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Christian P.

25 January 2019

My antenna was acting up and I started having problems getting a strong signal from Fox. Arden stopped by and realized the antenna was not quite pointed in the right direction. He jumped on the roof and fixed it. Straight-forward, courteous service with clear explanations. What else can you ask for? More...


Nicole L.

19 March 2018

Arden installed an outdoor antenna for me recently. Although he wasn't able to feed in the cable over my fireplace directly behind my TV where I wanted it, he was able to get it near the mantle to minimize the amount of cable running across the wall. After the work was complete, Arden realized that I overpaid by a small amount and sent me a refund for the difference. Great customer service! More...


Sarah K.

7 March 2018

Responsive! They had one of those big, old antennas removed off of a recently purchased property we bought. Within a week of my first initial contact with them, transaction was completed.


Joan B.

20 February 2018

Arden De Moss, who is AVPro, was the guy who understood what I wanted, what I needed, and what was available when I asked him to suggest television sets and a system of connected house-wide stereo speakers for radio and cd audio.  The cost was a lot less than I had expected. He bought the equipment, delivered it, installed it, and taught me how to use it.  A few years later, when my internet provider overloaded its satellite, he recommended an alternate provider, one that has been an improvement.  I am not tech-savvy. Arden has been willing to help me out when I can't figure out an instruction. If you find the idea of getting a new TV daunting, or a find overwhelming the whole stereo technology bag, AV PRO is for you. More...


John T.

22 September 2017

I had antenna reception problems in the downtown San Jose area.  Arden arrived on time and provided very professional service and advice.  No high pressure sales effort (much appreciated) for additional products or services.  Got to the heart of the problem quickly and made reasonable repairs at nominal cost.  Highly recommended!!  5 star rating. More...


Daniel G.

13 June 2017

I have to amend my previous review. There was a communication mix-up with Arden as he uses multiple e-mail addresses and missed my messages.Arden apologized and we set up a time to do the antenna installation. Since I'm restricted from installing an outdoor antenna, we decided to install the antenna in my attic. I'm now the happy owner of 80+ clear channels and am quite pleased with the professionalism and results from Arden. More...


T R.

9 June 2017

Great, fast service. Excellent communication and fair pricing to remove 'ancient' huge antennas and dish from home. Technician was timely in both his arrival and work completion. Would definitely recommend!


Robert H.

3 March 2017

When we dumped cable we were using a cheap antenna that wasn't getting many channels.  We decided to get a pro to install one so we called Arden.  He came exactly when he said he would and our new antenna was installed that day.  He was courteous and explained exactly what he was going to do.  We gained many channels and the channels we already received got a much stronger signal. We were very pleased with what it cost as well.  If you want to save a fortune by cutting the cable and going with free over-the-air channels Arden is your man.  Now if we could only chop down the neighbor's tree... More...


Jerry Y.

17 December 2016

Just had Arden to install my outdoor antenna in Almaden Valley.  It was a very cold day and Arden arrived at 9am sharp, started working on my roof and got everything done timely and properly.  Arden was very knowledgeable regarding where the towers are and even knew about my not so well-known Tablo DVR system!  It was a pleasure to work with Arden.  I'd strongly recommend him for the antenna installation and related projects. More...


Ellen S.

6 December 2016

Easy peasey to drop cable when you hire Arden  antennae installation.  He worked quickly, efficiently and the bill came in under the estimate.  Top marks from me.


Mike N.

30 September 2016

Very, very pleased with the work and communications of Arden and AV Pros. It is always very much appreciated when a company does what it says it is going to do, and does it in a timely and professional manner. Experience and a true willingness to get the job done right, is a big part of why you should use AV Pros. If you are ready to cut the cord or get hooked up with DirecTV, give Arden a call and expect good things. I have already told several friends and family how pleased I am with our new antenna and I think Arden will be busier than ever in the coming months! You might want to call him sooner rather than later to get on his to-do list! More...


John L.

