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AZ Regenerative Medicine is a regenerative medicine and chiropractic clinic that is dedicated to your health. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and help you to feel the best you can. We do this through regenerative medicine, pain management, and wellness programs.

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Pat Hemphill

7 June 2019

Has helped with knees. Shoulders hands and other arthritis problems. Great job! Thank you


Courtney Lowe

19 February 2019

Dr Frost did an amazing job at helping my son with issues that he was having with his back and ankles I couldn’t be more grateful for his services and highly recommend him!


Kyra Crumpton

1 October 2018

With a lot of questions in my head as to why my drugs had started failing to give me the relief I needed very much. My husband was quick to identify AZ Regenerative Medicine and I was happy for it.


Brenda Mercy Velez

26 September 2018

The clinic has proven to be effective. The pills and the shots work. I've lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Always refer to my friends and families.


Jennifer Syms

26 September 2018

Having a back pain so excruciating gave me no option. The drugs weren't working anymore, and I knew I couldn't continue in this manner. A friend of my best friend`s made sure I had an appointment to get stem cell therapy with AZ Regenerative Medicine. I was amazed how in a few months I was much better. More...


Joy Gabriella

26 September 2018

Great staff, clean environment and really helpful! I would recommend to anyone in need of pain relief.


Sara Boggs

25 September 2018

I'm getting stronger every day and am so thankful to AZ Regenerative Medicine for giving me my legs back! I would highly recommend!


Rachel Marie Sanford

25 September 2018

I have recommended this clinic to all my friends! The staff is so friendly, and Dr. Frost answered all my questions very thoroughly with every service he provided. I am very pleased with the outcome and will continue to be a client at this clinic. More...


Christopher Mechling

24 September 2018

I was extremely satisfied with my visit here last week. I will definitely visit this clinic again, should I need it.


Christian Sectre

21 September 2018

Dr.Frost and his staff are very caring and knowledgeable. The doctor is so conscientious and worked with me until we were both happy with the results. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to his office. More...


Benny Dorlouis

20 September 2018

I've been going to Dr. Frost weight loss at AZ Regenerative Medicine for a very long time. Their team is Fabulous! They are quick and efficient. Thank you for all that you do


Tanya Cloud

19 September 2018

The way my Grandfather has been moving around ever since his visit to the Dr. Jeffrey Frosts’ clinic has left us extremely happy, relieved and grateful. His knees feel much better thanks to Dr. Frost. More...


Thomas Jack Jitsangiam

17 September 2018

I love it here because they use the most natural treatment possible to get you where you want to be in health & wellness. I would definitely recommend AZ Regenerative Medicine.


Mitch Bisa

16 September 2018

Dr. Frost and their staff of medical professionals. I would highly refer this practice to any and all individuals that have heard enough from the pill prescribing physicians, and chose the high road to a more natural, logical and progressive perspective.


Michael Gabriel Mencias

14 September 2018

Love this place! Been coming here off and on for years. I have lost 40 lbs. so far and am hoping to lose more with their help! Thanks!


Maricris Chua

14 September 2018

The staff is always kind, helpful and motivating. I recommend this program to anyone struggling with stubborn excess weight.


Amber McNeeley

13 September 2018

Amazing for weight loss!!! This place is amazing and wonderful. I’m so happy to have found an amazing clinic with the biggest variety of vitamin shots and different appetite suppressants that I’ve seen.


Levi Frerichs

10 September 2018

It wasn’t easy seeing a vibrant colleague deteriorate. He couldn’t come to work for a while and when he did, he complained bitterly about his hip. Thankfully, his daughter made him visit Dr. Frost’s clinic and he is better for it. More...


Laura Richards

4 September 2018

My brother had a terrible knee injury which he sustained while playing soccer. His recovery was really slow and the pain was excruciating. My parents thought to visit the Dr. Frost clinic for his condition and he plays better now and soccer like always. More...


Charlie Kranzdorf

27 August 2018

Thanks to the medically supervised weight loss program by Dr. Frost, my friend has been able to achieve her weight loss goal.


Emily Minear

23 August 2018

The spinal manipulation therapy Dr. Frost introduced to my neighbor has been a total relief. She says her lower back feels much better and she is able to pick up things for herself now.


Amy Paterson

14 August 2018

After the accident that affected Uncle’s wrist, and the entire orthopedist’s advice, he insisted he was not going to give up and soon found Dr. Frost clinic. A few weeks have past and uncle now carries around relatively heavy objects around. More...


Martha Scott

24 July 2018

After a few years of having a terrible shoulder pain, aunty finally came to terms with visiting Dr. Frost, whom had been suggested to her by a friend. Thankfully, she is better.

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