. I was very please with how he was so informative and gentle be user my dogs are my babies... I would recommend them to anyone who wants help with their fur babies as well!!!! More...


Linda B.

26 August 2015

Yoni is a life saver and is excellent at training! We have three dogs but our one year old Pitbull mix and our six year old pitbull mix (both females) have all of a sudden been fighting. The fighting had intensified and had me thinking that one day I would find one of them very injured when I came home from work. Thankfully Yoni worked with them and even though they are separated in their own crate, they take turns being let out and with following Yoni's direction, I am in control and life has been extremely better. The dogs are listening and we are ready for the next step!  Thank  you Yoni! You are truly excellent!!! If you are looking for an excellent trainer and are willing to do the work, you really need to contact Yoni! More...


Ryan K.

29 December 2014

Highly recommended!! Best training advice I've gotten..I recently moved into a new apartment and my yellow Lab who has really bad separation anxiety has a habit of barking loudly and non-stop when I leave..This brings a problem moving into a new apt...Did everything I was taught to a 'T' and each day she showed an amazing improvement. By the 5th day I felt confident leaving her alone while i'm at work. Now, 3 weeks later she has a 180 degree turn improvement. Knowledgeable, professional and the upmost passionate about these fury best friends of ours! More...


Lynda V.

15 September 2014

Yoni has really helped to educate me about my dogs. I've grown up with dogs my whole life, but I had small dogs who we just assumed were high strung due to their breed.  Now, as an adult with large dogs of varying degrees of dominance, there is a need for some order so that everyone in the pack stays happy and safe.  Yoni has shown me how to use certain tools, correctly, which have already made a big difference.  My pack is much happier already and my friends will be too.  Thank you, Balancing Paws! More...


Steve P.

5 August 2014

Yoni helped my family and I take leadership and gain confidence with our pit bull. He taught us how to help him interact with people, horses, and our indoor cats. We now happily take him places we couldn't before all with Yoni's help and guidance. Thanks again Balancing Paws!-The Petty's More...