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I provide professional, private therapy and counseling to individuals and families struggling with many different issues. I specialize in addressing problems within families, and behaviors with teens, as well as anxiety disorders, and trauma or PTSD.


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I love that I get to help people improve their lives and discover hope.

I wanted to really focus on helping people who wanted the help and really could benefit from my expertise in a profound way.

I have the specific experience and training in multiple approaches to therapy and counseling, and have helped so many other people throughout my career. If you're ready to make a change for a better life, connect with me today.


I address issues within the family in multiple sessions, focusing on underlying causes of crisis or stress, as well as the overall functioning of the family as a whole.

I address struggles that you may be dealing with, whether that's relationships, depression, anxiety, feeling lost, or general emotional distress or imbalance. I help you discover aspects of yourself and the way that you think about and deal with the world that could be holding you back, and help you use your innate strengths to overcome or change these and improve your life.

I provide my input and perspective as a mental health professional, and someone familiar with behavioral psychology and psychological development, to help solve problems that you may be having in your company, group, or other organization.