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Brides and babies - that’s my jam. I help amazing women document the celebration of their journey from engagement to wedding day, as well as sweet, beautiful babies from bump to five years of age.

Full day weddings within 2 hours of Sioux Falls, SD are a flat rate of 2300, which includes an engagement session.


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Jacey Williams

27 June 2019

Autumn is by far the most courteous, welcoming, wonderful photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s exceeded our expectations every time we have hired her. Can’t say enough about how talented she is! More...


Jacey W.

1 April 2019

Autumn was our engagement and wedding photographer last year, and she was fabulous! We booked the full day package and added an additional two hours, so we had ten total hours of coverage. She is calm, kind, and so helpful when things get crazy - I would know, since I had a few “moments” during that day. Haha! My favorite part of our wedding day was when she broke out some giant sparklers and set up a really cute line with our closest friends and family and did a little mini photo shoot outside at night. it was such a sweet surprise, and we will cherish our photos forever. Thank you so much, Autumn! You’re the best! More...


Meredith Garrow

Really good work, we love our family photos so much! Everyone compliments us on them.

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Ohhhh man. This is a loaded question. I’m not one for technicalities. But since I’ve been both a bride and a mama (two beautiful little boys), I’ve come to appreciate a different sort of photograph style, and have perfected my ability to capture it. REAL. Real life is what makes a photograph perfect. Half of it can be out of focus, but if the photographer managed to capture the emotion in the frame, perfection is still there. I like wrinkly, squishy little babies. Toddlers with boogers or tears or dirt. A bride laughing with her head thrown back, or her mama’s ugly-cry moment blurred in the background.

1: What made you reach out to me?
2: What is your story?
3: What are your coverage goals?

The joy. Capturing the joy. Then getting to relive that joy while I edit, and then getting to deliver those emotions to my clients to experience all over again.

My 10th grade film class teacher told me “you cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear”... I understood the meaning, but knew that he was, in part, wrong. Imperfect composition or a face out of focus doesn’t necessarily spoil the photograph.

Because they see my work and think “YES!”. I don’t like to do a sales pitch, and I don’t care for convincing people to hire me. I love clients who are close to the end of their decision making process. I like people to check out my website and see my work, maybe browse my Insta for a minute. If they love my work and feel a connection, then they should reach out. Frankly, I love my family fiercely, and value my time with them far higher than anything. I’d rather spend my time with them, and book an occasional wedding vs spending hours “hustling”, begging a client to choose me.