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Aveli by WSI provides a complete digital marketing service for business owners and marketing professionals Aveli By WSI will increase revenue, generate leads by leveraging the power of the WSI network and proven digital marketing strategies. We are a locally owned and locally focused WSI Franchise



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There are many things you need to do before you even start a website. You need to understand your buyer persona, which means understanding your end buyers, which will help determine different aspects of the site. Defining personas will allow you to test if it fits each of your defined buyers. The other very important question to ask is what is the primary reason for your site. Knowing this will significantly enhance the layout of the site. For example, an auto repair shop should have a clear call to action like "schedule an appointment," a restaurant should have "Book a Table," a non-profit might have "Subscribe to our mailing list." We spend significant time, and the upfront work to get everything correct so the results will perform and convert better. You can have the most beautiful looking site but if it has terrible SEO it will not be found, and with poor optimization, it will not convert into a sale/lead.

What is the primary purpose of your website?
What is the main Call to Action?
Do you need E-Commerce?
Who will develop the content?
Do you need a Graphic Designer?
Do you need a Videographer or Photographer?

I love helping a business succeed and see their real potential. We all want to be successful, we all want to make it big. My job is to determine what are the real needs of your business and your clients then develop a marketing strategy to reach your potential clients. Mainly we want to bring traffic to your site that will convert into sales.

I spent 25 years working in high tech as a Software Engineer and later as a Professional Service Consultant/ Sales Engineer. I have been around the world visiting large clients from BNY Mellon Wells Fargo, Verizon, AT&T, Smaller Business as well. I'm a problem solver, solution provider. For years I spent doing this for other companies Who I work with I want to be in my control. I want to control my destiny. I am running my own business which allows me the freedom to indeed be successful like never before. Making others successful is the best motivation to get up in the morning. When my clients are successful, it is the best feeling in the world, this is what inspires me.

Clients should choose me because my number one goal is to make you successful. Seeing your company succeed in increasing leads and sales will prove to me that I did my job correctly. Ultimately in Digital Marketing all of the results are measurable in many ways. I have proven strategies which can be measured.



To help our client’s future-proof their businesses and maximize online Return on Investment (ROI), we have worked with our global partners to develop an SEO methodology that aligns with Google’s recommended best practices. We call this new methodology AdaptiveSEO™, and as its name suggests, it is designed to adapt to the evolving and sometimes unexpected changes in search algorithms. This eliminates any potential risks and penalties for using lousy SEO tactics. AdaptiveSEO™ is an intelligent way to ensure your business is always found on the Internet without the inherent downside risks from algorithm changes.