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Founded in 2004 Awakening the Spirit Healing Arts (www. recoverthesoul,com) offers
Holistic Education, Spiritual Mentorship, Transformational Life Coaching, Energy & Vibrational Healing, and Guided Self-Empowerment towards Consciousness and Awareness via phone/skype/video chat to clients worldwide.



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I love the opportunity I have on a daily basis to truly touch the heart and soul of another human in a way that we rarely connect to one another in our busy technological stressful culture. For me, the gifts I have received which have brought me to a place of consciousness and aligned functioning in my life has inspired and moved me deeply to want to assist others to find the wisdom and clarity that lies within themselves. Not to do it for them, but to offer the reflection and invitation and guidance to find their truth and the eternal presence that lies in their spirit and how to walk and function in life, in whatever vocation or relation, with greater clarity, ease, and inward connection.

In order to offer the unique and specific style and approach of navigating the work of holistic education and life coaching and also bodywork therapies I offer at my home office in Asheville, NC, it is critical that I am able to freely express what I see will assist my clients and to guide them in their special and unique set of circumstances that can easily comprise of many many layers, on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels. And so this healing practice requires my own inward process to be developing everyday. Through the work I build inner discernment and focus and can assist to reorganize the lives of others.

It comes down to integrity and humility, and also impeccability. I will be a pillar of support for you, always accountable to stand solid for the empowerment of your deeper self, but I also request that you match the energy I put forth by doing your part to move in the direction of clearing and correcting the things that are presently showing up in your life to become conscious of and work on. I will always be patient and available with love, and hold myself also to the standards of consistency and ardent focus on improvement and awakening.


Offering a full spectrum level of support for your process in life. Utilizing many tools from mentors and teachers I have worked with for nearly 2 decades to access the core of the experience, the energetic imprints that continue to affect our lives in subtle or unseen ways that are otherwise difficult to clear. And creating practical intents and goals for the future, and for today, with regards to every and all all aspects of our lives. How we interact, how we engage, how we formulate our principles and priorities, and how we can do very simple and precise things which are generally unknown in our contemporary culture to shift within ourselves in order to recover a most special level of power and energy with which to develop a life of fantastic and beautiful outcomes.