30 June 2016

I moved to San Leandro and needed a HD TV antennae installed. An inside antennae wasn't going to work for me and I don't do roof work. A search for antenna specialists on Angie's List yielded one entry, AV Pros. I called Arden and got an appointment in 2 days. He knew what I needed. We agreed that a mix of aesthetics and performance was necessary.  He went to work on the roof and installed a Channel Master multi-directional unit on a tripod and pole at the back of the house. And did I mention the antennae is really cool looking? But the big benefit was the reception. 100+ stations ( however I will probably use 10 of them as there are many Asian and Hispanic stations). Incredibly clear. I am glad I used a pro, since antennaes are tricky business, and getting it right is not a slam-dunk for your average DIY-er. More...


Scott L.

1 May 2016

I cannot say enough good things about Arden. We exchanged emails and pictures about my install before he showed up, so I didn't really know what to expect. He had great Yelp reviews, but we hadn't talked a lot. We had to cancel due to weather a couple of times and that was the most we talked about my project. I like in a four story townhouse and I wanted to be able to watch TV in two separate rooms on two different floors. I knew my house had been wired for cable and I had been able to watch cable on those TVs when we first moved here. I couldn't stand Comcast and cut the cable about two or three years ago. I'm not sure why I put up with spotty reception from internal antennas for so long before calling Arden. Shortly after he showed up and we started talking about my project we both realized it was going to be a little but more involved then we first thought. Not to worry, we started by determining what existing wiring we could use. We looked through an assortment of antennas he had with him and discussed his recommendations. It was impressive he didn't immediately suggest the most expensive one and said it may be overkill, not getting me anymore stations than a few of the cheaper ones. We decided to bring a couple up to the roof with us. We then got to my roof through a neighbor's access and looked at what we had to secure the antenna. We picked out a good site, and tested the reception on a small TV he had with him. We decided to run a wire down to see if we could get service through the house via one connection. We went down and one connection worked great, but the other did not work at all. We went back and ran the wire through another access in my ground floor. Remember I live in a four story building so that was no easy feat. Arden found the best and cleanest looking way to do it. I was really impressed!We worked together to run it down and get it into the house. One of the TVs still wasn't working well and picking up about five stations. We hooked up his TV and it turns out it was my 10 year old TV. Arden did a great job with a difficult install and never once gave up. He even removed an old satellite antenna that must have been installed before I bought the place. The wires had been cut and it was just there dripping rust on my walls and roof. He took the care to remove it and seal the holes with the old screws and some silicone sealant. We worked together to talk about what would work and what wouldn't. He told me what he thought would work and what wouldn't, keeping me informed every step of the way. I'd definitely recommend him for any antenna install from simple to complex. I also thought his prices were very reasonable. Thank you Arden. More...


Gina T.

28 February 2016

I live in the hills of Orinda and Arden drove out from Mountain View to install an outdoor antenna for me.   He had never installed in Orinda (too far from his home base) but was kind enough to accommodate me for an additional "driving fee", which I thought was a fair request since it would take him over an hour each way to get to my home.   I was just tired of Comcast and Direct TV's terrible service and price increases every year.  Plus, i'm mainly interested in local channels/programming.  With our Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, Roku, Apple TV, and Vudu subscriptions, we were ready to cut the cord.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to install the antenna Arden brought because my homeowner's association specifically said no to that type (criss-cross metal ones), but I had bought an antenna from RadioShack which my H.O.A. approved, and that's what Arden installed.  The actual install was a bit tricky because small changes would affect the signal strength of different channels.  We thought we found a spot on the roof but as soon as Arden was 30% done with the install, we realized the reception was not ideal.  So after some fiddling, we ended up installing the antenna on our backyard trellis (way out of sight from neighbors!) with very good reception.  So Arden patiently removed the rooftop installation and started the new install on the trellis.  Four hours later our antenna was installed and we couldn't be more satisfied, both with the outcome AND with Arden's work.  Not only did he work with us as we toggled back and forth from location to location and various antenna rotations, but he also found a way to run the black cable through the backyard where it's nearly completely out of sight.Arden installed our antenna on a base he brought so that we could rotate it as needed for signal strength.  The install is so clean and inconspicuous.This guy does very good work!!  Would highly recommend. More...


