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Axxo Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Plumstead, South Africa

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Axxo Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Plumstead, South Africa


We are a company that specializes in property Indoor and Outdoor cleaning and maintenance services.

Our services ranges from:

I - Indoor Cleaning Service
- Maid Service (Houses and Apartments)
- Office Cleaning/Tea Lady Service



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9.5 years in business.
The project first started as a housekeeping service, then satisfied clients who owned businesses also requested the same service to be extended to their businesses. That's how our scope of work expended and never stopped ever since.
Today, we can say, there are not type of cleaning we cannot handle due to our extensive experience in most cleaning sectors.

Yes. We use professional imported and locally made machinery to tackle work challenges we may face on our clients premises.

Job well done and client satisfaction.

Coming back is not an option.

We get it right the first time.

Our teams don't leave the client's property until the client or his/her representative has signed off the job after thorough final inspection.

The desire to bring in diversity and innovation in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

We are the first company in the Western Cape to use nanotechnology which allows us to create surfaces that self-clean and self-sterilizes themselves 24/7 without the use of chemicals.

Our management also ensure that we are present or visit most local and international trade shows related to our industry and bring back home innovations witnessed in other countries and cities.

We are a pretty versatile company that often assist clients even with the most complex property issues.

Whether you are looking for a housekeeper for your apartment or simply want your garden to look presentable for your visitors, we have fully trained staff for the task.

Our management and staff love each other and work together like all fingers of ones hand to achieve one goal and the same goal. That feeling of mutual understanding and respect is often noticed by most of our clients.

We always make our best effect to communicate openly with our clients and give free advice to allow them to make an informed decision when deciding to hire us for the service they want.

Our pricing is reasonable as it takes into account our costs and client's affordability based on the current economic situation in the country.



Using the power of Nanotechnology, we are now able to create surfaces that self-clean and self-sterilize 24/7 without direct human intervention. We call this process Nanosterile. - What is Nanosterile? It is a non-harmful protective coating made of Titanium dioxide and Silver nanoparticules that once applied on a surface will turn it into a micro-organism killing machine and therefore keeping it sterile 24/7 with almost no human intervention. - How does it work when used on your premises? Surfaces applied with Nanosterile will under natural or UV light exposure become active by decomposing membranes of micro-organisms that ultimately end up dying due to the action of Titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticles well known for their natural combatting effects. - How long does Nanosterile last? A minimum period of 12 months is what it take for Nanosterile to remain active. - What are the cost benefits of using Nanosterile? Nanosterile offers great value for money as it helps reduce the repeated use of expensive harmful chemicals, less staff absenteeism, budget sensitive operation as a single application is effective for a minimum of 12 months, improve business image as being an eco-friendly initiative and peace of mind of members who often refrain from using certain equipment due to cross-contamination fears. NB: In order to reduce people exposure to germs, bacterial and viruses, it is important that surfaces are kept clean and sterile at all times.