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Joan G.

3 February 2019

I was very impressed by AVC Video Production.  Stu transferred home movies on VHS tape to an mp4 file for me, so my brother and other relatives can finally view our family activities from many years ago.  It was all done quickly and very professionally.  I highly recommend AVC! More...


Evan Sirchuk

28 June 2018

Very nice to work with stu, he helped me figure out who to hire for digitizing a oddly formatted mini DV tape. Thanks so much!


Leeann Alameda

24 May 2018

AV Consultants is a great resource for video production. Stu Sweetow is very knowledgeable, talented, and a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive and create entertaining and engaging videos and content that achieves clients' goals. Highly recommend AVC! More...


Alan Cash

24 May 2018

I have contracted with Stu Sweetow as a video camera operator for live streaming events. He has years of solid experience in video production and has an artistic eye for camera angles. He also filmed testimonial interviews for me at a training seminar. More...


Dylan S.

15 March 2018

Stu and Mitch are great.  We used them to record our company founder's presentation at an event and provide post-production editing.  Could not be happier with their service.  Pleasant and professional from start to finish.  We'll use them again. More...


leeann a.

11 January 2018

AV Consultants are a great resource for video production!  Stu Sweetow is very knowledgeable, talented and professional. They are responsive and create entertaining videos and content that meet goals. Highly recommend AVC!


Laura N.

17 December 2017

This place is amazing! Stu is the best! Great quality! I had 4 vhs tapes I needed transferred to dvd. He did it within 24hrs and only cost me $42 I highly recommend this place!!!!


Lee Richter

25 May 2015

Stu and his team make amazing videos! They just filmed and edited a music video for my friend and it is terrific. I have used Audio Visual services for years and I am always happy with their work. They are very creative and professional. More...


Spencer Young

25 May 2015

I used AVC to record some mix tapes from the 80s onto CD and digital files. AVC did a great job for a very reasonable price. I have known Stu for 2 years and he is truly an expert in his field. I would highly recommend him for any audio or visual work you need for home or office. More...


Heres J.

17 February 2015

PROMPT, HIGH-QUALITY SERVICE, CONVENIENT LOCATIONI walked in to AVC off the street to get a VHS tape converted to DVD, and it was a piece of cake. They took care of me right away, and the quality of the resulting DVD was great. The guy explained to me how VHS players have to be carefully maintained to avoid glitches in the transfer. I had no idea. Probably why my player no longer works! Anyway, they did a great job, very professional. I also perused their website, and they've got some impressive video productions. Very convenient location in a small office building on Grand Ave, easy parking, etc. More...


Bobby J.

23 December 2014

I love these guys! I've used their services twice and they have been nothing but fast and professional. I didn't think anyone would even touch a tape I had that had been through a 20 year old buried and leaking time capsule... but they managed to salvage history for me! Amazing! Thanks AVC! More...


Tresca B.

10 June 2014

They did a great job on my son's baby videos.


Ivan Skolnikoff

25 May 2014

Audio Visual Consultants is a very professional and personal outfit that will make your business look great. I was very impressed. Technically, Mitch is very savvy, and quick and really comes through with customizing exactly what I was looking for. It can be a bit nerve racking to make videos for your business especially if you've never done it before. Stu was very supportive and easygoing throughout the process. They do great work and are very fair with their pricing given the quality of work that they provide. I would recommend them to anyone interested in creating a video for their business More...


Dan C.

17 December 2013

These guys did a great job on converting a DVD wedding video to an MP4 format.  For something this important I wanted to make sure I had the video in a format that I could backup online.  The price was affordable and they did the work quickly.  They also fixed a small issue with the video.  When I got the video back I saw that the alignment of the sound and audio was off very slightly.  I called them about it and they offered to fix it for free, and they did so quickly.  I would work with them again for similar needs. More...


Bruce H.

27 August 2012

Stu asked me to help out on one of his shoots in Chicago. Out-of-town shoots can be stressful. In addition to having to be sure that you get all the shots needed to produce the final project, you also have to stay on schedule. Stu managed all this an more.Stu was professional and well prepared to meet and exceed all of his clients expectations. He kept all the non-professional talent at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. He also came up with creative solutions to standard sit-down interviews with minimal lighting.I would be more than happy to work with Stu again in the future. More...


Daniel H.

27 January 2012

I went to AVC before I read any of the yelp reviews.  After my experience I can definitely say that they are well worth 5 stars that everyone has given them.  Mitch made DVDs for me and created awesome custom menus.  Very nice, very professional, and they did an excellent job.  I would highly recommend them. More...