Ross M.

13 February 2016

We recently decided to "cut the cord" and switch to an antenna.  I found Arden on Yelp and have been very pleased with his work and professionalism.  He was prompt and the work was done in 1-2 hours.  When it turned out that something was missed (arguably my fault), Arden came back to resolve it (at no extra cost).  Thanks! More...


William S.

11 February 2016

Frustrated with Comcast's outrageous cost and its failure to fix or replace my apparently defective equipment, I finally decided to cut the cord. Based on the Yelp reviews, I emailed Antenna Pros. They responded the same day and made an appointment to come to my home just a few days later. They arrived on time, and installed a rooftop antenna, connected it to my TV, and made sure it was working properly, all in less than two hours. The price was quite reasonable. When I asked about the Channel Master DVR+, Antenna Pros said it was a good choice. Now with the rooftop antenna and the Channel Master DVR+, I get just about all the programming I wanted from cable but it's all free (or will be after amortizing the cost of the antenna, installation, and DVR+, which all together cost only about what six months of Comcast cable cost me). I get scores of broadcast TV channels with rock-solid reception and in beautiful high definition, better in fact than cable. With the DVR+, I also get a TV guide and can record and time shift the shows I watch, just like the cable setup box, but this one actually works reliably. To this I added a Netflix DVD subscription, which costs $15/month. I am perfectly satisfied. If you want to cut the cord, I highly recommend you contact Antenna Pros. More...


Aaron M.

7 January 2016

Arden just finished my outdoor TV antenna installation and did a fantastic job, under challenging circumstances.  We did an estimate and found a date and time over the phone and email, though we had to reschedule one time due to heavy rain - apparently it's not safe to work on outdoor antennas under such circumstances!  On installation day, Arden called to confirm, came on time, and completed the work on time, within the estimate.Now here's the fun detail about it.  After the entire job was almost done, I realized that my antenna was located in a way that would affect the neighbors' views... and I really want to stay on good terms with them.  So with my tail between my legs I asked him if he could move it, even though it was already mounted.  I knew his schedule was booked so he would have to delay or rescheduled another installation to accommodate me... but he did, and only charged me the hourly labor difference.  He plugged and patched the old holes, and re-mounted the antenna in a better location.Thanks Arden.  Hope to work with you again on a future home theater install. More...


Iris W.

30 October 2015

Found Alden on Yelps. Attracted to his 5 star ratings. Very organized and honest guy. He was able to assist me with a home theatre project I was working on. Looking forward to using him for a home survailence project soon. More...


Brent L.

14 August 2015

I used Arden for an installation on my home roof.  He's a great guy, the kind you can talk shop  with(especially tiling or car restoration) and he's worked the area for many years.  He did good work installing one of my VHF antenna, and then another UHF(because the first one wasn't good).   I would suggest trying his Winegard older-tech looking antennas as the new one I'm using from Antenna's Direct is smaller but seemingly less effective. More...


Matthew B.

26 June 2015

Worked with Arden.  Highly recommended!  Very professional, honest. Good price. No complaints. Thank you!


A V.

23 December 2014

Arden was awesome. He took the time to do the right thing. Our's was old house, confusing wiring. He also listened to various inputs I tried to give. We could not have asked anything more. He is very reliable and affordable. I will call him back again next time for a/v solution needs. He is the best in town if you want cord cutting..We are free from Cable TV.. More...


Ryan R.

22 November 2014

Arden installed our telephone, antenna and our internet hookups, and installed a central panel for our internet where our cable and/or our DSL line runs.  He did a great job and repeatedly came out until the job was done.  I highly recommend him. More...


Janice V.

12 October 2014

Arden did my antenna YEARS ago. He did a great job and was a nice guy.


Allen N.

