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Bouquets and Decor lovingly created using renewably sourced wood flowers! Yes, wood!!
These gorgeous flowers come in dozens of shapes and sizes. They're made from tapioca and yucca root, mainly. And being porous, I'm able to hand paint and dye them.


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Kaitlyn Zembek

10 January 2019

Very nice, friendly, reasonable prices, pieces come out absolutely beautiful, definitely recommend!



7 January 2019

Michelle is VERY professional and has made me several beautiful pieces. She can dye the flowers any color under the sun! It’s so very special to have these keepsakes that will last forever. More...


Kyle Devine

10 August 2018

I love it such a beautiful job she does I highly recommend anyone that wants quality made with love items.


Patti Swain

10 August 2018

I love the color combinations as well as the flower combinations! And the bling is beautiful!


Sue Bullock

6 August 2018

She pays attention to detail and the natural beauty of everything she works with! Very creative and attentive to requests and input!


I love the fact that these flowers last forever! Whether it's for your wedding or home decor, the flowers will never die.

In searching for flower options for my wedding in 2017, I found sola wood flowers! I fell in love with their versatility and beauty. The benefits of being able to personalize and create my own bouquet, while spending less than fresh flowers was too good to be true. But the fact that I could keep my bouquet as a forever keepsake was what sold me!