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At Avviso Media we simply create epic content for brands, through image, words and video. We strategise and distribute content through social media.

We’re a small team with big ideas. With over 10 years experience in publishing, events management and marketing.

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Facebook Page Content Creation and Management

3 facebook posts per day / 30 days Custom Header and Graphics Set up Page and completely optimise all features

Instagram Content Creation and Management

1 post per day / 30 days Custom image creation Branded Profile and Description Use of longform text Hashtags Follow and Interact with users


Social Day (#SocialdayUK) - Case Study use of Social Media

Since November we've (The Avviso Media team and I) held 3 conferences - forums that have attracted 500 paid delegates. In this case study, I will share with you the social media techniques we used to achieve this. A year ago Social Day did not exist. It was an idea. A forum and online learning platform that helps and educates SMEs on how to use social media for business, teaching the, 'not just what to do with social media but exactly how to do it.' I knew that in order to attract delegates to this event we needed to use the platforms we were also going to promote at the event. With this in mind we needed a plan. In this case study I'll show you what we did to sell out social day events using various social media platforms and strategies. I'd like you to also bear in mind I had never run or marketed a larger event before, catering to more than 150 people, I've marketed small events locally but nothing like this, and so I hope to help inspire you to be able to do the same knowing that I wasn't already a pro! And yes much of the first event was trial and error but we were profitable. We also managed to secure sponsorship and support from companies such as Natwest and secure magazine articles and contra deals with Publications such as SME magazine. Authorities, influencers and advocates On completion of the programme we could see we had at least 8 influencers within their own circles who had great social media reach to the SME and freelancer market. These were the people who would help us to raise the event credibility and would share the event through social media. Not only does speaking at an industry event help to raise their profile even more but it also shows the influencer plays an active role in wanting to help educate the SME market on how to use social media. We decided very early on, we only wanted to work with collaborators, people who were after a common cause, to educate marketeers and business owners on how to use the various social media platforms. There was a no selling policy and so learners could feel safe that they weren't going be sold high priced courses or packages at the end of the events. This strategy has worked well for us because our speakers have become an engaged part of the social day community, we promote them and they have become advocates for us. In terms of reward, our speakers are offered either an affiliate link or a discount code to offer their own community both for the same amount but the decision as to which they use is theirs. And in fact many didn't use the affiliate links provided and we're happy to advocate the event anyway. We also asked our speakers to create a short video about their talk that we could add to YouTube and Facebook for marketing. Live stream - Periscope & Blab Periscope was instrumental in the sale of tickets, especially for the London events. Not only were our influencers mentioning the event, website and call to action regularly but because there was no barrier or funnel needed ticket sales were almost instant after an influencer broadcast mentioning social day. I also took to periscope weekly to break new speaker news and read blogs live on various topics and social networks, each broadcast sold a handful of tickets and so was a very fast way to take a cold audience member to a paid ticket holder! Honestly, I've never experienced a quicker way to grow an audience and make direct sales on social media than by using live stream. Top tip: You must bear in mind here that I was broadcasting regularly and consistently, it's important that with any chosen social media platform that you use it and don't give up when you aren't getting results fast, remember if your content is valuable and good quality you'll gain new followers and build better relationships. Blab was also a great tool to use for both getting new website content, promoting the speakers and of course selling tickets. I chose some willing speakers and panellists and interviewed them via blab, blab (if you are not familiar with it) is a live stream social network where you can have up to 4 people in any 1 discussion speaking to each other from any location. You can record the interview or discussions and download or embed to your website for further promotion. Again because of the live conversation capability we were able to drive ticket sales there and then for upcoming events. Facebook business page + events From the day we completed the programme we set up a Facebook business page. This page wasn't about attracting a million likes but we used it for the incredible advertising opportunities. To begin with, I added some connections I had already who I knew were involved in SME businesses, plus the speakers and influencers. I knew if we shared content around their workshops or talks they would share it with their friends and connections too. And I was right, this then attracted likes to the page and we started creating and sharing content around social media and the event. The next step was to set up an event through Facebook (you can do this by hitting the create events button from your business page) here we added a cover image, description and details of the event plus a direct link through to the eventbrite page where delegates could purchase tickets. We then invited people we thought may be interested in attending plus invited influencers to do the same. This sold us a handful of tickets straight off. We then used Facebook ads to promote the event to a new outside audience. Targeting marketing departments in SMEs in London. All in all we sold around 25 tickets this way on the first event with the cost per ticket being about £1 which isn't actually a bad mark up, especially for the very small amount of effort involved and considering the affiliate price was much higher. Images and content Before I move on to Twitter marketing I think it's important I mention the tools we used to create content to attract people to our events through social media. To create very quickly and easily: quotes, facts and speaker images in the correct sizes for each platform we used Canva, Canva is a tool where you can very easily create templates for images with your brand assets very quickly. We also used animated video to create short stories and ads for social media. Although time consuming this content can be used over and over again. Twitter Twitter was instrumental in the success of ticket sales for social day and also for sharing content throughout the event. As a new account the we had a lot of work to do but luckily we were able to build a very active following who used the #SocialdayUK hashtag regularly and also managed to get it trending throughout the events. Firstly, and this worked for us.. But many marketers don't like it.. You might not like this! But it"s marketing and it worked! We set up an auto-responder in crowdfire app, meaning when people followed us they'd get a message along the lines of: thanks for following us! Will you be joining us at social day in London on the 9th November? Look, most people don't know this was auto so it worked well. We got a huge amount of traffic through to the website doing this and then sales and a great deal of conversation. It was a win. A couple of righteous marketers spotted it and got in a bit of a huff on social media about it, they were wasting their time with this rant, I believe when you are trying to do things on a larger scale automation has a place, one cannot be expected to start a conversation with everyone individually. And if it works it works. Just don't be offensive or too Salesy and keep offering value. I also believe if it's targeted automation then it's targeted and you are much more likely to get a result. We also used crowdfire to copy followers from particular audiences that we knew would be interested in our event - again some people don't like this! But again it works, we followed them they followed us they got our auto message we either had a conversation, sold a ticket or were ignored! The key thing we didn't do was we didn't follow and unfollow people en-masse it's rude to do that! But we followed a lot of people we thought would be interested in what we were doing. As a new brand I think a little aggression is important, people aren't just going to flock to you especially when you literally have 8 weeks to promote an unheard of event. You have to be willing to try it all, do whatever it takes without forfeiting your integrity. We also shared blogs, quotes, comments, and speaker content on Twitter as well as ran a Twitter chat in order to get people talking in the lead up to the event. All in all the first event was a sell out with 2 weeks to go, the second sold out 200 tickets 6 weeks early!! Our Kent event sold over 100 tickets - not bad considering we were out in the sticks midweek! And we are now looking forward to putting our existing and new strategies into practice as we start to promote the final 2 events of 2016. For more information about social day UK - Find us here. For our online training platform including all video content from London and Kent check out socialdaytraining.com

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