6 October 2014

I've heard of many unhappy DirecTV customers due to poor installation services through 3rd party installers.  Before I decided on DirecTV, I searched around for a reputable installer and was happy to find Antenna Pro's on Yelp.  Since I'm living in the East Bay, I wasn't sure if Arden would drive all the way to set up DirecTV for me.  He was nice enough to accommodate me.  They know their stuff and are great to work with.  Price is reasonable and I don't have to worry about poor installation services by 3rd parties.  Arden was on-time and got the job done fairly quickly.  Overall, I'm very pleased with their service. More...


Mykel R.

17 September 2014

Thanks Arden!  Helped me replace wiring that Comcast *wouldn't fix*.  After several days of being jerked around by Comcast - Arden was here within an hour and the problem was solved less than an hour later.


Bart B.

13 September 2014

Get a real antenna!Cute flat indoor antenna's are all the rage but don't believe the hype. My flat antenna is now in the closet where it belongs. . .as a backup. It averaged a signal strength of 51.4 using a TiVo Roamio tuner over 14 multiplexed frequencies, with 5 of the 14 frequencies receiving poor to unwatchable signal. After a few hours with Arden, my new roof-mounted antenna averages a signal strength of 71.6! Mostly the same channels but all good to excellent quality (~47 multiplexed channels on 14 frequencies). You may as well invest some of your savings in excellent picture quality and sound. Call AV Pros. More...


Glenn R.

13 April 2014

Arden ran speaker wires under my house and installed my rear surround speakers on my walls. He was on time and had all sorts of tools to get the job done efficiently. Highly recommended.


Steve M.

21 March 2014

Arden rocks!  Installed a very sturdy looking wineguard on the side of the house and 105 channels.  Bigger antenna I had in the attic only was getting about 20, only 2 of the three networks.  Unless you know the magnetic deviation at your house and love balancing things standing on a ladder you should call Antenna Pros, they are worth it! More...


J. T.

27 February 2014

Fast, courteous, knowledgeable in many areas and thorough. Highly recommend Arden.


Jai S.

4 January 2014

Love the air... It was great dealing with Arden. I called this afternoon and requested help to get my TV plugged into the over-the-air antenna that had been around for several years. I asked Arden if he could hook it to our TVs and test if the cables still worked. He was able to setup the 2 TVs in our house. He did have to go up the attic to fix the 2nd TV upstairs whose cable did not produce any signal from the wall outlet. He was able to get things to work with the existing cables.Overall efficient, had his tools. He was all about getting the job done and seemed to know his work well. He was done in about an hour... making us wonder "why didn't we make the call before?" :) My wife is now checking out all the free channels. Overall would definitely recommend AV Pros for folks who want TV antenna connectivity going. Thank you Arden.Now... I have to get off to make that call to my satellite provider :) More...


Dipesh M.

28 July 2013

Arden is just awesome. I was cutting the cord and wanted my old Terk Antenna to be installed in my attic. I did not have a cable run from the attic to one of the rooms so I could splice it in and feed the rest of the house. He came on time and completed the work in a very professional manner without any issues and tested the signal at all points in the house at a very reasonable price. Works great!! 65 DTV channels.. more than I will ever venture to watch. Canceling Comcast and stopping the blood drain!! Thanks Arden! More...


Rob C.

18 June 2013

in April, Arden from Antenna Pros installed an over-the-air antenna in my condo. He created a custom j-pipe beyond what I could get out of the box, and it met my condo association approval. I don't watch much TV, just wanted the basic channels. I was pleasantly surprised that the RCA antenna Arden recommended and his expertise in positioning the antenna works so that I can get all the major channels that are OTA in Mountain View, CA. Good bye Comcast $26 monthly bill. Hello better reception, and free TV. It will take only 1 year for me to break even on the costs. We'll worth it! Loving my OTA HDTV! I plan to spend my savings after that with some PBS donations. If you want a professional assessment for your place, and a recommendation for any customization, Arden is the man! More...


Kevin L.

14 May 2013

TV reception from Emerald Hills is hit or miss.  We aren't down in a canyon, but there is a mountain between us and SF.  Arden got the antenna set up temporarily on an upstairs deck and showed me what channels he could receive before mounting it on the chimney.  Looked good, and was even better once mounted higher up.  Getting 75 channels (!) including all major networks - never thought we'd get NBC given where their transmitter is, but we do.  Not getting CW but really who cares?  Wire routing was about as clean as i could ask for, and overall he was very quick and professional.  highly recommended. More...


