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Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions is a vibrant, innovative, and award-winning company that is redefining the payment processing industry!

While the industry has continued to raise processing rates and create additional fees for more than 100-years, thereby ensuring its own profits, business owners nationwide are hard pressed to recall anything done to protect their profits and the profits of millions of other businesses nationwide that are paying those rates and fees.

AGMS has been successfully challenging the antiquated methodology of the payment processing industry since 2003 with revolutionary ideas, groundbreaking marketing concepts, and an entirely fresh perspective bringing a complete reversal in fundamental philosophy of how business owners are treated and represented.

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. Reviews


Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Sasha Meyer
5 06/03/2018 Sasha Meyer

Lauren Kagy is my rep and is the best. Any time of day or night if I need her she is there. Helps me with any questions or troubles we may have at the salon. I would recommend Avant-Garde to anyone in need of a processing system!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by J. Baker
5 21/02/2018 J. Baker

I just had a great experience with AGMS customer service. Josh Hogan who is the Technical Operations Manager of AGMS answered my call; I had a problem logging in to my Gateway account and he immediately was able to discern the problem and more to the point, resolve it quickly and efficiently. Without my going into detail about the problem, suffice to say he was patient and knowledgeable and was able to get everything working again in short order.

Josh went far above and beyond my expectations for a "normal" customer rep, let alone an Operations Manager--surely my type of problem would have been dealt with at the lowest level of customer service reps in any other company! It has been my experience that most customer service personnel are not willing to research or delve into unusual situations that can't be solved "from a script"--dealing with Josh was the exact opposite. He figured out the problem in no time at all and solved it with my being on hold for a very short (amazingly so!) time. He never made me feel as if I had done something wrong or stupid or caused the problem myself. In short--he seemed genuinely happy to be able to work on the issue and help out an AGMS customer.

You just don't get good customer service like this every day. There are not enough words to thank Josh and commend him for his help; AGMS is lucky to have him and I am lucky to be an AGMS merchant.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Jill Osvog
5 15/12/2017 Jill Osvog

Dan Leggett and his team of "tech gurus" have given us exceptional service. Dan is smart and knowledgeable - and on the rare occasions he doesn't have an answer at his fingertips, his response time to questions and concerns is lightning quick and his follow-up is terrific. On top of all of that, he's a joy to talk to! Highly recommend Dan and AGMS!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Marie Wilson
5 13/12/2017 Marie Wilson

Dan Leggett goes above and beyond. His commitment and diligence to doing his job is remarkable. In my experience it is a rare thing to have real customer service with your credit card processor. I have nothing but high praise. I have appreciated the honest and knowledgeable service.

Highly Recommend!!!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by sylvia guerrero
5 10/11/2017 sylvia guerrero

We finally found what we were looking for. Armando and Francis have answered all our questions and concerns personally and over the phone and are there at any time. Their service has been great. We are very satisfied here at El Nopal Bakery in Pasadena. They are doing a great job!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Rick Gurley
5 27/10/2017 Rick Gurley

Nathan and Gayle have been a blessing to our business. They are both very helpful with any questions that we may have, and will even stop by our business place just to say hello, and see if they can be of any assistance to us. We recommend them highly to any small business!!!!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by karen
5 25/10/2017 karen

We love Nathan and Gayle Wright (Murfreesboro). They are top notch with us. They have taken care of our credit card needs since we have had the service. We always get their best. Our thanks to them.. We recommend them highly!!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Gator Pit
5 25/10/2017 Gator Pit

Frances has been great with our account. She is always there when we have questions or need assistance with anything. She actually calls or stops by to check on us regularly. Very knowledgeable in her industry and works hard to get us the best service available with our machines and rates.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Princess Rodriguez
5 Princess Rodriguez

Muy contenta con la atención y servicio de mi representante pete sorgich,te da ayuda inmediata con cualquier problema que se presente, lo recomiendo al 100/100,es un placer trabajar y hacer negocios con personas como el.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Gina Marlin
5 Gina Marlin

Gayle and Nathan are amazing! They made all my marketing needs so easy!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Bea Garrison
5 Bea Garrison

Nathan and Gayle Wright were wonderful with all their help when we opened our business, above and beyond helpful!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Sylvia Guerrero Pequeno
5 Sylvia Guerrero Pequeno

My family owns El Nopal Bakery in Pasadena, Texas. We have been through many credit card machine providers and finally found a good one. Armando Hernandez and Francis have stopped by and made sure everything is running smoothly and answered all our questions. We are very happy with their service!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Alissa Jackson Pepelea
5 Alissa Jackson Pepelea

Nathan and Gayle Wright are just two wonderful and good people. They have been there for me whenever I have any questions and always in a cheerful way. I'm so appreciative of all their help. I highly recommend them for your business. You will not be disappointed and you will be doing business with locals!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Terri O'Connor Hooper
5 Terri O'Connor Hooper

Lauren Kagy goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. She continues to check in with us and offer us new and exciting offers when they come available. I have and I will keep recommending her to other businesses.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Luke Petit
5 Luke Petit

Rayanne Ragle has always been a pleasure to deal with, courteous, prompt, friendly and she actually cares about her clients !
She always fixes whatever issues I have with my system and doesn't make me feel bad about my questions !
She is my star at Avant-Garde !!! ☺

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Marc Elfassy
5 Marc Elfassy

I have been dealing with Avant-Garde so a while now and Audrey Sawaya is absolutely amazing. She is always there when we need her and is always professional and polite. She IS customer service. She is the best Avant-Garde has to offer and they should be proud!! I highly recommend them and her.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Ritchey Robin
5 Ritchey Robin