Megan J.

10 September 2011

Above and beyond service!  I had an mini audio tape that I wanted to get digitized.  When I got home, the CD cracked as I was removing it from the jewel case.  They redid the entire project for free!  I will be certain to use them if I ever have bigger projects. More...


Michael L.

23 August 2011

My first experience with Audio Visual Consultants goes back to World Savings around 20 years ago.  We used Stu to help us with some  training videos and he immediately impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge.  We went on to work together at weddings and on some other projects.   Stu has always been cutting edge when it comes to keeping up with the technological advances in video production.  He has even written feature articles for national magazines to help educate the public on the changing technology.  I have had nothing but positive experiences working with Stu and when I was his client.  He is one of the rare individuals in his field who excel at both video production and actually shooting the video.  He really can do it all!   I give Audio Visual Consultants my highest recommendation. More...


Rocky L.

24 May 2011

AVC shot a short introductory video for use on my website.  Stu and his team are highly professional, attentive and efficient.  The shooting went like clockwork, he was calm and patient as I asked for a couple extra takes, no fussing, no push back, very accommodating.  Mitch handled the post production like a champ.  Needles to say, I am very happy with the work they did. More...


Sarah B.

8 January 2011

My parents had 150 reels of Super8 film that I wanted to get converted to digital format as a gift for them and I am SO happy that I found Audio Visual Consultants in my neighborhood.  I emailed to get a price quote and ask some questions about format, etc. and Stu responded promptly and was exceedingly patient with all of my questions.  I dropped off the film reels and the project was completed on time and the quality couldn't be better.  It was worth every penny and I simply can't recommend AVC highly enough. More...


France F.

14 December 2010

I had some treasured cassette tapes that I wanted on CD. I used AVC and was very happy with the results. The work was done in a timely fashion and when, a few weeks later, I wanted a slightly different version, they did the additional work for no extra charge. This is an excellent example of the best of a modest sized neighborhood business where you're dealing with an owner who not only has the requisite expertise but also a commitment to excellent customer service. It's a welcome change from dealing with impersonal, large, cookie cutter businesses who care only about volume and not about individual customers or the community.Even more impressive, I was treated like a VIP even though my job was so small and Stu, the owner, took time to talk with me and showed a real interest in my small business. More...


Amanda P.

14 December 2010

I had been meaning to take a few tapes in to Audio Visual Consultants to transfer from DV to .avi files for a friend's documentary for months--however I could never make it in during their regular operating hours because of my crazily demanding job.I trolled around on the web for a long time looking for a transfer service that operated by mail, but all of their fees were upwards of $300--which seemed really insane to me for logging and capturing footage and dumping the files onto discs.  I finally wrote to Audio Visual consultants' general email and heard back from the owner, Stu, within 24 hours, and he was happy to take my work via mail.  He followed up with a phone call, I paid online (at less than a third of the cost of the other services I found), and Mitch executed the work perfectly and sent me back my tapes and the footage on DVD-ROM within a week of my first email.Both Stu and Mitch were friendly and communicative, and I'm happy that I was able to support a local business rather than overpay some mail-in service in Delaware.  Thanks again, guys! More...


Chris Y.

15 May 2010

I recently went to AVC for a digital transfer from VHS to DVD and some editing. The staff was great and new exactly how to help me. I was very impressed and they exceeded my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to go again or recommend them to my friends. More...


Richard L.

28 January 2009

Stu shot a wedding for two friends of mine.  He did a wonderful job, not only getting the ceremony, but interviews and comments from those in the wedding party.  He is a consummate professional, uses high quality equipment for best quality sound and video, and his rates are very reasonable. More...


Aaron B.

10 May 2008

The Guys at AVC are great!Just a week or so ago I needed to use a video projector - AVC to the rescue.  Their prices were much better than any I had seen around and they were very helpful in explaining me how to use everything and making sure that all was in order.  The owner, Stu, took extra care of me, and this was not the first time I had used his service.  I had some video work done before I knew about AVC.  The people that videoed my wedding messed up and lost all of the sound from the reception.  Even though I didn't use AVC for the work, Stu (the owner) was happy to explain to me the options I could speak with my contracted company about.  He also did an excellent job of empathizing with me and really trying hard to find a solution that works.AVC is also very involved in the community.  I'm on a mailing list now from the owner and he is always sending me information about community events and I know that AVC is very active in the GABA - Grand ave business association.Check them out - great company, great service.  Aaron. More...