Kristen C.

10 May 2013

Arden is awesome! I called AV Pros for help installing a security camera system. He called back promptly after I left him a message and came by the next day to see what we needed. We had already bought the system, so we just needed the cameras mounted and hooked up to power. My hubby wanted to do the activation of the cameras, but wanted a pro to do the install. Arden is clearly a professional and truly understands all things electronics. We were impressed with his knowledge and ideas. We expressed a need for the installation to be done as soon as possible. Arden was going to come on a Sunday (Mother's Day!), which really impressed me that he was willing to really go the extra mile to accommodate our schedule. Luckily, he called on Friday and said he had a cancellation and could come by in a few hours! So great! He really took his time and did a fantastic job. He didn't just slop the cameras on the walls, he really thought about each one's placement. They look so good! Plus, his rate for the job was extremely reasonable. Very impressive! Arden is a kind, smart, respectful man and we will be using him for all of our A/V needs from now on! Thank you, Arden! More...


Samuel P.

22 January 2013

After getting jerked around by the cable and satellite companies for years, I decided to quit them completely and just use netflix. After a while, I found myself really missing the live sporting events and inviting myself over to friends' houses whenever I wanted to watch the games. Well, after being "that guy" for a long time, my wife and I decided it was time to get an antenna so I can get my channels over the air.  I began with constructing a very simple antenna made out of a single coat hanger.  After placing it in my attic, I was able to get 12 channels, most of them spanish.  But I realized it was too weak to get the stations that were 40 miles away, which are the ones I wanted (nbc, abc, cbs, etc). So I finally ordered a heavy-duty directional antenna as recommended by antennaweb.org. Realizing that the installation might be a little difficult, considering I have a sloped roof and the size of the antenna, I found Antenna Pro's on yelp and decided to give Arden a call. I explained my setup to Arden and he gave me a reasonable quote.  So we set up a time for him to come two days later on MLK day (a day off for me).  Arden assembled my freakishly big antenna out of the box. Then, when he went up on the roof to mount a mast on the chimney, he found that the chimney would not provide a strong enough anchor because it was made of stucco but did not have plywood underneath the stucco.  So he went to his car and brought out a mounting strap; however, the chimney perimeter was too long for the strap.  So he suggested installing a smaller antenna, which he had in his truck, and that he suspected would still give me the channels I wanted.  So he went ahead and installed the medium-sized antenna onto the mast, which he was able to attach to the chimney using anchors for the stucco.  He also connected a grounding wire from the antenna to the ground for lightning protection and helped route a cable via splitter to my second tv from the antenna.  After everything was completed, I checked and found that I have 53 channels over-the-air and tons of HD channels. Overall, the job took twice as long as he originally thought but Arden was able to complete the job because he came prepared for the worst. He only charged an additional $50 for the extra trouble-shooting and effort, did not charge extra for the additional materials (e.g., cabling, mast, mounting anchors, etc.) and even accepted my offer to trade my huge antenna for his.   I was very satisfied with his work and strongly recommend him for anyone who's sick of paying $100/month for cable or satellite. More...


Jeff S.

21 January 2013

I originally thought I could take the DIY route in my quest to ditch Comcast in favor of an OTA antenna. After some initial researching, I realized it wasn't as straightforward as I thought. Thank goodness I found Arden.We scoped out how many TVs needed to be connected and my wrinkle of keeping Comcast for internet. He installed a Winegard antenna on my roof and helped troubleshoot my confusing wiring to make everything work. No corners cut, everything was top-notch. It was a tremendously cold winter day and Arden kept at it and got the job done.If you're looking for help to install an antenna, you can't go wrong with Antenna Pros. More...


Anirvan D.

