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We offer Hope.

There are things inside all of us that we struggle with.
Things we want to forget. Avoid. Ignore.
There is also a truth inside of you that needs to be awakened.
The truth that you are not alone.

There is hope.

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Larry Peiser

25 January 2019

Good counselor and they work with you to make it affordable.


Bodie Godwin

26 November 2018

There is no doubt in my mind that through prayers, God brought Michelle Reynolds into our lives at the right place and the right time. Michelle helped me and my two daughters at the Schaumburg office in so many ways after divorce. Through her counsel, my daughters are in a much better place emotionally, academically and physically. I have full custody. I'll always be grateful for all Michelle has done for us. I would strongly recommend Michelle Reynolds to help you with any struggles or concerns you may be experiencing. More...


Charley Juran

27 October 2018

Great experience. Thankful for the help.


Michael Mattison

27 October 2018

Owner has been a great friend with great advice for many many years.


Kate H

27 October 2018

I worked with Michelle Reynolds and I had a wonderful experience. She helped me learn about my illness, taught me coping skills, and we worked through past traumas with EMDR. She was very compassionate and genuine. More...



27 October 2018

Wonderful place. Highly recommend. The owners care about their staff and clients.


Nancy Lewis

27 October 2018

The Awakenings Counseling Center has been a blessing to me and my family. They are compassionate, insightful and give practical solutions and exercises to help you navigate challenging family relationships, as well as help in overcoming personal issues you may be struggling with.


Phyllis Cali

6 March 2018

Overall a good place. I have a very nice therapist who does her job well.


Sir J.

21 November 2016

From the first person I spoke with, who then referred me to Michelle, I felt a sense of caring and empathy.  They were genuinely concerned with my well being, and I felt immediately at ease. After meeting with Michelle, I felt extremely positive. She was kind and professional. I highly recommended this center if you're looking to change some behavioral patterns and want to become a better person. More...

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