Frances has been great with our account. She is always there when we have questions or need assistance with anything. She actually calls or stops by to check on us regularly. Very knowledgeable in her industry and works hard to get us the best service available with our machines and rates.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Micheal Callahan
5 Micheal Callahan

Everyone tells you that they can save you money, but few actually do. Credit card companies, in particular, promise first-class customer service and honest upfront pricing. Speaking from experience, reality falls well short of those sales pitches. Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions is different and so is Lauren Kagy. She reviewed our statements and identified each line item that I should not be paying and why. Of course I performed my due diligence and after spending 45 minutes (mostly on hold) with my old provider everything she said turned out to be 100% true. Not only does Avant-Garde save my business money each month but also anytime I have a question Lauren is there to answer my call and I am never put on hold. Switching to Avant-Garde is a no-brainer!

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Belia Lancon
5 Belia Lancon

Frances has been a blessing for our Antique Business. She checks on us regularly. When we lost service due to Harvey flooding she immediately reassured me that we would get the help we needed. She provided me with the customer service number. Got excellent service and response. Today she walked me through the process on a credit cancellation. It is wonderful to have someone to call and is readily available to help. Thank You

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Terence O'Malley Tjo
5 Terence O'Malley Tjo

I was on the phone with Lauren Kagy from Advant-Marketing Solutions and she was trying to sell me on becoming a customer. Ironically one of my customers was leaving and heard me on the phone and I mention credit card processing. He left my business went out to the parking and returned two minutes later. When I got off the phone, he walked up to me and said, "Hey, I hope you don't mind, but I overheard your conversation about credit cards. Give this girl a call. She helped me and I am sure she could do the same for you." He hands me Lauren Kagy's card. True story! I have been in my own business since I graduated from college in 1984 and was one of the first businesses to take credit cards on the road. I am always looking for the best deal and when it comes to credit card processing it's price, but it is service as well and I expect both. I had a great deal, but how under those circumstances couldn't I listen, so I did. I am now a customer of Advant-Garde Marketing Solutions. I saved money and I get great service. My customer handed me a card that helped me and that is why I am sending this post. Thank you Lauren Kagy and Thank you AGMS

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Chelsea Payne
5 Chelsea Payne

Before becoming involved with Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, we had a dinosaur-like credit card system. Switching over to their company through our WONDERFUL representative, Lauren Kagy, was not only a great help to our clients' security, but help to us (as staff) as well. Lauren has always been involved in helping us solve the few problems we've had with this system. Putting through credit cards, keeping our clients' information secure and being able to pull up monthly/yearly reports has never been easier. The first problem I had (my fault completely) was trying to set up a recurring payment. Lauren Kagy called me back within minutes of my inquiry and solved the problem immediately.
I appreciate everything she has done to make this process straightforward.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Michael Goldstein
5 Michael Goldstein

It's not often that I write a review on service providers especially credit card processing companies, but Avant-Garde Marketing surprised me by exceeding my expectations with their customer service and clear explanation of what my statement says without any hidden fees. Lauren Kagy has been my rep from the beginning and whenever we had a problem she was either their in person or got me to the right person to help solve our issue. She is top notch in my book and is a total asset to the company.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Michele Paulin
5 Michele Paulin

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions has been our Credit Card Processing Company for the past 6 years. Not only do I use them, but all my stylists also take advantage of this company. We love our Representative Frances Deutsch and the company. When marketing people call if they don't know Frances or Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions we hang up. They are my go to company for it all. They are the only company that has been honest and kept true to our rates w/ No hidden Fees. We can't say enough about level of customer service and the company. We will recommend them to anyone looking for a company that stands for honesty, integrity and fair processing rates.

Review of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. by Steven Ostrow
5 Steven Ostrow

If your business accepts credit/debit cards then Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions is the best partner you can have. If you ever have any issues, AGMS is waiting for your phone call to solve your dilema, with the most amazing and incredible customer service dept as well as top shelf tech support, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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15707 Coit Road, Dallas, TX 75248, USA

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. Q&A

Company Q&A

Why should our clients choose you?

While our competitors are contracted by a single bank and therefore only represent the rates, fees, and interests of that bank as they negotiate with business owners; AGMS represents multiple banks. This allows AGMS to represent the business owner and negotiate with the banks on behalf of that business to attain the best rates, fees, and fit for each business.
While our competitors are usually short-sighted and like to see transaction downgrades as their commissions and profits increase; we protect our clients from downgrades by constantly monitoring accounts so the issue can be rectified and unnecessary downgrades stopped in order to protect our clients from incurring additional and unnecessary charges. Again, our interest is in long-term relationships, not short-term profits.
In an effort to further increase profits the vast majority of our competitors outsource their customer service and technical support to less costly third-world countries. This forces already frustrated business owners experiencing account issues or equipment malfunctions to deal with inexperienced employees flipping through product manuals trying to identify solutions while communicating in "broken" English; thus making the entire process inefficient, ineffective, and often times agonizing. AGMS provides unrivaled 24/7 "in-house" customer service and technical support staffed by well trained and knowledgeable professionals familiar with all our processes and equipment, thus ensuring quick, concise, and thorough solutions.
Unlike our competitors who mainly focus on maximizing the amount of profits they take from hard-working business owners, AGMS has invested heavily in developing products and services to help those business owners increase their customer traffic, increase their customer loyalty, increase their average sale amount, and most importantly, increase their profits!

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Payment Processing

Point of Sale System Consultation

eCommerce Integration

Marketing Services

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