8 December 2012

Arden installed a rooftop HD antenna at our home and did an excellent job. He came right on time and finished the work under 2 hours. The job involved installing the rooftop antenna and connecting it to two TVs (living room, garage). He actually charged us less than the estimate he provided over the phone last week. Before leaving, he verified that everything was working fine with our two TVs.I shall definitely go back to him in the future for our other home entertainment needs (he installs home-theaters as well). He is professional and friendly. A pleasure to work with. More...


Judith L.

13 September 2012

We used Antenna Pro's to "cut the cord" and transition from Direct TV to an antenna.  Actually, we had four televisions needing to be attached to the antenna and also to the internet which was beyond our own capabilities to figure out.  We were very happy with Arden's service, impressed with his knowledge and the organized manner that he used in planning our job.  He did everything we wanted and got it all right the first time.  Judi, Los Altos, CA More...


Sunil G.

14 August 2012

Arden did a great job installing a roof antenna at my house.  After performing some reconnoissance regarding the current wiring in my house, he talked with me about the pros and cons of various ways to connect the antenna to the locations in the house where I wanted to watch TV.   After deciding on a plan with me, he did a great job installing the antenna and wiring it to all of the TVs inside the house.  I now get perfect reception for over 50 free, over-the-air channels.All of the work performed was extremely professional.  No shortcuts were taken and everything was done "properly".  Arden was extremely knowledgeable about everything antenna and reception related as well as all of the handyman work since he has been doing this for multiple decades.I would highly recommend Antenna Pros! More...


Derek H.

2 August 2012

Arden did a nice job installing an antenna on our roof for over-the-air HD for our home. He even offered to remove our old satellite dish, patch the holes in the roof, and dispose of it at no added cost. Incredible!  He was on time, polite and the bill was the same as his phone estimate so there weren't any surprises. We are watching the Olympics tonight and the picture is stunning. Best of all is that there's no monthly cable or satellite bill. Over-the-air HD is an uncompressed signal so the quality is superior to cable/satellite and it's free. When we scanned for channels on the TV we received 111 including Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, WB, KOFY and many others from our Castro Valley home.  I'm guessing I will filter out about half of them which leaves me with 50-60 decent channels that I couldn't get before without paying for expensive cable/satellite service.  The number of channels you receive will vary with your distance from the transmitting antenna, hills and other obstructions.  Great upgrade to our TV and a nice installation experience with Arden!I'd also recommend an Apple TV or Roku box to stream Netflix ($8/month), Hulu Plus ($10/month), YouTube, podcasts, etc. to help make cord cutting easier.  For less than $20/month we are extremely happy to add streaming capabilities, especially for all the kid shows our children enjoy.  The missing link was live TV broadcasts for events like the Olympics, Oscars, Super Bowl, World Series and news.  The antenna fixes all that for our family.  We are a family of happy campers tonight. More...



27 April 2012

Arden is a very good, professional and knowledgeable installer. He communicated thoroughly with prices and showed up on time for installation of my home theater. It was refreshing to have someone who cared about my equipment as much as I do and get the job done right! I will definitely be recommending him to all my friends and co-workers and be using AV Pros for future needs! More...


Florent H.

31 January 2012

I called Arden on a Saturday to know about getting an HDTV antenna installed. He was at my place on Sunday to see what needed to be done. The Friday after he came around to install the antenna. He was on time and everything was done in less than 2 hours.Arden was always very friendly, patient, nice and professional. The picture quality I get is excellent. It is hooked up to my TIvo and works just fine. I have stopped my Comcast service and save $$ every month.Thank you Arden. More...


Stella B.

27 January 2012

I needed an HDTV (for over-the-air free broadcasting) antenna installed on my roof. Arden was prompt and knowledgeable and went out of his way to meet my needs. Highly recommended.


Jeff A.

17 January 2012

Arden arrived on time with everything he needed. He was efficient, careful, friendly, helpful, respectful, and professional. He installed an HDTV antenna so we can enjoy local high def programming (over-the-air free broadcasting), which is plentiful in this area. His price is competitive and his workmanship is the best. He really did a nice job and as a result, we will be asking him to come back and do more work in the future. It's refreshing to see someone do such a nice job and not cut any corners. Thank you Arden. More...


L H.

