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Bach Flower Phone or Email Consultation for adults and children.
Email Consultation is $ 45.00, Phone Consultation is $60.00

The consultation is beneficial for both adults and children who are dealing with emotional tumults.

The Bach Flower Remedies® can heal all emotional imbalances;


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Bettina Rasmussen Dolz

29 April 2019

Amazing site very informative and educational. Your one stop Bach Flower tutorial. #BachFlowerLover


Nelly Mastroeni

29 April 2019

They are excellent I have been taking Bach Flowers for years and helped a lot in times of crisis and traumas.


Bettina Rasmussen

29 April 2019

The best website in the world for information on the original Bach Flower Remedies.


Pramod Suwan Pandey

14 April 2019

I want to know more about BFR


Sally LHuillier

22 January 2019

Whatever remedy you need -- Bach Flower Remedy can help.


Laura Ramsay

29 November 2018

Love these products! I was suffering from depression and along with Rescue Remedy, I tried Gorse for feelings of hopelessness. At first I thought, this must be a placebo. It was a miraculous change almost instantaneously! I realize that I need to continue to use the product faithfully. I can’t say enough about how amazing Bach Flower Remedies are. More...


Vidya Heble

8 October 2018

Rescue Remedy above all. I carry it in my purse, you never know who will need it and when.


Sharane Slute Dear

2 September 2018

I have been using Bach Remedies for several years now. I have many of the flower varieties, and use them in the appropriate situations for myself or others. They never fail to help or assist.

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I fell in love with the Bach Flower Remedies more than 25 years ago and Dr. Bach's natural healing system keep amazing me.

I wanted to help people learn about the Bach Flower Remedies and created www.BachFlower.com, later I became a Bach Practitioner trained by the Bach Foundation to be able to help even more people.

I have more than 25 Years experience with the Bach Flower Remedies. I am married with two children.
I have used the Bach Flower Remedies my self and on my family with great results in addition to amazing results with clients.