21 August 2011

A very good, professional antenna install, for not that much money. Arden spent plenty of time with me in email before arriving, and once he got started, no problem, he was done in about 1.5 hours. A real pro, super knowledgable, and takes the time to do things right. Recommended. More...


Chris R.

27 July 2011

I have used Arden over a half dozen times already for various projects in my clients estate. Punctual, organized, prepared and there's no job he has not done already which makes it easy. I have no problem using this guy or referring him to others.  For the price and the quality of work you get, he is well worth it. More...


Brian S.

14 June 2011

Arden is true professional. I called him this morning and described my need to remove a Direct TV HD Dish mounted on my house that I no longer use and have it hauled away. An appointment was quickly set up for a reasonable price and he was on time and took care of the removal in a snap with all the appropriate tools. Thanks for a job well done and we will contact you again in the future if needed. More...


Brad A.

21 May 2011

AV Pros implemented a big upgrade to our 10-year old projection home theater. Arden was professional, thorough, and patient with us as we learned the new controls.


Alan D.

28 March 2011

Finding an antenna person these days is incredibly difficult, and finding a really good one like Arden is that much harder.  Fortunately, I eventually found him, and he is incredible!He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and with his help installing an outdoor antenna inside (above a closet), I now get the best quality TV, absolutely free.  14 channels in all, and most of them are coming from 50 miles away or more.  It's so exciting to have finally cut the cable cord, and be relieved of their overly-inflated monthly fees.  That combined with my Tivo Premiere with lifetime service, I also have a great DVR with it.  I get all the main networks  --  ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, Fox, and PBS, plus all their subchannels via the antenna.  Since 75% of what I watched came from these networks anyway, I'm not missing much, and what I am, I can supplement with the Tivo's Netflix and coming soon to TiVo, Hulu Plus.  It's literally very exciting to have all these crystal clear HD channels FOR FREE.I cannot recommend Arden highly enough if you are interested in having a REAL antenna installed at a very reasonable price! He's the best.  And he also does other A/V installs and DirectTV installs.Thanks Arden! More...


A J.

13 October 2010

Arden came by yesterday to put a new digital antenna on our roof. The job proved a little more challenging than originally thought (and certainly more time consuming) but Arden stuck to his original price and remained professional and cool throughout the process. The antenna we had requested was not fitting together correctly (manufacturer error) but Arden was able to figure out a work-around and everything came out perfectly. I highly recommend Antenna Pros. More...


Jim A.

13 April 2010

Just got a new Sharp 60, and needed some new sound to go with it. I contacted AV Pros, guy named Arden runs it. Smart, honest, easygoing guy. We talked about the options, he suggested the Yamaha Sound Projector, we ended up with the 4000. Arden was able to get a better deal than I could find on Amazon, plus it's nice to buy locally. He hooked it all up, it's the most outstanding sound system we have ever had. He also recommended a Harmony One universal remote, and programmed it for us. Now instead of having 6 remotes we have 1. It's fantastic. We are very pleased with Arden's guidance, work, and prices. He gets my highest recommendation. More...


wim d.

10 April 2009

Arden installed a satellite system in our house for multiple rooms. He arrived on time and did a professional installation with under the house wiring and wall plates and roof mounted dish. Arden did the dish alignment and went over the operation of the receiver. We are very happy with the whole installation and can highly recommend AV Pros. More...


Michal C.

15 March 2009

Last week, Antenna Pros installed an over-the-air antenna in my house.  I was very happy with the installation.  We first talked about the the existing wiring of my house and my expectations and from that we figured out the best way to connect the antenna to my TV.  Arden (the installer) made sure that my TV can receive TV stations correctly before leaving.  Overall, the experience was as painless as I can imagine.Antenna Pros has a web site (avsolutionpros.com) and one aspect I really liked was that I could get some initial information by email.  Arden gave me some basic info by email before calling me back on my phone.  For a busy person like me the ability to use email is a great plus of any business I deal with.Update May 2016: After 7 years I had a chance to use them again and I was really happy how quickly they diagnosed and fixed the problem with my tuner for OTA TV. More...